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  Nov 2015 Alfafido
Sarah Spang
He told her she was pottery; a vase with grooves and cracks.
The patterns of the history she hid behind her back.

Within his words he layered in- like thread upon a loom-
The sweetest undercurrent to illuminate that gloom.

In certain cultures, he decreed, when pottery is cracked
They aggrandize them with gleaming gold to bring their splendor back

For they believe, with certainty, once damage has been wrought
Those tiny cracks, now filled with light, hold truths that can't be taught.
  Nov 2015 Alfafido
Sarah Spang
Bring to me infinity
From where it dwells in lore
Or return with empty, wounded hands
And speak of it no more.
For if we are eternity
As one, when brought together
Why then do our faulty lips
Find pause upon "forever?"
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  Nov 2015 Alfafido
Sarah Spang
I know that we are flesh and blood;
We're bound terrestrials.
There is not a hint nor thought
In me, celestial.
And yet the final day they found
You were ephemeral,
I raised my eyes towards the skies
And sought the aerials.
I hoped the blessed, holy book
In truth, was literal.
The yearning, needing wanting hole
Was raw and pitiful.
In vain I combed the cobalt spans
For proof reciprocal
Of an eternal, lasting love
From the ethereal.
My opulence in obstinence
Brought truth from empty skies
The swirling air, the ash and dust
Is only where you fly.
There is no golden field of wheat
And barley where we'll meet
There is no paradise where I
Will once more hear you speak.
The last known home where you reside
Exists in no known creed
You live now in the dreams and thoughts.
That bring you back to me.
Alfafido Jan 2013
You are the salt I crave
That scalds my skin & brands my mind

I hunger for the oblivion of your lips
The famine of your naked skin

Imprisoned by the trance of your eyes
And swallowed by the gentle abyss of your voice

The cruel perfume of your forbidden skin
And taboo of your musk

Your warm thighs wrapped, butter soft, around me
I ache for the drowsy tangle of our joyful limbs

The sculpture of your arching back beneath my trembling touch
Your drifting hand, lazy traced across my cheek

I hunt at night for the dream of you, to feed my soul
I hunger for the moments when the universe dissolves & we float untethered, alone, together
Consumed in our feast

© Alfa Fido 2013

— The End —