Dec 2014 Alexandra Mora
Frank Ruland
Hello friend, welcome to HP!
This is quite the lovely place
to post your pieces of poetry,
and even meet a friendly face

Comment, like, follow and post,
but like any social circle, there are politics
which invisibly bind all those
who find this site crucially cathartic

When it comes to following,
keep in mind you like to be seen
just as much as others enjoy strolling
the site and seeing their writes come across your screen.

And before you like, try to really read
This isn't Facebook where every thought
is jotted down and fed into the feed
and followers are mindlessly bought

Most importantly, you may very well fall
in with the trolls for rude, hateful comments
"If you can't say nothing nice, say nothing at all,"
or the people here may turn on you and your sonnets

Don't be crass, crude, cross, or callous
or you will end up being blocked,
and it hinders the creativity for all of us,
so be nice, or risk being socially flogged

Keep in mind these are all real people
with real thoughts as well as emotions
One hurtful word may scar much deeper
than the darkest and tumultuous ocean

With this said, I wish you well
These are just groupthink denominations
Nobody like to hear someone tell
them something hurtful in any situation
Hello Poetry is a wonderful site with many wonderful people, and I have come to love so many of you. I know every now and again you come under attack, or someone may say something hurtful. I believe 95% of the people on here have the best intentions and just want to write and post, as well as read and follow other great poets. Please, be kind to your fellow people, as well as poets. Critiquing and hating ARE two different things. If you have nothing nice to say, just go on to the next poem. Thank y'all!
Don't fall for me
Don't fall in love with me
When you love me
you also love my
I will over-analyze you
and every word you say
and every move you make
You'll see that I'm a mess
and majority of the time
I don't know what the hell is
going on
I'm a clutz and trip over my own
two feet
I'm needy and I'll often ask you if you seriously do
love me
My emotions are so big and wide that I have enough to go
around for everyone who doesn't give a shit
but if you decide to fall in love with me
regardless of all this
I'll write you poems so sweet
that they'll sound like melodies
I'll love you like the sun loves the moon
I'll care for you in a way that is so gentle and delicate
I will always be there
I'll be your rock
I'll love all the things you swear you hate about yourself
I'll make constellations out of your freckles
and a new galaxy will be found in your eyes
I'll find beauty in your flaws
and you'll wonder why you never loved yourself
in the way that
I love you
I am peace and purity.

I am the sky,
I am the sun,
I am the moon,
I am the earth.

King Gojong proclaimed my birthday to be March 6, 1883.

I am spring,
I am summer,
I am autumn,
I am the winter.

I died in the year 1910
The winter of Japan.

I was born again on October 15, 1949.

I am the father,
I am the daughter,
I am the son,
I am a lonely mother.

I was torn in half in the year 1950.
So much pain so many tears I have seen.

I am some bad.
I am some good.

I've seen so many miracles and other amazing things.

It's all about balance!

I am beautiful, and I am loved.

Do you know my name?

© 2013 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Some answer Korea others answer Taegukgi.
Both answers are correct.
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