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In the night I am joined.
A drink summons a row of faces,
unrecognizable they come to me as penumbras.
A swirl of half crescent grins and grimaces cry out in pain.
I am ****** into a hole of submission,
here are all the allegorical creations living inside of me.
These things stand tall, bare and judging.
Laughing and watching as I fall into a bottomless grip called “inevitability".
Breathing raw, dank ideologies.
Manifesting nasty, stubborn idiosyncrasies.  
I am freed by another drink
And the pleasant reality
that sometimes moving on
means laughter.
beyond the pale
and catch a look
at the proxy (yourself).
Glimpse at the unfamiliar,
at the sweet terror of someone,
you've never known (yourself).

Revel and tune in,
on the loose lips of a stranger(yourself).
in the queer warmness of this red rose.
Learn to love the unmanicured-self.
the new self that needs you.
Here we are
In a closet,
protected by intimacy.

This is not a reflection,
written on sand
nor a message
left on a mirror
by salient hands.

With a phrase
I will release you.
Into a room,
Without judgment, or breath.
Without a scream of worry,
Or an island of regret.

This is love without witness,
The most naked of vulnerabilities.
The self-seeking, all seeing periphery,
an index pressed on my lips  
the air rank with cherries
spits of rain, and thunder afar
my breath at a minimum
and this love is already augured w/ scars

Under a twilight glow
Cole's incantations
ease my disquietude
her voice an effervescent hymn
lulling the snakes that reside within my soul

what paradise
to lose
under my nose

She questions the validity of her arrangement  
cards dealt by "life"
she questions me
she questions the intent
she questions tonights heavy glow.
Two silhouettes,
danced barefoot in the dark,
seduced by a rhythm
were lost within a hug

Two souls
paired in the evening
roaring with giggles,
were lulled into a small embrace,
Inches away from love

Two flames
stood soft in the night
infinitely lost
turned into a star.
Give me your eyes
don't be afraid
crucial happenings
deserved to be seen through

Give me your hands
we suffer we cry
we are as we do

Give me your shoulder
all the difficulties
are broodingly beautiful
all the new  stitches
are earned places of strength

every narrow hallway, every new expanse
every orange lit sky way
is a spring that’ll last forever.

live in focus
and save yourself
Your name,
a trap set under a pile of leaves.

Your words,
a sweet decoction of rythmic phrases
a cozy hug over the coolness of a damp night
An indelible kiss on the cheek

Your smile,
a rush of wind never to be contained
a complete stillness of  life
an invocation of instant gratitude
a parade of contentment,
melting my heart

eyes burn
fingers shake
the end of the world
is lit in a red hue
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