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It is the dead of night.
Ha, what a coincidence. I can hear the hounds howling in the far off distance, I can hear the traffic, I can hear my own heart beating.
It is chilly.
The air is crisp, and in defense of that it is mid October and I am sitting in the balcony with hardly anything on.
It is eleven.
My mind is once again at war, the same battle that it has been fighting for a very long time now. The same conflicts, the same prolonged struggle of the mere mortal human soul.
It is silent. It is tranquil. It is still.
The traffic is gone, even the grasshoppers have decided to take a break. I'm down 5 cups of coffee and I can see what I hear and hear what I see.
It is time.
You must be wondering "What about his heartbeat?"
Well theoretically, I was only 2 stories short.
But only in theory.
Trust me, I checked.
For a day will come when the raindrops will be outnumbered.
A day when all that is mighty will be prevailed.
When all that is a tear will shed more pain than the markings on the walls of her vessel.
When all that would matter is the little life in her hands.
When she will give birth to herself.
For a day will come when her cages will rattle.
A day when the barbed wires won't matter.
when she will be more than just defiant.
Beware of the day she will not remain silent.
**- Aks
You'd make a really nice submissive.
Oh, I can only imagine. You being blind folded & *******. Thoroughly depending on your senses to guide you.
To calm you.
As a feeling of adventure and potential danger lurks inside of you. You feel sinfully tempted. You feel bad.
You want to taste blood.
But you'd be willing to give into it. No?
Let yourself be dominated.
For the night. For the other. For oneself. For the moment. For the sin.
Not knowing where he would touch you.
What part of you will be blessed first?
Where would he settle and take refuge?
And until so you would eagerly wait for his gentle, soft and devilish touch upon your skin to devour you.
You would wait. Wouldn't you?
You altered the odds,
Derived a stormbound probability.
Loved a lone wolf,
Oh goddess, you filled the void in me.
You dwelled in me,
You took another sip from my soul.
As I was left hypnotized by your palliating laughter that gently devoured me whole.
My demons never feared your Gods, but something about the curve of your lips changed that about them.
I am a deity.
I worship a goddess.
I wanted someone to love.
Wanted someone to call my own.
Someone to unleash this intense and unconditional devotion towards.
You left me indifferent to my sufferings.
Made me look beyond the same shortcomings that withered me over time and time again.
And for that I thank you.
I now seek you.
All of you.
I want each and every part of you to be relished and savored by me.
To let the only scent left behind be mine.
Let the only one you crave be me.
Only thing you desire, my presence.
I wish upon stars to hold you, and let my skin burn by your touch.
Let the words formed by your tongue fall short as I taste their origins.
Much as the creator leaves me.
Upon the tragedy of the test posed to us.
But don't let distance of our hearts be measured by the inches our lips seem to resist.
Instead by the mountains we are willing to overcome.
We are free, we are wild and we are rebellious.
Born for another time, born for another dimension, born for one another.
I like being the dominant.
I like to tie my submissive up.
I like to play with her.
Tease her. Please her. Destroy her.
Until she breaks.
I like to tie her up and run my fingers at the bend of her curves, explore her body & bite those seraphic lips as I taste their cherubic juices.
I prefer being intimidating and rough.
I will place a blade at your throat, to remind you how we are all mortal beings indulging ourselves in the most oldest of rituals in the history of mankind.
Yet, I'll treat you like you're the only one.
The one I cherish, love, hold close.
The one that I've got shackled in my embraces.
No one else will come close to the attention that I will give to you.
No one.
I'll be your slave even though you're my submissive.
I'll make you breathe hard.
I'll make you moan.
I'll make you mine.
I'll worship you, oh goddess.
I'll worship you.
**- Aks, // Sins of the blood.
It was when I realized that I would never be able to intoxicate you with myself, that the glass broke.
When I found out that I would never be able to replace the toxics that you like flowing oh so lovingly down your gentle throat.
That I would never be able to addict you to the drugs that I claim to be, as that is not in my hands.
That I would never be able to explore your mouth, while soothingly dripping down from your lips while you let me play with your tongue.
That I would never be able to accomplish what a glass of ***** could.
Oh, how much do I ache to be that.
A weakness.
The one you visit in your need for courage.
In your times of sorrow and happiness.
A constant. A liability.
Something you just can't resist.
Someone to make your cold soul feel intimidated.
Because honey, wouldn't it be something to be the one to make your insides burn?
**- Aks, Naked Emotions
Dreams are beautiful things.
Memories of past's fights,
Hope of a future light,
For a tomorrow so bright.
Thus we must work together.
To save our imagination before it rots.
Go out flaunting our true colors
and achieving the dreams we all sought.
The fell deeds of men
can be forgotten, words can not.
For they are forever etched immortal.
That's the power of dreams and thoughts.
**- Aks & Vergil.
Just a random spontaneous collab from me & my friend, Surya.
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