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alex welsh Apr 15
A peep show with your eyes closed
A fishbowl in a snow globe
the future is a nursing home
and Superman's on methadone

It's an issue with the heating
a daydream in a meeting
where the coffee's always scalding
and when you leave you're undecided
alex welsh Jul 2017
Welche's white grape and peach
does not mix well with stout
I did it for a dare and all my teeth fell out
There's a man I know called James
How he bored me half to death
I suggested that he take a sip
Then I got up and left
alex welsh Jul 2017
As funny as it seems we hatched a plan to **** the queen
she's alright to be fair
But I would humour anyone to get some drinks for free
alex welsh Jan 2017
More words are thrown from James' tongue
I knew he had arachnophobia
and peering from beneath my eyelids
I wished I was a pregnant spider
alex welsh Jan 2017
Silly sweaty Human palms
back, neck, bones, legs
smelly sheets and shiny foreheads
Two whole lives, tangled up in Swedish stitching
the behaviour of the limbs unaccounted for
A maze of senses contained by cotton, linen, sometimes silk
it might be dusk, dawn, daylight, night-time
Who knows? Who cares? Toes are touching
and the sound
that can’t be explained
is every cry and laugh and every life
everyone who ever lived and every creature that has died
So kiss
like a button got pressed and there’s three minutes to live
alex welsh Jun 2016
Jon. Jump
P o hop

Pp u ppup.  Hi
alex welsh Oct 2015
Sleepy graves of horses,
are happy in the sun.
A symphony of bees,
takes away the loneliness.

All the eagles have been mended.

Whispered words of silver,
rise up through the soil.
The dusty laugh of some old dog,
takes away the loneliness.

The sadness has been wound up by the tree knots.
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