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7.9k · Sep 2014
Ally Sep 2014
She tried everything
just to be loved.
Sadness and despair
kept in her heart.
In her melancholies
that no one knows.
They don't even care at all.
See things through that smile
Someone save her
even just for once.
4.8k · Dec 2014
Ally Dec 2014
I've been too busy writing my fantasies
that I forgot how to make you my own
in reality.
2.6k · Dec 2014
Ally Dec 2014
"I was never in love with you"*
is what I've said
while rolling my eyes.

You breathed a sigh of *relief

looked at me straight in the eyes
and brightly smiled.

'Sorry, I lied'
are the words
I'll never say out loud.
2.1k · Jan 2015
The End
Ally Jan 2015
It's because even fairytales
has an end
And no one really knows
what would happen next.
1.2k · Feb 2015
A Gaping Hole
Ally Feb 2015
The pierce on his left earlobe wasn't something that anyone would just notice. After all it was purposely concealed by his brown locks. She asked him why he had it.

"It was a thing of the past." he said.

"Does it still hurts?"

"The bleeding had stopped. The wound was long gone. It took some time to heal. Still, there was a gaping hole that's left."

Somehow she knew that it wasn't just the piercing he was talking about.
for the one who was left.
983 · Dec 2014
The Battle [10w]
Ally Dec 2014
"you'll be fine."*
but a voice inside
is saying otherwise.
851 · Sep 2014
Ally Sep 2014
I saw the way you look at her.
That ghost of a smile
whenever you hear her name.
Perhaps that was why
I found myself standing from a far.
For this feelings
will never reach you anyway.
753 · Mar 2015
Forgotten Thoughts
Ally Mar 2015
My mind keeps on spilling erratic thoughts
But my hands can't keep up with the pace
Too many words are being wasted
Unwritten, then forgotten
Vanishing into the thin air
683 · Mar 2015
Like A Dream
Ally Mar 2015
That night there was something different from his caress
So gentle, almost like a prayer
And just like every dream
Disappeared at the light of the dawn
677 · Jan 2015
Ally Jan 2015
You promised me forever
Take me to wherever
Stay with me whenever
Such words, oh, so clever
Still making me shiver.

But why did you have to waver?
Our always turned to never
Say you have something to rediscover
How will I get this over?
Oh well, whatever.
666 · May 2015
Ally May 2015
Many times our paths have crossed
And still we're here
Ignoring the presence of one another
Acting like strangers
In the eyes of the crowd
Taking countless of risks
If only we admit we still care
Maybe, just maybe,
Something might've change
618 · Mar 2015
In the rain
Ally Mar 2015
under the dark clouds
let's wear our matching chucks
and run to nowhere
until the rain downpours
but we're not going to hide in a shed
instead, we'll sing our hearts out
then dance to an unmatching beat
in the middle of a desserted road
twirl me around
then end it with a kiss
because we won't care
we're never too old to play in the rain
526 · Oct 2014
Ally Oct 2014
that moment when you smiled
is when i knew
i was falling in love----
517 · Sep 2014
Ally Sep 2014
I love the rain

Seizing the cold weather
Covered in thick blanket
Book in one hand
Tea in a cup

I love the rain

Where I am at peace
Feeling the breeze
Hiding in my sanctuary
Drowning myself with fantasy

I love the rain
492 · Jan 2015
Ally Jan 2015
It was never comforting
Walls in the room, I mean
For the Earth is round
No corners, it is
It doesn't supposed to bound
A bird who wants to fly freely.
yet another untitled one
458 · Oct 2014
Ally Oct 2014

of chasing dreams
to start of
was never mine

of carving a piece
fitting into the puzzle
on what is on society's mind

of high expectations
when all i want
was to live a simple life

of pretending
that everything is fine
when it is not
i'm actually really stressed out at the moment that i just had to let something out. and thus, came this piece. lol
417 · Sep 2014
Ally Sep 2014
my bedroom and life are just alike.
both a mess.
348 · Jan 2015
To Play Safe
Ally Jan 2015
Would you gain something
just by standing
in that neutral ground?
298 · May 2015
Ally May 2015
they tell me everyday
the same words of cliché
at least then i knew
no one really understood my fears
287 · Apr 2015
Way Out
Ally Apr 2015
In a place unbeknownst
I let everything out
'til I can't feel anything anymore
Other than the stinging pain in my eyes
285 · Mar 2015
Ally Mar 2015
things like, losing someone
before you realize their importance
have been said too many times,
like a chant,
but from the start
i was aware of what i had
just didn't do anything
because we could lose everything we are
if i told you the feelings that i hide
though, i should've took the risk
and told you everything
because the fear of change
is nothing compared to the pain
of seeing first-hand
the way you smiled
in front of the one
who captured your heart
275 · Sep 2014
Ally Sep 2014
i've written you thousands of poems
i scribbled your name in every page
pointlessly making drafts
even in the wind
wandering aimlessly
haven't it reached you yet?
260 · Dec 2014
Ally Dec 2014
Why does it have to be you
who says the things
I want to hear the most.
so close.
259 · Jun 2016
Tell Me
Ally Jun 2016
Tell me that this is just a dream,
That none of this is real.
A mere warning of what future unfolds.
It flashes before me,
So I know what road to take.
This is not real.

Tell me that everything is just a dream,
Shake me from my sleep.
Or is this a daydream?
Whatever, I don't care.
Just please, wake me up
And tell me this is not real.

Tell me that this is just a dream.
That I don't have to worry,
Because I still have time.
I can still make the right choice.

Tell me, please.
185 · Jun 2016
Into the Wonderland
Ally Jun 2016
She was feeling lost
Felt like nowhere to go.
Constricting pain in her chest
Heavy, yet empty and hollow.
She then just let herself fall
In the so-called rabbit hole;
168 · Mar 2016
The Artist
Ally Mar 2016
She was too busy
painting everyone else's face
Yet hers
is still a blank canvas.
164 · Apr 2017
Ally Apr 2017
124 · Mar 2018
Ally Mar 2018
What is this feeling?
In my chest, so heavy yet empty
I'm struggling to breath
Drowning in such emotions
I have no idea what of
Am i sad? Am i lonely?
Will I ever be happy?
Existing is tiring
Tonight, i lay in bed
Hoping a good night's sleep
Will make me think otherwise.
72 · Feb 2019
Ally Feb 2019


Might be starting a series "Letters To M"

— The End —