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  Jun 2017 alexia maragh
There's a silence between us
unspoken of
a void,
if I dare say.

There are times
we may be close
but we are more unknown
to each other
than we really think.

why are you so distant?
I understand
that you understand
that people come and go

why push me away?
I want to say
that it's okay
for longer
I want to stay.

I understand
that you're use to losing people
and you're no longer afraid
should I leave you.

I do not know what goes on
in the depths of your mind
in the abyss of this great sea.

I do not know
the battles you've faced
the demons you have fought
the nightmares that choke
the reality out of you.

I may not know
what it feels like
to have severe anxiety,
to have panic attacks every once in a while,
to have social problems,
the list will go on...

I may not know everything about you
But I know this:
you are the most honest person
I have ever met.
And this honesty,
honestly, I must say,
It is bittersweet.

Truth be told,
I may not like everything you say
But I accept it.

What is truth if it doesn't hurt?

I don't know
why you are silent.
Maybe you figured,
without me
or anybody for that matter
that you'll be strong.

Don't get me wrong,
I know you are strong.
But you are also wrong
about one thing.

You may think I will leave you
Maybe, but still
not immediately
not yet.

I will keep waiting
right here, if you need a friend.
If time should separate us,
or you push me away and grow cold,
I'll still be here.

I'll still be
your friend.
I'm still here.
  Jun 2017 alexia maragh
Ma Cherie
I want to write some poetry
or type some text to you
but my brain is on some overload,
an I think it's turning blue

an not my shade of indigo,
as that's my favorite hue,

but more like blue of sadness deep
in an oceanic wave,

I hope it's not tsunami like
an if-
I pray to save,

The memories of you an I
the ones I've colored red,
as beautiful those memories are
to treasure when I'm dead,
but for now-
I'll just go back to sleep
an rest my weary head,

an hope to see some beautiful
an different colors,
again come the sun.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk ugh lol hope you are all well!
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