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  Sep 2017 Alejandra Cruz
Gia Garcia
If this is love
I've never known it
Till now
For Carlos
  Sep 2017 Alejandra Cruz
Dear Poet Friends, over the last few years I have seen some of our poets make passing remarks about Van Gog, thereby displaying their interest about this talented painter, who had died unrecognised!  Vincent gained full recognition posthumously, for which his brother Theo’s wife was greatly responsible. Hope you like this short and concise true story in verse. Best wishes, - Raj

                        B­y Raj Nandy
”One may have a blazing hearth in one’s soul
  and yet no one ever come to sit by it. Passerby
  see only a wisp of smoke from the chimney and
  continue on the way.” – Vincent Van Gogh(1853-1890)

Though during his brief life-span of 37 years he had
remained almost wholly unknown;
His artistic talents began to exhibit itself during his
early years, -
To become a colossus amongst post-impressionist
painters in his later years!
The son of a Dutch clergyman, he had worked in
various capacities, -
In his uncle’s art gallery, in a bookstore, and pursued
theological studies in Amsterdam University.
Also followed by a short stint in Belgium’s coal-mining
district as a lay missionary!
At the age of 27 years took to painting with financial
help from elder brother Theo,
Who encouraged and helped him for the next ten years
or so.
This was the most creative period of Vincent’s life,
Followed by an attack of dementia when he cut his
own ear lobe risking his life!
On 27th July 1890, he shot himself, bringing his
great artistic career to a tragic end!

Vincent commenced his famous sunflower series
to decorate his house in Arles, France,
While anticipating his friend Paul Gaugin’s visit in
His first four canvases had paintings of cut sun -
flowers in bunches of twos and fours;
Painted in Paris during Aug-Sep 1887, which the
world still adores.
But his later Arles series of seven still life canvases
are better known to us;
And this series of paintings had made Vincent
internationally famous!
The most valued of these seven is a vase containing
a bunch of 15 sunflowers, -
Now displayed at the Art Museum in the city of Tokyo;
A Japanese firm had paid 40 million dollars at an
auction for this masterpiece to show!

                    A SHORT CONCLUSION
Vincent brought his passion for sunflowers from his
homeland in Holland.
Which became synonymous with him like those ‘water
lilies’ with his contemporary painter Claude Monet.
Vincent painted the various stages of the flowers in bloom;
From its budding stage till it wilted and swooned!
Chrome yellow and yellow ochre made them look fresh;
And arid brown and somber shades showed its wilted stage!
Thus his paintings covered all angles of spectrum of life
In turn reaching a deeper understanding of how all living
things are tied together and made !
His explosive energy was displayed through his vibrant
shades of yellow.
Using red for passion, and green for conflict to show.
Grey shades were used for life’s inevitable surrender,
with blue symbolising infinity;
Thus this Dutch Impressionist painter harnessed a
moment of time in eternity!

Foot Notes:-
Dr Jan Hulsker, a foremost scholar on Van Gogh, had said that this Sunflower series of paintings brought Vincent eternal acclaim & fame! During his short life span he made 700 paintings, 1600 drawings, 9 lithographs & one etching. His ‘Potatoe Eaters’, ‘Red Vineyard’, ‘Starry Night’, - are all famous paintings. Paul Gaugin, & Claude Monet, were his other ‘Impressionist’ contemporaries. Impressionism  emphasised changing qualities of light & colour, visible brush strokes, open composition,  creating an impression of a moment of time! Derives its name from Claude Monet’s harbour painting titled “Impressions & Sunrise”. This art form became popular in 1880s and 1890s.
  Sep 2017 Alejandra Cruz
Mike Hauser
Have you got time for another story
Of life lessons and of love lost
Of fighting a war where no one keeps score
Being afraid of counting the cost

With men sitting around in a board room
Pin striped suits mixed with power ties
With no conscience in the stroke of a pen
Changing many young lives

At 18 years old what's your hurry
In killing for what you're told to believe
When a bunch of old men take you by the hand
Helping to plant hates deceitful seed

You've watched your buddies die in the jungle
Seen body parts fly off in the sand
Where tempers once flared now you don't even care
You'll just keep shooting till nobody's left

Back home is where you keep the memories
Of your girl but who's keeping her
As you battle for freedom cause you still believed them
When they told you, you could save the world

This has gone on for years now too long
When will we stand up and let go of the hand
Of the men at the top who want more than they've got
And will strive to get it till there's not a one of us left
Tears in Eyes
I can't see tears in your eyes so don't weep
My sweetheart I can give my life for your sake
I know that bruises of your soul are so deep
I can look after you thru and thru my hot cake
This world is a place with lot of pain to bear
So one way or another we have to just take
Very many hurts and many insults with fear
So love comes in our life to break and shake
Be patient and be frank to go through this rut
Let me give you solace and just all satisfaction
I am in real mood to take you to my solitary hut
Where we share sentiments and love passion
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
  Jul 2017 Alejandra Cruz
i want to drink myself into a place no one can reach me
i want the room to spin so i can sit still and feel the world moving and cracking and tectonic plates shifting beneath my feet
i want to dance to music i don't like when i'm sober
i want to feel as beautiful as i feel when i'm drunk every day
i want to drink until all i am left with is empty cups and happy hiccups and i want to call my exes and tell them how lucky they were to have me and how bad timing was never a good excuse
i want to wrap a telephone cord around my fingers and then my body and i want to feel electricity in my hands and i want the world to spin because i tell it to
  Jul 2017 Alejandra Cruz
Sarah Caitlyn
"I trust you"
I whisper as your hand
Moves up my thigh,
You tighten your grip,
Press your lips against mine.
Its like you're trying
To claim me,
To **** the air
Right out of my lungs.
I smile at you,
Unsure as to how far I
Want you to go.
You just pull me to you,
"I thought you trusted me?"
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