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3.8k · Sep 2012
Welcome to Slendy's Lair
Alice Penny Sep 2012
If you go down to the woods today,
Prepare for a big surprise,
For there you'll meet the Slenderman.
Believe me, I'm not telling lies.

As soon as you pick up that paper,
You're really not in for a treat,
For if you were to turn around,
Slendy, you will meet.

Watch out for Slendy's... Can I say face?
For then you'll see your doom.
Make sure your flashlight's on bright.
For in the shadows, he does loom.

No where's safe, not even the bathroom,
So I wouldn't go in there.
No, really, I wouldn't...
Welcome to Slendy's Lair.
Yes, I wrote a poem about the Slenderman. Deal with it! xD
3.3k · Mar 2010
Broom Broom Cars
Alice Penny Mar 2010
With it's broom broom cars,
With it's bright bright lights,
With it's swoosh swoosh aeroplanes,
And it's cough cough pollution,
This is the world we are creating?
I think DEMOLISH should be the word!

The cars go broom, broom, broom,
Whilst we ****, ****, ****,
And the world dies, dies, dies.

What happens when the world,
Is dead?
What will the maleostic humans do?
What will the innocent animals do?
What will the universe do,
With out the world,
Right here,
Right now.

The cars go broom, broom, broom,
Whilst we ****, ****, ****,
And the world dies, dies, dies.
2.7k · Mar 2010
Life On Mars
Alice Penny Mar 2010
When you look out,Of that window pane,
What do you see,
On that planet far away?
Are your tired eyes,
Playing tricks on you,
You look closer now,
And tell me,

Life on Mars,
Life on Mars,
What we gonna do when there's life on Mars?
Life on Mars,
Life on Mars,
Watch Out!
For the life on Mars.

The little red planet,
So close to us,
You could just reach out,
And touch the stardust.
You want to go there,
To that far away place,
To find the love,
Which you misplaced.

Life on Mars,
Life on Mars,
What we gonna do when there's life on Mars?
Life on Mars,
Life on Mars,
Watch Out!
For the life on Mars.

Watch Out!!
For the life on Mars!!!!
1.5k · Aug 2011
An Impression on Canvas
Alice Penny Aug 2011
music is like a psychedelic masterpiece
every wild piece will sculpt harmony
within the imagination
songs are composed from the vivid paint
of our joy
an impression on canvas.
I made this from a pack of fridge magnets and I liked it quite a lot so decided to keep it. Also, there weren't many punctuation or capital letters so I decided to keep it like that as well.
1.4k · Apr 2012
The Lone Wolf
Alice Penny Apr 2012
She is the lone wolf,
wandering from land to land.
No one knows her name.
And no one understands.

She lights up the room,
with her pretty smile.
Her eyes shine bright
and she has stories to tell.

With only one word,
She can capture your
Her fascination.

Not a care in the world,
For she is free
to express her feelings.
Particularly glee.

One day she's here.
The next, she's not.
You'll meet her once
And that's your lot.

Music follows her,
Throughout the street.
She has something to say,
so take a seat.

To help you understand,
She'll say to you one thing,
So listen carefully, my dear
And hear her sing:

                               ' I am the Lover,
                                 I am the Bringer,
                                 I am the Joker,
                                And I am the Singer,
                                For I am the Lone Wolf. '
1.3k · Jul 2011
I Understand Now
Alice Penny Jul 2011
All these love poems that I write,
(and I have three on the go, at the mo)
Are for you and only you,
But writing about love is nothing new.

I understand now, why so many things,
are about love, the "special" kind.
Love stops you in your tracks,
and is the final thing your heart lacks.

It takes over everything you own,
You can't stop thinking about it.
It hurts but not in a horrible way.
Love can get me through the day.

I understand now, the beauty of life.
The birds in the trees,
The land and the sea.
Love has finally got to me.

All these poems I write for you,
For you are my inspiration.
My brain is like it's on fire.
You are my heart's desire.
1.3k · Apr 2012
Staring Out, on the Balcony.
Alice Penny Apr 2012
Staring out, on the Balcony.
Across the sea, into the pitch black.
Looking up to the stars and that one planet,

Each star with their own solar system.
The sea stretches out for miles
Into the Darkness. I feel so small and

I am but a dot in this mass of
Universe. Existing merely because it
exists. And yet, I have never felt as alive
as I do now,
Staring out, on the Balcony.

The waves roll be as we pass by. Just
a visitor in the expanse. The ocean is
huge and we are small but the ocean is
small compared to the solar system. The
solar system small compared to the galaxy and
the galaxy small compared to the Universe.
And yet, I am here. Staring out, on the
1.3k · Jan 2012
Mon Amour
Alice Penny Jan 2012
Bonjour, mon amour.
What brings you here
at such a late hour?
Ah, I see. Your heart
has been broken. Many
have before yours and many
will after. Well, comment ça va?
Not too good? It would be
a miracle if you did feel

Have some gin and some
sellotape. Patch up that heart.
Have a fresh start. Give me
a smile that can stretch a

Look to the stars, mon amour,
and see them shining.
Half of them are already
dead and gone but their light
makes such an impression, we
see them for years after.

Look at the ground, mon amour,
and watch the ants at work.
They never falter even when there
are obstacles in their way.
They just get on by.

So, mon amour,
Have some gin and some
sellotape. Patch up that heart.
Have a fresh start. Give me a
smile that can stretch a

Look at me, mon amour,
See these eyes that shine so bright?
Do you think they shine with laughter
or tears?
See these lines, across my face?
Are they the crinkles of worry or smile?

Look in the mirror, mon amour,
and tell me what it reflects.
You say you see yourself?
Look closer.
Now what do you see?
I thought so.

My, oh my, mon amour,
Have some gin and some
sellotape. Patch up that heart.
Have a fresh start. Give me a
smile that can stretch a

Au revoir, mon amour.
Leaving so soon?
I hope you think it through.
Remember what I have said
and spread the word.
Do not have a heavy
heart. Bonne nuit and sleep well.
Life doesn't last forever
so enjoy it whilst you can.
This is more of a song than a poem. You must imagine a waitress behind a bar, talking to this down-hearted man. She wants the world to be a better place and he wants to teach this man, that before you can love another, you must love yourself. And if you were to never love another, it is okay as long as you love life and the items around you. Anyway, enough of me putting these ideas in your head. You have to think of your own :D
1.3k · Mar 2010
The Great Khan
Alice Penny Mar 2010
He had their attention,
He always did,
The whole nation looking at him,
Every one focused,
Waiting for the great Khan to speak.

He scanned the crowd,
Masses of people going on for miles,
These were the Mongols,
The wolves,
And he was their leader,
Their lord.

" My people, the moment has come,
For everyone of us to go to battle,
And be glorious!
For as long as there are a million enemy's,
We shall fight a million times,
And be victorious!"

This year would be a good year,
He could feel it,
The crowd whooped and cheered,
Chanting their lord khan's name,
1.2k · Jan 2013
In This Deserted Playground
Alice Penny Jan 2013
all around
no one there
but the wind
gently pushing
an empty swing.

The swing
creaking, slightly eerie
and the leaves
over the concrete ground
these are the only sounds.

a crow cawing
spotting berries
for a snack
the only life
in this deserted playground.
What with technology etc. , who plays at a playground now-a-days?
1.2k · Mar 2010
No One Can Hurt You
Alice Penny Mar 2010
Run free,
Run wild,
Run like the wind,
This way no one can hurt you.

You are the creature of the night,
You run through the darkness,
No one likes you,
No one cares,
The thing with you,
Is what you do,
You stab, slaughter and ****!

Run free,
Run wild,
Run like the wind,
This way no one can hurt you.

The clock strikes midnight,
And the angry mob wait for you,
With torches,
With Pitchforks,
And with guns,
They all want a piece of you,
'Cause you stole their young'uns!

Run free,
Run wild,
Run like the wind,
This way no one can hurt you.
Hurt you!
1.1k · Mar 2010
Let Me!
Alice Penny Mar 2010
I feel the world has no place for me,
Let me go back to '63,
When life was a thrill,
With The Beatles and all.

Let me feel alive,
With the power of the jive,
Let me party in the 70's,
With the rock 'n' roll,
*** and drugs!

I need to rave with Bon Jovi,
In the year of '84,
I need to rock to Queen,
In the year '86.

Let me feel alive,
With the power of the jive,
Let me party in the 70's,
With the rock 'n' roll,
*** and drugs!

I need to cry at Freddie's funeral,
Back in 1991,
I need to be born in the 50's,
When life was good and fun.

Let me feel alive,
With the power of the jive,
Let me party in the 70's,
With the rock 'n' roll,
*** and drugs!
1.1k · Nov 2010
The Undiscovered Poet
Alice Penny Nov 2010
The undiscovered poet,
Sits there at her desk,
I bet you don’t know it,
But she’s writing to impress.

Her pen scribbles across the sheet,
As she thinks what to write,
She needs to make it neat,
So her career can fly as high as a kite.

The undiscovered poet,
Writes down what she thinks,
I bet you don’t know it,
But she barely even blinks.

Soon, you’ll have heard of her name,
But that day is far away,
For it’s her life’s aim,
To be heard by everyone, one day.
973 · Apr 2012
Promote Death
Alice Penny Apr 2012
Promote death and march with the flag raised high.
Watch those around you, follow until they die.
Promote death with the glory of the unknown.
Only then, will you never walk alone.
Hold your head up and with a proud smile,
Put your feet forward and walk a mile.
Promote death until the very end.
That way, you will make amends.
972 · Mar 2010
Help Me.
Alice Penny Mar 2010
Woke up, got out of bed,
Only to find,
She was in my head,
All she does is a moan, moan ,moan.

Help me, God, please help me!

She moans all night,
She moans all day,
When will she stop,
And just go away?

Help me, God, please help me!

Everything i do,
Is wrong to her,
When will she learn,

When will she see,
We want it to stop,
Will it carry on?

Help me, God, please help me!
God, please, help me,
God, please help me,
God, please help me,
897 · Jan 2014
The Orchid of Desire
Alice Penny Jan 2014
My love is like a sensuous being
the naked curves so smooth.
You've fooled a hundred thousand men
into lusting after you.
My love is like raw desire,
a passion hidden deep within
the heart of all mankind.
One of the seven deadly sins.
Once spotted, eyes are torn to you,
not daring to look away,
in case they miss for a second,
the beauty you portray.

You are the giver of life and death
in moments of blissful agony.
857 · Jan 2012
The Cat Called Mouse
Alice Penny Jan 2012
I have a cat called Mouse.
A silly name, I know,
But it suits her perfectly
and so that is so.

I know it may sound silly,
But she is always there,
When I am sad and lonely
or when I am in despair.

I love her very much
and I think she loves me too.
If she could speak human,
I'm sure she would tell you.

She's sometimes very lazy
and sleeps all day long
But I still love her dearly,
Which is why I write this song.

My Mouser is funny
But now she is getting fat.
I don't care though,
For she is still MY cat!
I know this is written quite childishly but that is the point.
846 · Jan 2012
A Message to Myself.
Alice Penny Jan 2012
You, my friend, are egotistical.
You think too highly of yourself.
You look down on others.
You could be considered a bad person.

Let's face it. You're a snob.
You think you are good looking.
You think you are better than others.
You're just a weak person.

You are selfish.
You are unkind.
And you know this,
But you do nothing about it?

And yet...

You respect those around you.
You are well-mannered
and you want the best
for family and friends.

You enjoy life.
You give as much as you can to help those
in greater need than yourself.
You love people.

You do not want to hurt them
or to see them suffer.
You want to be great
and you want to see the greater good in people.


Who are you?

Well, I'd say you are human.
Alice Penny Jun 2010
It saddens me when there is no time for poems,
When life just gets in the way,
I will stop writing them for a while,
But I'll start again one day...
756 · Jun 2011
A Reality of Dreams
Alice Penny Jun 2011
To feel your heart beat pumping fast,
And to hear your quick, sharp breathing,
all beacuse of me,
is something truly quite powerful.

To gently and softly kiss your neck,
and to bite down on your earlobe,
sets a passion free,
Which really is quite magical.

A French kiss, I usually deteste,
Something I find quite disgusting,
You've won me over,
Congratulations on your success.

A bed shared with barely any space,
Trying hard not to fall off the side,
Duvet disappeared,
on the floor, not needed any more.

Arms wrapped around one another,
Hand holding hand - entwined,
It felt like a dream,
to be with you that night,
A wonderful, glorious dream.
726 · Jan 2014
The Cliché Love Poem
Alice Penny Jan 2014
Even by calling this poem that,
Makes it an instant cliché.
But I can't help it.
I'm in love.
What can I say?

There's something about you, my dear,
You won't get out of my mind.
Is this what happens
When soul meets soul
and they combine?

That's not as cliché as I would like.
I think I might step it up a bit.
Make it more generic.
Perhaps then,
even the words will fit?

So here we go, expect the best.
Or do you expect the worst?
I'll tell you one thing though.
My heart's so full of love,
it's fit to burst.

Right. Okay. Back to my point.
Are you ready for this?
I hope so because
it's worth
at least a kiss.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
There's one thing to say and that's
688 · Jul 2011
Together, Forever
Alice Penny Jul 2011
This love I feel for you is not some stupid phase.
It's something I have never felt before,
It's love that sends me in a daze.
It's true love, I know for sure.

I love you like there's no tomorrow,
A love that will always last.
In my  heart is deep sorrow,
because the distance between us is so vast.

The pain in my chest, I can't stand.
I miss you so much, I need you.
Like the Devil's work, I am ******.
I want to hug you, I can't do.

Tears are rolling down my cheek,
All I want is us together. Why is that so hard?
I feel so sad. I can barely speak.
My heart feels like it's in shards.

My wish never actually came true.
I feel all horrible and sad inside.
I just want to be with you.
My heart and brain have died.

I shall think of the future,
When we can be together,
The future holds us,
Told you it was *******, Amelie xD
Alice Penny Mar 2013
They fought alongside their friend's bodies,
Under their general's command.
They did as they were told,
Until their deaths arrived,
In the form of a bullet,
With love from their master's enemy.

Clearly, it was not their war.

Eyes, cold, an endless stare to the sky.
The mouth forming the shape of "why?"
Commands and screams mixed up,
In a blend of unfathomable noise.
"As long as you fight,
You will die with honour, boys!"

Even if it is not their war.

But what honour is there
In fighting a war you don't understand?
A war you personally did not start?
A war for other men
That take your life as their own?

A war that is not your war.
593 · Aug 2011
Remember That Time
Alice Penny Aug 2011
Remember that time,
When we were round our friend's,
It was New Year's eve,
Another year ends.

We fell asleep holding hands,
And I never knew then,
But I do now,
As I hold this pen.

Remember that time,
When you slept round mine,
I wanted to hug you tight,
So you were mine for the night.

It was then I realised,
My feelings for you,
It's all so clear now,
My feelings are true.

Remember that time,
We all took a day trip,
The sweets and the market,
The tea we sipped.

It was a lovely day that day,
With the sky so blue,
I liked being in Salsbury,
But I loved being with you.

Remember that time,
We went to the play park,
It was Pirate themed,
We had to watch out for the shark.

We mucked around,
Like a little kid,
I remember all these things,
That we did.

Remember that time,
We stayed out in a tent,
What I said,
I truly meant.

I never felt cold,
The whole way through,
Because by my side,
There was you.

Remember that time,
We went down to the river,
It was raining hard,
I was cold and tried not to shiver.

We walked back,
You in bare feet,
All I wanted to do,
Was snuggle under the warm sheets.

Remember that time,
We caught the bus down,
To the beautiful place,
Of Christchurch town.

We walked through town,
Looking at stuff,
We walked and walked,
Until we had enough.

Remember that time,
We went to the sea,
I pushed you in,
And laughed with glee.

There was that freaky man,
Watching us play,
I still remember,
To this day.

Remember that time,
When we were together,
I still want to be with you,
Forever and ever.
584 · Mar 2010
No Matter What Will Happen
Alice Penny Mar 2010
You'll live on in my heart,
With all the memories,
The good, the bad,
The happy and the sad,
No matter what will happen,
You'll be with me,
Always and forever.

Our love is tough,
Our love is strong,
Our love is one and,
No matterwhat will happen,
We'll carry on,
Loving...each other.

One day you'll find,
That we, we will,
No longer be together but,
No matter what will happen,
Love will stay,
Within our hearts,
Within our minds,
Within...our souls.

I hope in time,
Our love will shine,
Like diamonds from a mine.

This love we portrait,
Gets stronger by the day,
For the price we have to pay.

You'll soon see,
Baby, you and me,
Are meant to be.


No matter what will happen,
Our love won't break,
568 · Mar 2010
Come Back Time
Alice Penny Mar 2010
Time waits for nobody,
Rushing ahead of everyone,
Leaving everything behind,
Come back time.

Come back, come back time,
I want you for myself,
Keep you for myself,
Call me selfish but,
I wanna take back the time.

Time takes from you,
All the memories,
All the people and your youth,
Come back time.

Come back, come back time,
I want you for myself,
Keep you for myself,
Call me selfish but,
I wanna take back the time.
Come back time,
Come back time,
Come back time,
Come back,
Come back,
565 · Jun 2011
What? Me? Tired? No...
Alice Penny Jun 2011
My tired eyes,
So heavy to open,
Itching like'
Hundreds and thousands,
of tiny needles in them.

I should sleep,
but I can't,
Thinking of you,
Too much and too often,
you, you, you, ewe.

My brain dead,
can think no more,
Just memories,
of us together,
flashing by my mind's eye.

So very tired,
I'll fall asleep,
right her and now,
Thinking of you,
and I just hope.... ZZZZZzzzzzzz.....
Alice Penny Jul 2011
There are so many things I want to say to you,
But too many to write down,
So I will write three little words.

You should understand,
that these words say everything I want to say
(Or at least, I hope they do).

I love you.
539 · Jan 2014
Alice Penny Jan 2014
My brain is constantly ticking,
Deep into the night.
Thoughts of what have been
and thoughts of what might.

With all the knowledge I possess
and all the years I've had
one cannot imagine
what becomes of good and bad.

That light shining through
could this be the Hope
of those loved and lost,
of those who cannot cope.

A human life time passes
but what does that mean?
You wouldn't begin to understand
the things I have seen.

My heart beating ever slower,
Life's centre core.
Is there something I have done
that I need to pay for.

Blood drains from my face
as you sit and gaze.
Eyes slightly off-centre,
almost in a daze.

Life isn't what you think it is.
Or maybe it is, I don't know.
Look upon me now, my child
and watch the horror show.
534 · Oct 2011
Leave me be
Alice Penny Oct 2011
Taking down the pictures,
and all your little notes.
It's like a mental torture,
and my heart can't cope.

Putting them in a box,
like boxing up my feelings.
I can't breathe any more,
as I stare at the ceiling.

Lying on my bed,
thinking of the past.
I was sure and so certain,
that this would last.

"Obviously not"
ridicules my brain.
There goes my hope and dreams,
washed down the drain.

You said I gave you hope.
Obviously not enough.
My heart, my poor little heart,
just isn't that tough.

My heart is broken.
Look what you did.
I'm a broken mess.
Just a poor little kid.

Our first kiss.
Our last goodbye.
The nights we spent together,
were they all a lie?

It's actually happened.
I can't believe it's here.
The day has finally come,
to shed my last tears.

Oh and trust me, they will come,
they will come thick and fast,
and all because of you.
How long will they last?

And I don't understand.
You don't seem sad at all.
I thought you loved me,
but you just seem so cool,

About this situation,
which we have in hand.
I suppose I need to move on.
We live in different lands.

I miss you even more now,
and I am tired of my thoughts.
Shut up and leave me be.
I beg of you.
Leave me be.
529 · Mar 2010
This Little Life Of Mine
Alice Penny Mar 2010
I seem to be the one,
Who is always left alone,
No one cares for me,
No one to be nice,
When the day comes,
When i can find that special friend,
I will be thankful,
To the very end.

This little life of mine,
I don't know what to do with it.
Do i chuck it all away?
Throw it down the drain?
Or do i carry on going,
Fighting on and on?
Does anyone know i'm still here?
Waiting and waiting just to see,
What will become of,
The one and only me!

What do i do?
How can i begin to say,
All thethings in my head,
We'll be here all day.

This little life of mine,
I don't know what to do with it.
Do i chuck it all away?
Throw it down the drain?
Or do i carry on going,
Fighting on and on?
Does anyone know i'm still here?
Waiting and waiting just to see,
What will become of,
The one and only me!

Now my friend has come,
I feel love and laughter once more,
The skies are blue,
The sun is bright,
And the dove of peace is flying high!
514 · Feb 2011
These Memories
Alice Penny Feb 2011
I stood there,
watching the gentle waves of the sea,
gently lapping at the warm sand.
The sun was beating down on my back,
feeling hotter than fire itself.

I looked around me,
and what I saw pleased me.
I saw you.
You were walking towards me,
wearing a grin stretching from ear to ear.

I smiled back,
eyes bright with life,
just like yours were.
What a beautiful day it was,
to be shared by all.

I'm crying now.
Crying for your soul and your spirit.
Those eyes, once so full of life,
they are no more.
But at least I still have these memories.
514 · Nov 2012
Sweet Childhood.
Alice Penny Nov 2012
There once was a girl named Alice,
Who looked a lot like me.
There was one big difference though.
She had ceased to be.

We grew up together.
Even calling each other friend.
But as we got older,
We could no longer pretend.

That was when I realised,
We were falling apart.
Time came to a halt,
Just like her beating heart.

Was her existence real?
I don't even know what she looks like.
Was she from imagination?
A mere mirage in a dusty desert.
A reflection looking back.
A picture buried amongst pictures,
A body amongst bodies,
Bones buried in the ground.
Alice Penny Oct 2011
She sits near the window,
Reading Her book.
She only takes a glance
and has had enough.
She puts the book down
and goes away
to make Her fourth coffee,
for the day.

The coffee is like nectar.
Bliss for Her tongue.
The steam mists Her glasses
as She takes a sip.
Takes Her mind off things.
She takes the knife,
to cut the loaf of bread.
What a life.

As She makes Her lunch,
Her mind wanders,
to libraries and poetry
and art and music.
And to what could have been,
if he hadn't left.
Where would She be?
Not here or there.

She puts down Her coffee
and goes back to Her book,
Along came Her cat,
purring away.
At least She had her
to save Her from madness.
The madness you get
from this sadness.

She sits near the window,
Reading Her book.
She absorbs Herself in this story.
Nothing to disturb Her
from this magical world.
Life can't get Her there.
She's free from thought
and has no care.
Alice Penny May 2012
The Earth,                                                           ­                                                                 ­   Rejoice,
Just a speck,                                                           ­                                                                 ­To the Lord,
Dust floating through the air.                                                             ­                    For I have found Him now.
Insignificant.                                                  ­                                                                 ­   And feelings are felt.

Life,                                                     ­                                                                 ­                   Love,
seems pointless.                                                       ­                                                               To­ the Lord,
What are we living for?                                                             ­                              For He shall now save me,
For pleasure? For love?                                                            ­                                              And let me see.

The Sins,                                                            ­                                                                 ­    The Sins,
committed,                                                 ­                                                                 ­           committed,
by my fellow men.                                                             ­                                                    by my fellow men.

Nothing matters.                                                         ­                                                       Everything­ matters.
We live, we die.                                                             ­                                                          We live, we die.
There's nothing left to                                                               ­                                              Make the most of
Love.                                                         ­                                                                 ­              Life.

No God,                                                             ­                                                                 ­     My Lord,
to save us                                                               ­                                                                 ­ to save us
from the doom and gloom                                                            ­                              from eternal damnation
living in this world.                                                           ­                                                      living in this world.

The Earth,                                                           ­                                                                 ­    Rejoice!
non-believing,                                      ­                                                                 ­                   Believe
merely existing.                                                        ­                                                               and exist.
Life.                                                     ­                                                                 ­                    Life
490 · Jun 2011
Our World
Alice Penny Jun 2011
If I could, I would hug you right now,
Hold you in my arms and you'll see,
That everything will be made better,
For you and me.

We would lose ourselves in each others hold,
and stay like that until tomorrow came,
No one could ever disturb us,
from our world.

Our world where the sun shines brightly,
And there is not a single cloud in the sky,
Everyone has a happy smile on their face,
No sadness in their eyes.

Music would play and laughter would be heard,
As we journey off through the sunny land,
Skipping through the meadow of daisies,
hand in hand.
462 · Mar 2010
The First Love
Alice Penny Mar 2010
As the Golden Road shined upon him,
He looked back upon his previous life,
He took his left foot forward and placed it down,
Upon the road he went.

He followed the Golden Road,
Heading towards the light,
There he found his one, true love,
His one, true sight.

He picked her up and cradled her in his arms,
For this moment will be a moment,
A moment that shall be remembered for all eternity,
One that all shall talk about.

As he held her there,
She began to gently sing,
Her voice so sweet,
Listen, was all you could do,
Her body, so beautiful,
To stare was a sin.

Now she has his hold,
He can never let go,
No matter how hard he tries,
For she will always be his first love.
This is my only published poem but I am rather proud of it.
458 · Jan 2011
The Beast
Alice Penny Jan 2011
I fear i went one step too far,
Something I can't reverse,
Lord, help me through this,
And be my healing nurse.

The pain I feel goes to my soul,
It's in the core of my heart,
I can't bare it no more!
Why do we have to be so far apart?

I sit here gently rocking,
Tears silently sliding down my face,
My arms wrapped around me,
In a hugging embrace.

Why, oh why do I feel like this?
It's stupid to say the least,
I had to set him free, didn't i?
That scary, emotional beast.

The mixed feelings I feel,
Get me slightly confused,
What the hell is happening to me?
The beast looks on, amused.

As soon as I said it,
I knew I was going to pay,
What a stupid thing for me to do,
What a stupid thing for me to say.

I don't know whether you quite understand,
The guilt in which I do feel,
The beast is there before me,
It's something I need to ****.

To **** the beast though,
Is not an easy thing,
Trust me, I have tried,
But he always, always wins.

The reason why I said it?
I really do not know,
Except that I am an idiot,
And my brain was working slow.

Alas! I'm trying to make excuses,
For the sin I did commit,
But why should I bother,
When the light in my eye is not lit?

Why is it always easy,
To hurt your friends more,
Than the enemies that you have,
It makes my tears pour and pour.

The beast is now raging,
Trying to get free,
But i'll keep on battling,
That's the only key.

What weapons do I use though,
Against something that I can't see?
Swords and guns won't work,
Perhaps the mind of me?

I hope soon the day will come,
When this beast is slain,
For it has given me nothing,
But worry, grief and pain.
This is the longest poem I have ever written (so far) because I felt nothing but guilt at what I said/did to a great friend. Guilt is a horrible, mean thing like the Beast in this poem.
Alice Penny Mar 2012
There's writing on the wall,
and I'm feeling very small,
As I gaze up to the sky.
You won't look me in the eye.

The clouds are drifting past.
I can tell that we won't last.
You look down at the ground.
We don't make any sound.

I don't believe what you just said.
I wish that I were dead.
I start to walk away.
What happened to the day?

You don't come after me.
If only you could see,
the trouble you have caused.
My life has now been paused.

The wind blows me up high,
As I whisper my last goodbye.
I watched you from above.
How was this ever love?

I don't care what you might think.
Since then I have not slept a wink.
My poor mind is on the blink.
I cannot make the link.

I'm lying naked on the floor.
My eyes watching the front door.
Look what you've made me become.
I am nothing more than glum.

I try to find myself,
but it's high up on the shelf.
If I try to climb up there,
It will surely end in despair.

My fingers become my toes.
My eyes are now my nose.
I withdraw into my head.
I am as good as dead.

— The End —