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alex kennedy Nov 2014
Theres two kinds of breaths that boys steal.
The kind that results in unbelievable euphoria,
and theres the kind they ripped out of your lungs.

The difference is;
one makes you senseless
one kills you.

In all honesty I miss feeling sober.
Ive been writing again :)
alex kennedy Nov 2014
I got all the things on your Christmas list.
you haven't really thought of it I can tell.
Another christmas filled with regret of setting chairs for two.
*I asked for you.
alex kennedy Sep 2014
I was never one for sunsets and she was the night, but the buildings could never have out shone her eyes.
alex kennedy Aug 2014
We worry about why we exist but our only purpose
is to fall in love with a masterpiece created by a god
so lonely he had to invent an audience.

So if every one of us is one and we are all god
maybe that's why I don't see shooting stars,
but I look up and fall in love with
every wish I will never make.

Maybe when we drink wine we lose a sense of self.
Because we are not humans,
but we are something much bigger.

Maybe that's why when we drink we get hiccups.
Because hiccups attempt to shock the mind back to consciousness.
Thinking is a drug and drugs are just spiritual defibrillators.
This is not done at all it is absolutely a draft but I haven't posted in so long.
alex kennedy Aug 2014
We worry about our existence.
When our only purpose is to fall in love
with a masterpiece produced by a God so lonely, he had to create an audience.
alex kennedy Jun 2014
Life is better when you stop picking flowers
and start trusting your life's course to come across
other beautiful meadows in the future.
alex kennedy Jun 2014
I've carved our names into trees
to make sure the world never forgets
the life we have created
even if you couldn't remember.

I've sung with the birds
to understand the sorrow
of a friend leaving your nest
which was once considered a safe home.

I've ran with rushing river streams
to feel what its like to run away
from people that would never stay,
people that compliment you and plan to stray

people that row their boats
into another today.
Sailing far far looking for what may
be another 10pm in may.

the *** is different
the person is different
the alcohol and pick up lines
are different.
on abandonment and watching someone relive the same day multiple times
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