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 Feb 17 LAICEY
If I write a  poem about you,
Using all the imaginations that roars in my head about us.
I fear I'd not just fill a paper, I'd fill my fears.
With the drinks of, What if your hands don't end up in mine?
Or sadly your heart loses the tune of my voice?
What if your lips loses the taste of the words you would have said to me?

Or suddenly, your nose can no longer smell the aroma of our love because all seasoning had been stopped?

My too much a love, what if your ears gets blocked?
And finally your one or two of your knees refuses to get down?

I'd just wait!
Just wait rather  than run into a wrong future.
Cause what I have with you is right.
I will enjoy my now.
Leave the imaginations for  fear...?
What if I'd just wait.

I'm excited. My first poem here, do follow me
The sun and moon sharing the sky
Their love radiating from opposite edges of life's greatest masterpiece
When looking up at the amazing beauty of the sun and moon out at the same time on opposite sides of the sky.
There is nothing more powerful than that connection.
 Feb 17 LAICEY
JJ Inda
Melancholic ties pull
left and right
as tears are held back.
Aching throat screaming;
lights are always in the distance
and waves crash nearby.
An eagle is circling
this patch of blue sky
and a sweet fragrance is still in the air.
a profound disbelief
attaches itself
much like this worn out smile.
 Feb 17 LAICEY
 Feb 17 LAICEY
I used to write them daily
My pen filled with ink
It found the darkness inspiring
My loveless life shown through prose

But now I'm apathetic of feeling
My once ink filled pen
No longer paints poems of pain
It doesn't sing the song of serenity
The ink has run dry
I'm all out of......
 Feb 17 LAICEY
I write this poem
Because I have a question
A question I have been wanting to ask you
From the day that I met you

We talked and talked
Shared songs
Spoke about jobs
Read poems
Talked about school

We spoke with each other
Through messages
So I never got to know your voice
Your way of talking

You might see where I am going
So I'll ask it directly
Will you meet me
Over a cup of coffee?
In my hands
fallen dew
the morning
has wept for you.
 Feb 17 LAICEY
Verity Lane
It's just never quiet
when the sun is out.

Find me hiding
from some mindless words
now wrap my heart.

Squeezing it
and juicing it

It's just never quiet
when you are
within reach.

Our handful of knives
and prickly sounds
encircle their prey.

Find me hiding
and seeing you run.
We just lost
 Feb 17 LAICEY
I love you.
enough said
I love you
 Feb 17 LAICEY
Edmund black
You won’t recognize
Seasonal people
In your life
Until your
Season changes.
I believe nature
Does it best ,
Take a glimpse
Into the magical
world of trees
In autumn ...
They always
Try to show us
How lovely it is
To let dead things go
Things change
People adjust
We were meant
To go through
Changes in other
For us to blossom

Let it go...
.It isn’t worth it if you’re not happy

You worth it
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