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Alex Jan 2017
You can see the pain deep in her eyes
But she keeps on going
People are blinded by the fake smile she hides behind.

She helps others but doesn't help herself.
She hides behind a mask
Who could this woman be that fights her battles
But helps others

She's powerful.
But she's hurting deep inside
Maybe you should stop and look
See the pain that hides in her eyes
Look past her fake smile
She's hurting
And she has no one
  Sep 2016 Alex
Why the **** should I be sober?

All you've ever done is **** me over!

I'll drink, I'll smoke.

I'll do ******* till I go broke!

Cuz when I needed you, you weren't there.

But it's whatever, I don't care.
  Sep 2016 Alex
Milyan McKissack
Why do I care so much?
Can I not say what's on my mind,
when it needs to be said?
It's frustrating.
But you wouldn't know,
since all I ever talk about
is the fake ******* I know you wanna hear.
Because who would ever want
to know what's on my mind?
No one.
don't you remember?
You said "it's **** well obvious.."--
it's **** well obvious
that I'm done.
  Sep 2016 Alex
Ashton Montgomery
wanna know something?
they all think i'm okay.
a smile and a nod is all
the convincing they need.
they can't see
that i'm broken
and that it's all falling apart
and i don't even have
the strength or care anymore
to catch everything
before it breaks
all because
no one
tried to catch me
before i hit
the ground
  Sep 2016 Alex
Coraline Hatter
Be my Clark Kent,
My superhero,
The one who saves me from myself

Be my Joker,
My Partner in crime,
The one who loves my crazy side
Alex Sep 2016
What are promises?

Promises are empty words that people can't keep. They can easily be broken.
These empty promises keep people together or when broken break them. You can smash them with a hammer. You can't put it back together. These pieces cut whoever touches them.

That's a promise. An empty word.
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