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Jul 2017 · 378
Ally Mustin Jul 2017
They're super annoying,
But you love them still.
No matter how much you hate them,
You'll always do anything for them.

THEY YELL! At the top of their lungs.
You can never have parties with them around.
Never hang out with your friends alone.
But still if you look at those days you'll realize
how much more fun everything was
when they were around.

Sometimes I feel better with them around
even when I am mad at them.
And I would hate it if
I never had enough loudness to fill the quiet house.

Their called sisters.
When I feel down they always lift me up.
So I am thankful for my sisters.
Even thought I don' show it.
Jul 2017 · 640
Ally Mustin Jul 2017
I wish I could call you guys people
Especially when you guys are jerks
Always yelling and screaming
Fighting and lying all the time
I wish you stop.

Sometimes you make me want to yell
And scream.
I say things I don't mean but
I want to say I love you
This crazy dysfunctional family
Is mine forever to keep

Although you guys make me
Want to curl up and die
The words you say wont mean
A thing.
So forever hold this peace
And stop being jerks.
Jul 2017 · 357
Ally Mustin Jul 2017
I hate how you think.
The way you think.
No really I don't care.
You knew me for awhile.
But you didn't get to know me.
So how could you be spreading these,
these lies.

I don't get how you can live with yourself.
Not only knowingly ruining and tearing
Two perfect hearts with the same words
But making people believe your sick lies.
Rumors. How do I feel about them.
They can't hurt me and neither can you.

But what you forgot was I was not your girlfriend.
And you cheated on her.
You also left one person witness to it.
So who says I can't tell the truth.
Those people you call friends would turn on you.
An then who would you turn to because,
It is definitely not me or her.
Jul 2017 · 442
Nothing To Me
Ally Mustin Jul 2017
I loved you,
And I meant it.
You said it,
And you didn't.
How was your heart so cold
Yet you made me feel so warm.
I didn't even care about you first,
You said I was "attached"
But you are just vain,
We played this game all night
In creature of swallows night.
You made me feel beautiful and full of life,
But then there were times you made me cry.
I just wanted to be friends,
But you ruined that too,
Now we don't speak,
And I didn't even cry.
And I want you to know now
If you ever want to come back or if you start dying
I would not care,
You would feel as I did.
You mean nothing to me now.
Jul 2017 · 311
Ally Mustin Jul 2017
I came here for criticism
To be loved by many
I came here to share my truth
To see if I was any good
But how will I know
If you don't tell me
So all I ask is to review my work
as if I was good enough to be here
Will i get rejected?
Or will I aspire?
How will I know?
I am not looking for approval.
Just to become a better writer
So if you hate my truth then tell me why.
Jul 2017 · 764
The Box
Ally Mustin Jul 2017
Everyone always says to let your regrets go.
To let anger and sadness go.
To let all your feeling go,
But what they don't know
Is that you will never be truly able
to let go.

When they say feelings, do they mean happiness too.
I think that is easier to let it go than to keep it.
But it is always easier to keep sadness inside your box
In your head that seeps through
Leaving anger in your heart.

Then where does that leave you?
Trying to let go of your feelings?
No, No, NO!
That makes you feel embarrassed.
When you snap at someone.
But some how i have managed
To keep me sane and hold on to happiness.

— The End —