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 Feb 9 altair
ella rose
she is filled with fire,
yet she fails to glow
that darkness cries out for a guiding light,
and still the fire shows no mercy
in all it's stubbornness,
it permits the absence of a burning flame
and that roaring glow inside of her,
it dies
and so too does her soul.
is a lost flame, truely a lost soul?
 Aug 2020 altair
Heat storms
 Aug 2020 altair
For once in my life
not knowing
has become more comforting
than worrying
 Aug 2020 altair
Maria Hernandez
I don't know what's worse;
Drowning beneath the waves
or dying from the thirst.

Some days
I feel everything at once.
Other days I feel nothing at all.
 Aug 2020 altair
Moon Girl
 Aug 2020 altair
[new moon]
Moon girl is breath and curve. She catches light and throws it back to the universe. You see her and tremble, falling, as she once must have done from some heavenly place.

[waxing crescent]
Moon girl is wild. You follow her into the forest where she steps barefoot into a stream and takes your hand, water swirling over her feet and hers. She talks about roots and branches and flight. You are in love.

[first quarter]
Moon girl is dancing. Moving her body, dynamic, unpracticed elegance, shaping space, graceful, unafraid of audience, unafraid of pause, unafraid to bend and swish and rise, flying, electric, boundless. She gets everywhere. In your morning tea, clouds, April storms, wrapped in sparkling strung-out melodies, and especially in your head. You dream of waist, skin, movement holding her and warmth, closeness, desire kissing her and your heart burns soft inside your chest, a lantern lit by lunar beams.

[waxing gibbous]
Moon girl gives you violets. You give her your hands, open; your heart, open; your soul, open. You give her everything, or you try.

[full moon]
Moon girl is with you, always, this silver fire here in the filth and blood and terror, head on your shoulder, palm on your skin, speaking to you in ways language cannot, grounding you, saving you, saying your name, holy, lifting you up, repeated tenderness, voice low, eyes deep, glorious, and she is steel, she is iron, she is endless.

[waning gibbous]
Moon girl smiling. Moon girl watching. Moon girl brave. Moon girl rough and sweet. Moon girl creating. Moon girl radiating. Moon girl moving, toward you.

Moon girl.
Moon girl.
Moon girl.
 May 2020 altair
 May 2020 altair
Demons are just FALLEN ANGELS.
They fell
And unlike angels,
DEMONS have a STORY to tell.
Good and evil.
It's just two sides of the same coin.
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