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to think
that at one point I was perfect
for you.
that I actually made you happy.
but now all I ever hear
is myself telling me every time I dissapoint you
and how much I messed up.
I try
everything in my power
to commend you and your feelings.
but now I feel like I have completely failed
both you and I.
so once again
ill apologize for my wrongs
and watch you walk away
just as easily as I watched myself
mess up once again.
I love you
A little girl, lonely and lost, draws pictures in the sand
Suddenly, a shadow of a little boy falls across her hand
His awkward smile brings him to her
His gentle words weld together
Until they draw in the sand, side by side
Laughing and smiling with care and with pride

But the girl is still lonely, the girl is still lost
The price of her heart comes with a cost
A single confession, on a white screen
Such a thing she could never have foreseen

The little girl tells a tale of sadness and woe
The little boy sits and listens to her lowest low
And then he has his own tale to tell
Of how an angel almost fell

A not-so-little girl, lonely and lost, draws pictures in the sand
Next to a not-so-little boy, with a quivering hand
The hand she takes and folds into her own
At last, she knows, she is not alone
I don't love you because you're perf
I love you because you are perfect
I don't love you because we like totally enjoy the same movies
I love you because you take a little from me and I from you
I don't love you because you hold my heart softly in your hands
I love you because I feel your rough fingers pumping my blood
I don't love because of your soft teenage kisses
I love you because of my unforgettable desire to press your lips against mine
I don't love you because you're the one for me
I love you because out of all the people I've met,
You aren't the one
You are the everything
I'm falling
Falling in love
So deep I don't know where I'm at.
Falling out of place
Too far out to ever return.
Falling for the lies
Does anyone ever speak the truth?
Falling victim to your tricks
I'm tired of being mistreated.
I guess that's why they call it
This isn't about anyone in particular but its a pretty universal theme I guess
I pack my bag. A girl approaches me.
"I love your jacket!"
/I hate my life/
"Thanks! Me too!"
I quickly make my way across the sidewalk.
"I really like your shoes."
/I really don't like being alive/
"Thank you! They're from Target"
I look down at my tattered notebook.
"I wish I could be as athletic as you!"
/I wish I could get hit by a car/
"Hard work and dedication, you'll get there!"
I start filling out a math problem.
"Wow you're really smart."
/I don't even know how to put my life back together/
"Thanks! I study a lot."
/If by studying you mean crying/
I crumple papers with shaking hands
"I love you're sense of style"
/I wish I had a sense of direction/
"It makes me feel good."
/I don't even know if I have feelings/
I slouch into my desk.
"You look tired."
/I'm tired of all these problems/
"Not really, I just naturally have circles under my eyes."
I look up to a familiar face.
"How are you doing?"
/I'm drowning/
How often will my thoughts go back to you.
How many times will I mourn this loss.
Do the regrets ever go away.
Or am I here, reliving the same day.

It began with excitement and jest.
A new begging with the future, a hope.
The blocks to build, and the houses to stitch, seemed as though this was what life was ment to be.

As time grew on the arguments came.
With shame there was guilt and blame.
But we could still go on late in the night,
And laugh, away was the looming fright.

What happened in the open none could tell.
It seemed so happy, all was well.
But behind closed doors those words to root.
And in a troubled heart, blame, shame, always the same.

A little love at times would be shown.
Only to be taken away by the age old fight.
A mood to be shown each and every day.
Neglecting any love, that at times was shown.

What was wrong, what was right,
the fight would be as bright as night.
The ears would hear alone in tears.
"It's my fault" were the fears.

You see the problem,
and you try to change.
And it seems for a time,
that there is hope.

But then, it ends...
the fears are true!
but of me not you!
My shame, my guilt, my blame.

But you can't go back,
you can't love more.
So instead you remain
with the sadness...mourn.
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