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our room heater now
keeps me warmth on winter nights
after my wife leaves
but I know she needs it more
with her at underground grave
Zero is zero
And even not a zero
Later than figure
Peeps from a railway carriage casement, our land passes by
as a movie in short of a moving life, that spending
anywhere anyhow just to reach own destination,
unknown. Few fences of bamboo, village ponds, bathing mass
and a long strip of a lean river as a silver band
passengers are dreaming a better end, peaceful
some children are drawing life in their schools
love lost dream of day
now they comes at night,  foggy
she waves hand to bye
here, there everywhere
rain drops tree tops, this morning
birds stops wandering

cloud roars some shouts more
those are wet, yet raining out
morning lasts longer
I don't know how to say love
tricks of camouflage
about the emotion of mind.
long way away from my tribe
lifeless life I live
far the river, mountain and bloom
over a sea of ruin leaf
life here live as moth, fly or grasshopper
often as vagabond wandering around
views of life, life of a tree
every and each stand alone
love is a lovely thing to love and loveable feelings to
While in sleep, you comes on to my dream when I wish
every night and day in red, in shining blue or
in pink but not with roses while in red except
sky or sea whilst in blue but you kisses in pink
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