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Oct 30 · 28
an organ of love
alexa j l Oct 30
the heart is the most touched
yet cannot be held
do not let it be broken
by those who are not worthy
give it to a lover who bears warm arms
and endless words of poetry
water it with a soft hand
and it’s vines shall stretch for miles
sing it the heartfelt songs of a childhood
one dreams of
and the nightmares will disappear
Sep 15 · 28
alexa j l Sep 15
i must find the light in me
so that i may guide myself
through the darkest days without you
i must hold my own hand
as yours is not in sight
my eyes are closed, but i will find my way

to the end of the tunnel i go
Sep 15 · 184
alexa j l Sep 15
i undressed my secrets for you
articles of clothing thrown around
like words on a chalkboard
wrinkled and left to sit
where have you gone
my world is moving in reverse now  
and my zipper is coming back up
Jul 28 · 95
untold secrets
alexa j l Jul 28
empty promises are full
filled with unplanted flowers
by the voices of our loved

the seeds whisper ***** words
that are used against us
they are manipulation
in its most exquisite form

we are completely blinded
we are fooled to think it’s love
let me tell you a secret
empty promises are not
Jun 21 · 76
four corners
alexa j l Jun 21
you placed me in your box
and taped all 4 sides down
you were kind enough to leave
a small quarter-sized hole
allowing me to breathe
every night
you would whisper cruel words
but some nights your heart took over
and you touched my soul
each day, the hole got smaller and smaller
until i was trapped under my own lungs
waiting for your evil whispers
Jun 16 · 113
our first dance
alexa j l Jun 16
happy father’s day
to the man who stole my soul
you danced with the devil
and held my hand as you did  
forced me to stand on your
unpolished shoes and sway
i sobbed as the song of life mocked me
happy father’s day.
May 24 · 44
childhood dreams.
alexa j l May 24
as the dark skies eat the sun whole
your biggest fears are not the monsters under the bed
they are the tall, dark shadows
that lurk into your adolescent room
to steal your innocence with no permission
Apr 22 · 249
a dark walk
alexa j l Apr 22
you know, they say
there is light at the end of the tunnel
but tell me,
how long must this journey last
Apr 22 · 65
a sour tongue
alexa j l Apr 22
you must taste the bitterness
of the fruits you bear
Apr 12 · 58
in the clouds
alexa j l Apr 12
my mind is full of clouds
but they are not the good kind,
they are the kind that suffocate me
they taunt me and humiliate me
leave ***** whispers as lovers in public
but these are not sweet whispers
they are lists of why i’d be better gone
i wish i could say what they tell me
but these clouds would devour me whole
Apr 12 · 251
taste of defeat
alexa j l Apr 12
i was never hit
but my heart still aches
by your words that were fire
which made me break
i’m left bruised and broken
confused and outspoken

why have you defeated me again
Apr 12 · 286
a twisted heaven
alexa j l Apr 12
do you regret it?
abusing your soul with a drink
“just one won’t hurt”
isn’t that how you think
one turned into four
then five and six and seven
did you ever stop to think
your next paradise was heaven
Mar 20 · 866
swimming lessons
alexa j l Mar 20
i used to drown in your love
it would devour me and fill my lungs
with happiness
i could breathe you in without sinking
but now
i do not know how to swim
Mar 20 · 71
alexa j l Mar 20
i am one wave in a storm
surrounded by hundreds of others
headed to shore to crash and self destruct
Feb 22 · 136
alexa j l Feb 22
her mind is a cell
with ice cold bars
that hide her away from the outside
Feb 22 · 76
on the inside
alexa j l Feb 22
how does it feel
to not be trapped
in a body with a soul that is broken
Jan 31 · 170
my friend, the moon
alexa j l Jan 31
she came back to talk with me
we sat for hours and wept
i let out my tears
i begged her to stay
she did not say a word
just stared with a face of sorrow
it grew brighter out
that’s when the clouds pulled her away
Jan 31 · 193
alexa j l Jan 31
you blame me for my pain,
insecurities that are boxed in
you say i am the reason
that the sun falls in the evening
so that it may not hear my cry for help
in the darkness of the nights
you are blinded when the sun rises
too blinded to realize
you are to blame

— The End —