Apr 10 Alex

learn some UX/UI best practices
and above all the annoyances,
PLEASE STOP trying to be cute
with the perpetual edits
to the HP name

it's annoying
and distracting
from actual things
I want to read


Alex Negri Apr 10

It was amazing to find this site.
And its sad to say goodbye,
But the new layout is unbearable.

 Apr 9 Alex

I really dislike these changes you've made,
while some are okay
others have ruined my day.

This might be where my blog ends.
Alex Negri Apr 9

There is a man.
A dark man.
Who towers over the hellish eagles.

And he stands there.
And he holds his life like a gun.
And he pulls his skin off.              
And he sees bugs that everyone else ignores.
And he attacks persons who nobody can see, and nobody knows.        

And he sits there.            
And he bites his lip in anger.
And he travels back from Rome.
And he wishes in his mind to die.        

And he sleeps there.
And he dreams of a farewell kiss.
And he murders the priest in secret. 
And he controls his mistress.
And he eats his own soul.

Alex Negri Apr 8

Wouldn't it be nice
To learn to take care of fish,
Just to help them out?

 Apr 7 Alex

I have chose to walk
A lonely road
Where Ravens squawk
As time erodes
Where the devil talks
To me in codes

I walk along
A dark wooded path
Where the nights are long
And I face Satan's wraith
Everything feels wrong
There's no turning back

The more I wander
The more I stray
More time to squander
The days away
So much time to ponder
The end of days

Darkness is falling
The Earth is dying
The Devils calling
The news is lying
It's all so appalling
There's no denying

This path I roam
Is filled with sorrows
Nowhere feels home
Too many tomorrows
Too Many poems
Spreading my woes

The Devil follows
He tempts my soul
But my soul is hollow
So still I stroll
This pain I swallow
And It takes its toll

I can not save
This doomed planet
We've dug our grave
Satan's enchantment
Has made us slaves
Bloodshed is rampant

And when we crumble
I'll shed no tears
The devil mumbles
In our ears
So we stumble
Year after year
As the end draws near

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