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I know my 14 year old boy is not yet fully a man,
But movie theaters and theme parks consider him an adult.
And he is fine with that.

But the other day, I took him to a museum
And they charged less for children up to 17 years old
And he smiled and said to me...

"Look Dad, I have been Youth-anized!"


The next day we went to a movie together
And, of course, I had to pay full price...
And I smiled and said to him...

"I guess now you have been Adulterated"
 Dec 2010 Allen Smuckler
r h e a
I breathe
me alone
i embrace my body
with all my heart, i
open the eyes of,
my timeless mind
thoughts heavy...
on distance,
a shudder of joy,
runs through me

All of ME ends in You
I heard a cry in the night,
A thousand miles it came,
Sharp as a flash of light,
My name, my name!

It was your voice I heard,
You waked and loved me so—
I send you back this word,
I know, I know!
Bleeding ropes wrap, twist
Following the contours of his arm
With no life left.

Sparkling shards sprayed
Across the street
Another sacrifice  
To the nine to five grind.

Eyes staring unseeing
Transfixed on the
Telephone pole
The last thing he ever saw.

Another widow,
Another orphan,
All because he was
Running late.
Copyrighted by Kasey Lorenzini 2010.
and rain,
sit upon
my eyelashes.
One shows my pain, one washes it away.

The grey clouds are one with my breaking heart.
Shedding their pain
in tune with
my souls

that Grandma
is leaving me,
is easier to say than to live through.

Each slowing beat of her heart pierces me.
My second mom,
my best friend,

grace and
wisdom will
stay with me still.
I am, today, the woman she molded.

Touching so many, giving of herself.
Angel on earth,
soon to be
This is written in the poetic form of "Tetractys"  The scheme is a syllable count of 1,2,3,4,10...then reverse the count 10,4,3,2,1 and so on
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