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Alexis karpouzos Jul 2021
When I shall end my days on this earth.
Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
The soul, denies its divine heritage in life
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go away, the silent world of shadows is coming. And if the Roads are blocked and Barbed wire rampant everywhere, hold fast to dreams,
dreams are the mystics messengers of freedom
that come within our heart and call us in secret.
A soul rose on this earth and walked its chosen path
to fill her hands with morning songs.
Alexis karpouzos Jun 2021
My child, let your life come into the world of darkness
like a spark of light, without flicker and pure,
and thank them in silence.
You know, my child, they are cruel in their greed and envy,
their words are disguised knives thirsting for blood.
But do not be afraid, my child, go and stand in their hearts,
and let your gentle eyes fall on them
like the forgiving serenity of the night.
My child, let them see your face and so they know it
meaning of all things, let them love and love one another.
Go, at sunrise, open and lift up your heart like a blooming flower, and at sunset, bend your head
and silently complete the worship of the day.
Remember, my child, gods and demons,
ghosts and elves are fragments of one,
built by the hand of the abyss.
So, move on, go to the shore of the vast darkness,
there, is the Great Meeting of Children,
there, the sea gives a smile to the beach,
there, sing the waves facing death.
Alexis karpouzos Jun 2021
Crossing the far away sky of soul,
In the pilgrimage of light,
on the fine coast of extinction,
we will meet.
There, in whose space,
creation first became existence,
we will turn this monotonic world,
into  a celestial melody of sounds,
In the emptiness spinning
without aims or needs.
Alexis karpouzos May 2021
Our road not marked on maps.
Fugitives of the centuries,
our origin is the breathing
and our destination is exhalation,
A thousand suns are flowing in our blood,
and the vision of infinity is always chasing us.
The form cannot tame us,
Our days are a fire and our nights a sea.
Alexis karpouzos Apr 2021
if stars are still lit it means there is someone who needs them.
It means someone wants to love,
Why then do we feel so much pain and heaviness of heart?
are we waiting for something, regretting anything?
To whom I can strech out my hand in the somber desert?
Who will accompany me on the empty night?
Who will give me a fiery day?
Who will bring back the sea that left?
No hope here. Torment is certain.
Without sacredness in the emptiness of this world of ours,
the heart of man fades like a flower.  
Suddenly, the shuddering of the heavens penetrating my soul,
Oh never let the parting sun, no star is ever lost we once have seen, the long rains will continue to fall.
Alexis karpouzos Apr 2021
You can only find out
what you are from what you are not
which is everything and nothing.
Your home is everywhere and nowhere.
Your true identity is no identity.
You aren't an owner but  
a messenger of the infinity,
The no-thing is open to everything,
timeless and Free.
Alexis karpouzos Apr 2021
Time is the architect of fate,
fleeting omen, pure phantom
in enchanting light of absence,
and our life the play of love and death,
only love will never die,
because In love no longer ‘thou’ and ‘I’ exist,
only the blossom of sacred unity.
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