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 Dec 2014 Alexandra
DC raw love

raw love
global impact ministries
 Dec 2014 Alexandra
DC raw love
When I was a young boy
they said i'm only getting older

but how was I to know then
that she'd be crying on my shoulder

put my money in a big house
get myself a pretty wife

she'll collect my life insurance
when she connects me with a knife

Somebody get the doctor
I'm feeling pretty poor

somebody get the stretcher
before I hit the floor

Cinderella save me
I lost my job, they kicked me out of my house

Everybody's got opinions
but nobody's got the answers

and the **** i ate for breakfast
well it'll only give me cancer

i’m running in a circle
running to the morning light

i ain't quite workable
it's been one hell of a night

somebody get the doctor
I think I'm gonna crash

never paid the bill
because I ain't got the cash

Cinderella save me
This Valentine’s Day,
I will not promise you
the twinkling stars
or the dreamily shimmering
blue moon.
No, don’t get me wrong,
My love, But,
I will not promise all those
that I cannot really gift you.

I will vow to love you
till the eternity
And make you realize
howspecial you are.
And you’ll crave for
no cloudland.
Because my love will be your
Only euphoria.
And I will promise you
Honesty, love, trust and happiness.

I will not promise you
the bed of roses only.
For I know every rose
comes with its thorn.
Life can be cruel at times
and I promise at those
harsh moments,
I will be the last person
to leave you alone.

What good are the big vows,
when one fails to bestow
even a simple smile?
What good are the big crystal moon
and the twinkling stars when
you have eclipse in your heart
and misery in your eyes?
Today, my dear,
the world has failed to realize
that happiness comes from within.

So sweetheart,
I will not promise you
only the happy days ahead.
For life is the blend of
ecstasy and agony.
But I will assure you that
in every strive,
you’ll find your hand
locked in mine
and together we will make
our future shine.

I will not promise
the expensive pillows
to make you sleep at night.
But I will guarantee that
my arms will be there
to hug you tight.
And, in my arms,
may your eyes shut
with utter pleasure
every single night…

I want you to know this,
that your smile is my
only Sunshine,
Your ever glowing face
is my full moon.
And, the ever fluttering
big glowing eyes are
my glittering stars..

My love, if today,
you catch my hand and
whisper in my heart
that you love me,
I will need no particular day
as Valentine’s day
to love you and express myself.
Because with you beside me
every day will be my
special day.
Every day will be my Valentine’s day.
Every day I will love you.

I promise that.
 Dec 2014 Alexandra
They tried to bury us my dear
But they didn't realize that we were seeds
 Dec 2014 Alexandra
bcg poetry
You're gone and no amount of music will bring you back to me.
 Dec 2014 Alexandra
old news
 Dec 2014 Alexandra
we lie, tangled.
her body and mine.
motionless, fingertips
to skin.

the voice inside my head
no longer speaks

weary of missing just one word.
or worse, breaking the silence.

it's truly perfect.


she called for the first time in a few months.

"Hi." She said.
"Hey, what's up?" I ask.
"Just got off work, wanna come over?"


she knew exactly what I would say
and it always ends the same.

*the thought of her, replacing what
some call sleep, had almost rested.
now, here i am.. too late or too
early into the morning,
thinking of her and writing
to ease my trembling hand.
(C) Shang
 Dec 2014 Alexandra
i have learned &
i have forgotten.
these tired, spent eyes
incinerate as i lean
towards the sun.

spoke to
biological mother
this month

time in
thirteen years - I'm desperate

my grandma was my mom.
the only person
I have ever
cared about-
other than myself

but she's dead.
now i truly understand
the word *alone.

don't mistake my words as cold-hearted

i have never had anyone to reach out to
..and that's okay.
life brings what it brings, day after day after day

grandma, it's your pride and joy;
if only you knew how much that
embarrassed me..
i miss you more than earthly words can describe.
this loneliness has an entire new meaning,
stalked by the abandon
of your ever-so sincere eyes.
my long lived, over-spent problems now weigh heaviest in the absence of your smile.

may death be exactly as you believed.
i really ******' hope i got it all wrong.
© Shang

for Susan Grace
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