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Is it possible
To go back and stop the knife
Yell "*******" at death?
whoever said haiku's were pretty?
I am extraordinarily bad at staying friends with people I’ve seen naked
that’s why I’ve lost so many-- because I don’t **** strangers
i love ruining friendships :)
there was never a time I wasn’t faking it
sipping on lies like wine and always wanting more
I can’t remember not being thirsty

with liquor, my words run rampant
they slip from my tongue so easily and dance in the streets
they’re willing to burn down cities
they’re willing to cut throats
they’re willing to ruin anything good
another reason I stopped drinking-- I can’t keep feeding myself frenzies
i give up good, i give up so ******* good
today, I chose to unmake the memories
I untangled your hands from around my heart and set it back into my chest
this looks like forgetting but it’s not
it’s more than that
it’s erasing the lines of warmth I’ve penciled in over the hurt
I’ve stopped pouring sugar over the unsatisfaction
and started remembering us correctly
you see, I cannot recall myself stronger, less of a coward
when I was unwilling to rock a sinking boat
I must erase the imagined version of us where you knew exactly what I wanted
because I told you
the truth is, you cannot iron out the heartache without ruining the lies
it is impossible to handpick only the good memories
you cannot invent a fullness where there was something empty
today, I chose to see the truth
to see all of our failures and shortcomings unredacted
and come out unscathed despite it
there was always going to be something greater than my want
just look at us
i begged my hands and knees ******
still the universe said: don't
so here we aren't
some cosmic being is laughing at me
sometimes I forget we come from similar pain
that we both died a bit one day in April
I forget that my wounds are your wounds
it's the love only a mother could have
one that breaks hearts in unison
poetry challenge: write a 5 line poem to the last person you texted. sometimes i forget my mom understands me so well
you think you know me
let me cut myself open
and prove that you don't
Did we make it home
After years of wandering?
Can we see the lights?
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