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Abby Lynn Jun 2016
but i didn't feel a buh-boom
no profound i am

just a pulsing you
Abby Lynn Mar 2016
drinking the orange juice
brushing your teeth.
Nothing serious, just a thought.
Abby Lynn Oct 2015
She took her tea with sugar this time
and waited for him to call.
The gate made creakings on its hinges
but he made no sound at all.
Abby Lynn Oct 2015
Well-made cover
Better on the inside
You make me laugh
And cry
You smell like experience
And feel like an adventure
And I wish I never had to put you down.
Abby Lynn May 2015
There once was a flower in love with the moon,
In love with the stars in the sky,
But nature would have that it must close its bloom,
And at night in a lonely sleep lie.

There once was a flower in love with the moon
And the sweet gentle way that it shone,
But nature insisted, the blossom obeyed,
And loved from afar, all alone.

There once was a flower in love with the moon,
But flowers for sunshine are made.
They cannot survive opened only at night,
And rooted in earth they must stay.

I am the flower and you are the moon
And to you I may never get,
But I'll dream and I'll hope,
Like a six-petaled dope,
That I'll be yours before the moon sets.
But the more that I think
And the more that I fret...
Sometimes to look
Is as good as it gets.
And maybe that's enough.
Abby Lynn Dec 2014
Why on earth did we say no
when they waved that mistletoe in our faces last night?
I really really want to kiss you. A real kiss, on the lips, over and over and never ever stop.
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