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 Apr 2015 -
Juan Minaaaaaa
I like to look
out the window
and count how
many rooms stay
after midnight,
on a sunday night.
how many souls
despair & anxiety.
how many people
and execrate their
following morning shift.
how many people's
child keeps them
at night.
how many people
don't care...
it's 2 in the morning,
and it's
nice being me.
 Mar 2015 -
quiet confessions
 Mar 2015 -
It’s already midnight.* Go to sleep, dear.
   You have a brand new day ahead of you.
He’s already in his bed,
   dreaming of someone else.
Why are you still wide awake,
   quietly proclaiming your love for him?
The only person who can hear your confession
   is you, the lovestruck insomniac.
is it wrong for me to say that i don't actually have anyone in mind when i write poems like this?
 Jan 2015 -
 Jan 2015 -
a bullet would've hurt
a bit less than this loneliness
 Jun 2014 -
Path Humble
from the bed shared

I offer ask,
"would you like me to reheat yours?"

and she answers no hesitation

"no sweetheart, I'm good,"

not realizing she just
simple and easy,
through her sweet goodness,
reheated my love
for her
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