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AlienneilA Jun 2021
i was going to write something
poetic and witty
then realized i was neither
AlienneilA Nov 2019
Did I **** my kids
i dont really know
the cops think so
and they follow me
and i die a little every day
i could **** myself
leave a note
saying i didn't **** them
but it wont be heard
paranoid skitzo
thats me
ill say it
let me be
i killed my kids
come and arrest me
i killed them
let it end
my life is so ****** up
id rather be in prison
then living a life where you follow me,  hack my facebook and change my friends..    steal my journals and year books..  make me think im in love when she's getting paid...  **** i hate this life..  arrest me or let me die
i killed my kids.. i killed my kids..  i totally killed my kids...   is that enough for an arrest?
AlienneilA Apr 2016
I don't understand free will
I lack insight on freedom to choose
God, are you like a grocery store?
I dont have to buy the outdated steak
its half off....
i will never be forced to purchase two for one
mack and cheese
(down on your knees)
i die if i dont eat
pay at the door
burn in hell fire
if i dont shop at your store?
AlienneilA Jan 2016
Something that isn't

Had to google it just to see
gone by in time and no longer existing.

Everything I am
No longer exists.  
******* scary
AlienneilA Dec 2015
I am chosen
Dont ask me why
Dont ask how
Just screan
Burn for etirnity
Make peace with it now
I saw a light
It was so warm
It filled me with ideas
Made my head swarm
All ways of helping
Bringing man together
Conecting our neighbors
Our people
Our towns
But it was lie
I stoped for a tear
Bought a beer
And now you will all fry
I have something so horrible it could be use to lift our souls into the light
Even those that died before
A motivational speech that could touch the
But none would listen
To caught up wanting to lie
There can only be one now to fly
Becasue my friends family and children
Its you or i
My wrath will rain down on earth
Red will the sky and water i dye
AlienneilA Dec 2015
Dont take this the wrong way
Its something ill only say
Not think or do
To him her or you
Maybe these people shoot up public places
And then themselves
Simply because theyve screamed, yelled
Begged for them to hear
But they would not listen
So they go and do something they cant ignore
And when they come rushing in to save the day
Full of questions, tears and ohh yes
Come in with nothing but ears
The last bang is to say *******
You had your chance to listen
AlienneilA Oct 2015
how could she leave me
alone, lost and confused
how could her heart empty
from differences in thoughts or views
she belongs to me
and I to her
cuddling by the fire
together we purr
our journey is young
so many memories already
her beauty can only grow
yes, we have really just begun
she may jump a little if i raise a hand
but that will soon go away
I just got a little too angry once
she understood, listens now to what i say
she sees all the good inside of  me
yearns for my gentle caresses
and whispers about the beauty of the queen
she will always be my favorite possession
i really dont like to scream
or to be forced to throw my weight around
so she forgives and forgets quickly
assures me her dedication is sound
its not me or anything i taught
she has some kind of past i dont seem to get
we really do need each other
and its not like her love for me had to be bought
she really cant leave me
cause shes my dog
a thoughtless but precious gift
and way too scared of what would happen
if that back stabbing ***** was to get caught
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