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efni Nov 2021
clean laundry.

shaping a
perimeter of
piles around
me sitting,
legs crossed
and slightly

the voice of
a male siren
croons to
slow acoustic
tones playing
from one
side of my

along with
π’‰π’Šπ’” static

it's a tuesday evening at 5:45pm and i think i can be happy.
this is becoming an unfamiliar pattern.
efni Oct 2021
fractured and scattered
pieces of me reconcile
when you hold me together
so tightly that even when
you have to let me go

they don't fall away

maybe... just maybe... i dont have to be broken.
you showed me that.
  Oct 2021 efni
Mitch Prax
Stardust flows through
your veins and every touch
creates galaxies upon my skin.
  Oct 2021 efni
I wonder if I really am kind hearted.
Most people think it’s true,
But maybe I’m just afraid of being mean-
Maybe I’m afraid of being you.
efni Oct 2021
we fall asleep
so easily as if
our minds
are making
a mockery of
our hearts
that arguably
fell even faster.

sweet dreaming, sweetheart
efni Oct 2021
ive never learned
how to write without
inking my pen with
tears and blood from
my broken brain so
if you like to read my
poetic pieces of pain
nearly as much as i like
to create them for us
i guess it's a good thing
that ill never be good

i will never lose poetry as
i will never find happiness
so you will never lose me

I'm in pain but I'm a poet.
how's that for glass half full?
efni Oct 2021
soon, you'll wish you hadn't
even come to know my name

when you bitterly realize that
every **** day is the same

endlessly wrestling against
the relentlessness of my pain

i should have warned harsher
that loving me? it's a losing game.

I'm scared for you.
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