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I have been
The cause
Of my own tears
For too long.

Like a bulimic
Forcing the contents
Of their stomach out,
I inflicted pain upon myself;
forcing my emotions out
In tears
That streaked my cheek.

When emotions come in waves
Like nausea
I hold back the hurls
As the tears rise
To the back of my throat.

I will no longer let
My own thoughts
Be the metaphorical finger
Down my throat.
I could be the sand on the
Shore that intertwine on your toes
Transfer warm to you even
I’m not close.

Make me your ocean
Whenever you’re feel so cold
Think me on your side
And I’ll give you a hug so wide.

My friend don’t be afraid when life will end;
Be afraid when life will never start
Don’t let anxiety makes you
Let me heal you.
My friend know that I'll be here and will always be here for you
My fingers itch to coast along your sensitive tips
Each sigh and tremor enough to make me remember
What spring sunlight feels like
After a long, dark winter
December's child
with fire you were forged
your eyes are liquid amber poured
always I dream to kiss
your perfect lips divinely cast
the sweetness of your breath
the warmth that moves across my flesh
your hands and arms are sculpted bronze museum art
indelibly in mind when you are far
the hot of your delicious mouth
traveling gently, slowly south.
Maybe it's the whiskey or
maybe it's just me.

I want to be in another world
away from all this petty ****.
I want to be alone with this cigarette
away from all this talk.
Away from all these thieves.

Thieves of my solitude, thieves
of my mind.
You've stolen my sense of me.

I have been robbed of my sanity
by the fools of this place.
Not this city, not this state.
I have been robbed of me.

I cannot find peace in this god forsaken place.
I cannot breathe.
This cigarette doesn't help, but this
is all I have.
The whiskey and this cigarette.
My lungs full of glee.

Maybe it's the whiskey.
But really, it's just me.
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