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alaska jade Mar 26
you are the light and the dark and everything in between.
you hold a piece of my mind, body, and soul
my everything
I hold the thought of you so close to my heart because I can’t bear the thought of losing it.
now when you do all the things that make me toss and turn at night
I resent you for it.
I hate you with my whole heart.
and that-
is why
I love you.
I can’t help but forgive you.
alaska jade Mar 26
I don’t love you anymore

but somehow the moment I fell in love with you keeps replaying in my head like a broken record.
over and over and over and over
I’m going to lose my sanity.
we fell-
I fell in love in an instant.
something that will hold me down for an eternity,
but I don’t regret it.
I dream these vivid dreams of falling into your warm embrace
but then the memory of your arms around me slips away into the oblivion me and you both feared we would meet one day.

I still love you.
I still love you.
Mar 18 · 206
wednesday night
alaska jade Mar 18
it was the night we got high off of our youth
we soared through the sweet strawberry sunset
we didn’t talk
we didn’t have to
it was just me and you on a wednesday night
forgetting the world
and at last,
being at ease.
i love you more than i care to express.
Jan 6 · 130
im so sorry
alaska jade Jan 6
a mess of words, hopelessly lost
I’m sorry that we never got to fall in love.
I’d give you my heart but someone else stole it first and broke it like a stone to a stained glass window-
I’m sorry that we never got to fall in love
maybe in another life
Jan 3 · 27
alaska jade Jan 3
the hardest goodbye is to the passerby that you don't even know.
the one you fall in love with, sort of
Im sorry that we never got to fall in love.
Jan 3 · 49
alaska jade Jan 3
Sometimes, for a split second, I imagine that I am perfect for you.

I am your other half.

We fit together the way that two hands bound by love do.
We are together as I lean my body in towards yours, slow dancing underneath the chandelier, to feel your presence just a bit better.

My darkness gives you a light to shine inside the black abyss of my flower-filled lungs. Bury me and place my grave next to yours.

And in whatever lies beyond this world, Dance With Me.

Dance like the music is what runs through our veins. Dance till the stars spin on their own. I won't ever fit in your heart the way I am.
a mess of words. hopelessly in love.
Dec 2019 · 139
secret lover
alaska jade Dec 2019
the moon comes and goes in these beautiful tidal waves
my love I am drawn to her,
our flame ephemeral
but I’d trade my saltwater laced eternity for a moment of your starlit bliss
her voice a million harps being strung by the delicate fingertips of angels
her eyes the sea glass at the bottom of the ocean.
even if I can’t say I love you, I love you
Dec 2019 · 181
u n t i t l e d t w o
alaska jade Dec 2019
it’s a diamond December day
and you’re still on my mind
a continuation to my most popular poem.
Nov 2019 · 198
if you were a constellation
alaska jade Nov 2019
if you were a constellation
I would lay with my back pressed against the ice-cold grass to witness your miracle
she sees a shooting star, she wishes for love
I stand by the ghost-white evergreens
suddenly I don’t feel so big
the snow-coated mountain reigned over the land
but I, I can keep my own
I’ll follow you forever, don’t you worry
I’ll even follow you until the blisters on my tongue stop me from praying
through the monochromatic bliss of winter
the snow now silences the warm pulse of my heart beat
an arctic December, i’d expect nothing less
the ethereal skies scream of the unknown and the clouds yearn for me
suddenly I don’t feel so big
Nov 2019 · 181
alaska jade Nov 2019
my baby’s ethereal
her jade crown, imperial
love me forever
my first haiku
Nov 2019 · 141
limits of love
alaska jade Nov 2019
I love you and I hate myself for it but I’d never stop loving you to love myself
Nov 2019 · 1.1k
Marlboro Evening
alaska jade Nov 2019
Our love, a match
You, a Marlboro evening
We share every warm sunset.
I'm not sure when we'll finally burn out but at least I'll have the ashes to prove that we really, really, did try.
You, a lighter, ignite my flame
let the sparks never die.
After all this time still wishing and wishing upon shooting stars for you
my one true love.
Nov 2019 · 182
marianne rose everleigh
alaska jade Nov 2019
the best angels fall too
smile darling
it's okay
my wings spread a final time before my
d e s c e n t
heaven baby wish me free.
i'm not a prayer but say my name in your sleep
why is there a crack in my halo?
Nov 2019 · 96
the colors
alaska jade Nov 2019
There’s a certain feeling that I get from you
Something almost like
A royal blue excitement
Shining like a sapphire
Building up and bursting with
Shades of reds and pinks
Blushes and corals
Yellow flares
Your smile a spearmint green
And eyes like the sea
And a shattering cool toned gray.
Do you think about me the same way i think about you?
I know deep inside that you don’t
But somewhere in my heart
I know that i am still waiting
Patiently waiting for the day that you finally
this is the first poem i have ever written. thought i would post it
Nov 2019 · 456
alaska jade Nov 2019
i grab your hand and tell you kiss me
and you do
but it's a only a dream
can we go back?
Nov 2019 · 153
alaska jade Nov 2019
far too often I find myself gazing in her direction.
her smile fades as she catches my glare.
I’ll never be the one that she loves.
I watch her glamorous eyes illuminate as she laughs.
her laugh is intoxicating.
she’ll never love me.
she’s perfect
Nov 2019 · 64
alaska jade Nov 2019
open ears, open mind
t o n i g h t
we listen.
hear my voice
Oct 2019 · 189
alaska jade Oct 2019
heaven, darling
open your eyes
see the milk and honey the world brings
heaven, child
don't let the absence of light change your heart
heaven, angel
see the earth in all its glory
heaven, my love
do not ever let your aureole slip
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Oct 2019 · 26
intrusive thoughts
alaska jade Oct 2019
i tell him everything about you because some nights i wish that he would learn to be a little more like you
Oct 2019 · 42
alaska jade Oct 2019
It's because when I broke you held my hand.
I fell in love with you not because I wanted to.
I fell in love with you because you asked me how my day was when nobody else did.
I fell in love with you because after all this time you still remember everything I told you.
Not only did you listen, but you remembered.
If I could rewind the time I swear I would make it up to you,
b u t   i   c a n t
so instead I just say you were the one that got away.
i have a thing for starting poems off weirdly
Oct 2019 · 186
c l i c h e s #4
alaska jade Oct 2019
maybe if i close my eyes long enough the night will steal your name from my mind and at last, put me to ease
make me feel at e a s e
Oct 2019 · 353
c l i c h e s #3
alaska jade Oct 2019
your heart as sweet as a date i will never forget
i miss you
Oct 2019 · 45
c l i c h e s #2
alaska jade Oct 2019
love is seeing you and forgetting that anything else exists
there are a few parts to my "c l i c h e s", i decided to post them separately but they tell one story as a whole :)
Oct 2019 · 106
c l i c h e s
alaska jade Oct 2019
you light a match,
i fall in love.
just like magic.
my favorite memory of you by far.
Oct 2019 · 318
alaska jade Oct 2019
mind wanders
and sometimes mind gets lost
but mind always comes home
to you
finally, i can post again.
Oct 2019 · 180
Euphoric Nights
alaska jade Oct 2019
Supine to the sky and the stars scream your name.
I listen to your voice the way I like to hear it.
my version of heaven
Sep 2019 · 368
alaska jade Sep 2019
I miss you.
every single day the thought of you lingers in the back of my mind
why does everything remind me of you?
I love you.
and I hate myself for it.
they say that when you fall in love
you don’t fall out of it
you just realize that it wasn’t actually love
and I’m not sure what I’m more terrified of
finding out that I’ll never stop loving you
or having this “love” slip away from me.
another snippet from the same poem as the last.  constructive criticism and comments are always greatly appreciated! also if anyone could let me know what the most popular tags are for getting noticed that would be great :) I’m sick of just tagging “love, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.”
Sep 2019 · 256
alaska jade Sep 2019
it may be silly but every night that the clock hits 11:11 I wish for you.
I wish for us.
I wish for the laughs and the memories
sometimes I even wish for the tears
just anything with you in it, is better than now
just a snippet of a poem that I wrote. I feel like  these lines explain the meaning of the poem better than the full poem .
Sep 2019 · 1.4k
u n t i t l e d
alaska jade Sep 2019
it’s a golden september day
and the only thing I can think about is
one of my shortest poems. this one has always felt like one of my most personal poems, despite it being so very simple.
Sep 2019 · 214
now, forever, + always
alaska jade Sep 2019
just incase you’re wondering
I’m still here for you
like I’ve always been
just know if you ever change your mind
I’ll be patiently waiting until the day I die.
I promise you that.
goodnight everyone ❤️
Sep 2019 · 1.5k
hold my hand
alaska jade Sep 2019
the simple touch of your fingertips on mine
the way we used to walk just a bit closer than friends do
causing our hands to bump together as if our bodies were just begging us to intertwine our fingers together
no one passing by would be able to mistake us as “just friends”
i am absurdly busy today and all i am doing is reading and writing poems. i really admire the talented people on this website, everyone’s style is so unique and gorgeous.
Sep 2019 · 145
inside & out
alaska jade Sep 2019
yes i write about you a lot
and no it’s not cause i miss you
maybe that was a lie.
but my life isn’t you it’s just
             second lie
i write about you because i know you
it’s easy to write about something you know inside & out and
back and forth
forwards and backwards
i write about you because your name is comfort
and I write about you because maybe I’m afraid of leaving the familiar
but who
              I’m w r i t i n g
and it’s not for you.
first poem I’ve ever wrote in this sort of style.. kind of digging it, kind of hating it, but I thought I should share this one. the concept of this poem came to me in the middle of class, i quickly grabbed a post-it note and wrote “i write about you because i’m an expert at it” and then i went home and wrote this.  my last poem didn’t get any comments or likes but it’s gotten about 30 views which makes me happy :).. as always constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated. thank you!
Sep 2019 · 286
somehow I am still sorry
alaska jade Sep 2019
How do you stop loving him when you told him that nothing would ever stop you from loving him?
No matter how many times he broke me I built myself back up.
I picked up each piece, saying sorry in between.
I never stopped to wonder why he did not help me.
I ask him:
If you love me, why do you hurt me?
He tells me he doesn't hurt me
He tells me that he doesn't break me
He tells me that the shards I am recollecting were placed by me.
I was blinded.
So careless of me to believe that I was the reason that I was shivering and shaking in bed, sobbing uncontrollably.
You refuse to take the blame.
Every time that I wept from your words,
the problem was the tears streaming down my face
not what caused them.
I want nothing more than for him to feel the way I did.
Just for a moment
For a brief moment
I want him to feel all of it.
The feeling that everything are you is falling apart.
My world, spiraling out of hand.
How could you do this to me?
Every night was sealed off with a
"Goodnight I love you."
The closure that kept me comfort.
The promise that he would be here for me when the sun rose.
The promise that no matter what
he would be by my side.
Everything I did was reckless.
How was I supposed to know that letting him back in would get me hurt over and over again?
The warnings from all my friends.
I'm not stupid.
Deep down I am sure that I knew the consequences.
No matter how many times I gave in it still felt worth it to me.
I became weak just to have the security of him.
He was my world.
How easy it is to give in to the constant temptation.
I'm sad.
All the time.
This numbness is becoming unbearable.
Was it the same when I was with him?
Why do i vaguely remember feeling better when I was with him?
The constant ache in my heart,
The empty feeling in my body.
I want to get out,
but he won't break me again.
hello everyone. i am fairly new to writing poetry and i am always up for constructive criticism. i hope you enjoy reading <3

— The End —