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It's a clouds pang
So deep dark night
Street dogs are barking
My solo pains are wounding
I am walking alone in the dark horizon
And my moon is sleeping soundly
Without living mine

@ Musfiq us shaleheen
without living mine, my moon is sleeping...
 Aug 2014 Aléxandros Goré
i think to myself death take me
take me away from this ugly world
all i get is silence
i flick open my pocketknife
the cold sharp blade is a relief
death please
i start to cut my skin
death take my soul
blood starts to drip deep red
death take my heart
press deeper with the blade
death take my life
with a clink of metal on the tiled floor
the ****** knife came to rest
departing from this world i thanked death
and said goodbye to everyone
death why are you so simply complicated?
So enough depth to fill so feel to me
So long it’s longing the losing song
Feelings are falling on the rough floor
Not enough room to hide behind the melody

My night is going through tears of toil
Last drops are waiting for your departure
So many times it hanged me on the sky
No more roads to take off or take away

Dark is proof and profound over the sky
So long it’s paining the bored river bed
Crushing through the glitter of gold
Decays the moon and decades are lost

I who so nice to play days over lost
So mature through immature days have gone
Dropping all drops to depth and dragged
So melancholy melts within the dreams of life

@ Musfiq us shleheen
A Melancholic Song of life
 Aug 2014 Aléxandros Goré
It looked up at her with grey eyes of disappointment,
Of words spoken, and promises broken.
It’s skin damp with tears of anger,
It’s skin red with coloured tears of destruction.

Deteriorating on the inside,
She thought she might not live to see another day.
But with the power she held in her dainty hand,
Who knew if she would live to see another second.

She’d sit in her room for days at a time,
Wondering how she had let that tiny blade take over her life.
Contemplating ending that life forever;
But which one?
That is the question….

“Till death do us part,” she whispered.
 Aug 2014 Aléxandros Goré
People are nothing more than a blur of genitalia,
to savor, then scrap.

The Catch is a rehearsed routine,
catcalls turned to cat scratches
and long blonde hairs stuck to his lapel;
his wife will make
he'll repent.

Lip bites and ***** licks,
the high leaves long breaths
escaping quenched lips.

**** falling for you,
I'd rather
******* and leave
standing up straight
 Aug 2014 Aléxandros Goré
The predator invading my thighs
did not care for words
It burned me with smug smiles
and cold hands,
carpet covered in dog **** pressing
against my back.
Turning my sanctuary into my
my own flesh into fear,
made my body need healing.
It punctured me with your venom
but no one has ****** it out yet,
trust me,

I've made them try.
 Aug 2014 Aléxandros Goré

I am told I was pure before.

"Are you afraid?"
He asked me.
I shook my head violently, in yearning.
There is no
My body is filled to the brim with
I can't fathom feeling any
Pain, ache, hurt.
His eyes traveled my body and then-
He started.
My breathing slowed
He held my hands.

without// read from bottom line up
we had to do reverse poems for this class forever ago so this is what i did. trigger warning: ****
 Aug 2014 Aléxandros Goré
I cut
I slice
I tear
I open
I split
I divide
I crack
I break
I destroy every part of me eachday for you

I smile
I lie
I laugh
I giggle with every part of me eachday for you
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