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Find it quite odd

An act of God?

I count to eight

Is it just fate?

Because I dance

It’s not by chance

To eight I count

Only that amount

But not to ten

Like other men

It’s not just me

It’s all artsy
I am not yours
You are not mine
Can we just sit
And watch the sun shine?

It’s not the summer
No, it’s not June
But can we please
Just watch the full moon?

We can sit here
And pass the time
Talk to each other
While I cannot rhyme

How do I say that
I really like you
But not a reply
You just look right through

Like I am crazy
That I’m not here
But I promise
I won’t shed a tear
Tonight I can write about coming back
My best friend always makes everything alright
But I walked away, without a look behind
I left Him behind me without a fight

Events and feelings kept happening
I tried to fix the whole thing with all my might
They fell on my shoulders, heavily
Everything came down on me from its height

I kept struggling, like the underdog that can’t win
Under the weight of it all, my chest was tight
I fell farther, into the darkness of it
In my life, I had no insight

But then I remembered about my best friend
He didn’t falter, not even a slight
Always taking my burdens from me
I know that he is always right

He’s always there for me
Letting me take flight
He is my Savior, my God
He is my guiding light
I've locked up my heart
Like a princess in a tower
Help me get a fresh start
Just bring me a flower
Forever I'll be yours

— The End —