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 Jan 2016 Allan
Brandi R Lowry
Life is a test
A series of choices

Your time here is measured
By the venom in your voices

Give unto others without reservation

Help your neighbor
With no hesitation

Feed the hungry

Remove discrimination

Offer a hand

Become an inspiration

Open your mind
Start a revolution
Inspire a change
To create the solution

With our eyes cast downward
We pretend not to see
The misery and demise  
In the wake of our greed

If someone is hungry...
Cold or unloved
Offer your heart
Give them a hug

What you share
Will return tenfold
So offer a hand
Help carry the load

Offer a smile
Share your bliss
Inspire others
Change what is

Share your joy
Inspire others to love
We can change the world.

 Jan 2016 Allan
Brandi R Lowry
I wait...
Just to hear your voice.

My heart begins to break.

This pain...
My choice.

I count the minutes
As the world
Seems to stand still.

But it doesn't.
It's only an illusion.

Love isn't real.

The earth keeps moving.
And so must I.

Words escape me
As tears stain my eyes


My soul whispers...
 Jan 2016 Allan
Brandi R Lowry
 Jan 2016 Allan
Brandi R Lowry
I wish I could pull you
From my thoughts
And lay you down next to me

In your arms
By your side
Is the only place I long to be

Maybe I could sneak away
And playfully flirt
With your memory

I long for your embrace
And will wait for you

If only we could
Escape my mind
To create a new reality

Until then
I return each night
To my dream's sanctity

And sleep in the stillness
Of your heart
Until your soul returns to me
 Jan 2016 Allan
Kaitlin Floyd
 Jan 2016 Allan
Kaitlin Floyd
Those crimson pools of dread,
Slowly filling up my chest.
Utterly confused and utterly alone,
Am I a young child in a war zone?
 Jan 2016 Allan
Kaitlin Floyd
Where did all the ambition go?
The drive I had to succeed?
Why can’t I summon the strength,
Now that I’ve come to this length?
 Jan 2016 Allan
Alice Baker
 Jan 2016 Allan
Alice Baker
I just want another chance
To grow up
My mind is stirring with the
False hopes of childhood
My pockets are empty
And my soul is tired
They say I still have far to go
But how much further can it be?
I keep slipping on the same slopes
Don't give me lectures
Give me peace
 Jan 2016 Allan
Alice Baker
I fold myself into a billion pieces
So that they will not see the gaps
That pierce my soul
I am an eclipsed moon
On a cloudy night
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