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Alexandrea Mar 18
Well my Arian,

As much as I want to hold
a majestic book like you in my hands,
I cannot, (anymore).

As much as I want to enfold
into your pages,
fall into the deep solace of your heart,
I cannot, (anymore).

My hands are too weak to hold a book that carries soul-stirring anthologies.

It is not the book that's toppling,
but the fainted hands of mine that are unworthy to hold your pages.

But if you let me be part of it again,
then I would love to read you like one of my favorite poems;
read over and over again,
until your story intertwine with mine.
Arian which means "honourable" in Latin. What a beautiful name
Alexandrea Mar 17
You think about love
Like trees bearing fruits.
You think about love
Like seeds think about growing
You think about love
Like how love songs are meant for you,
art thinking about communicating,
dancers think about performing,
Just pure feeling that lets you feel, SOMETHING.

You think about love
like birds singing in harmony with nature
fondling together under bower.
You think about love
like something.

But when I think about love,
                  I think about ARN...
Whenever your name comes into catch,
           I now envision you.
                 The true you that I'm always falling for.
Alexandrea Sep 2019
Each kiss has a burning mystic
That laid me enticed,
puts me in paradise.  

Every kiss, a seamless touch.
Serenity's soul, that's what it is,
Perfect and pristine on its own.

Every time your lips hold mine,
Lingering with the taste of your red tint,
The taste of your poems,
The taste of your thoughts
The taste of your dreams and goals,
The taste of your words,
The taste of your love,
And the taste of your soul,
Leaving me astounded,
That I came in contact with your touch-
A seamless touch.
Alexandrea Sep 2019
In a day, this time only shows up twice
Lucky is me who have witnessed the clock as it slowly turns 11:10 to 11:11
These numbers when facing each other,
are like two doors that open a parallel world
That whoever witnesses it, will be bestowed with a wish.
A one minute chance to wish.

But now what should I wish for?
What could I wish for?
When the Almighty already gave me everything.
All packed in the body of yours
  Jan 2019 Alexandrea
Cerys Briggs
The pain doesn’t go away
It just hides in the back of your mind
  Jan 2019 Alexandrea
my mind is full
empty thoughts.
Alexandrea Jan 2019
What If I could rewind time?
And go back to the place where we first stood;
How I wish we could've live together
and make it last forever,
If only I could, I would, but I couldn't.
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