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Feb 2020 · 160
The comeback
Tolani Akinola Feb 2020
bin trying to come back,
Pressing to get through some setbacks
Searching for the real hit-back
Couldn't really detect the main lack..
It's been a while off, and coming back has been kinda tough.
Nov 2018 · 281
Tolani Akinola Nov 2018
No man can  liberate you without your help...
You've got to decide to take the step...
Nov 2018 · 259
No as a proposal
Tolani Akinola Nov 2018
A NO is nothing but a proposal
And considering it is always at your disposal
You either make it mar you
Or you mar it to make you.
Oct 2018 · 856
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
His actions is not of pride...
He only grew up...
His indifference doesn't mean he's gratified...
He's just on course to step up...

Desist from telling strories...
That you've been greatest of buddies...
Yes, You lived together as kiddies...
But now, he's gotten some weighty duties...

It's not because he's proud...
He's just got some stuff to plough...
Never take that as a disdain...
You'll be left with nothing to gain..

He stopped answering your calls...
Work on yourself to be called...
He's already on a moving train...
Don't remain there in the rain...
Your effort may not get you to the rail...
****** yourself forward and make a trail...

He hasn't become your enemy...
He's instead a remedy...
That should get you ready..
And make your feet become steady...
We at times see old friends as being proud without considering what they are passing through, when in actual sense even we would have acted the same way given a similar situation.
Oct 2018 · 165
When she said NO
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
Thinking about last night..
I was greatly filled with fright..
I couldn't get it right..
Cause the road was so tight..

You said the word "NO"..
A word I hate to know..
Its just two letters..
But causes fetus to wither..

I don't blame you a dime..
For everything, there's a time..
I did spoke from my heart..
I believe you did too on your part..

Though, tough to admit..
But your action is the best..
Though, I wouldn't permit it..
But all I want for us is the best..

Our hearts are not in agreement..
And Our souls with different discernment..
We can still be good friends..
And I hope it's gonna have a lasting trend.
Told her my feelings, but she waana be alone... Not wanting a relationship..
Oct 2018 · 2.7k
Think positive
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
Get to the positive lane..
Not just by keeping your mouth shut..
But by keeping your mind shut..
From stuff on the negative Lane..
Oct 2018 · 591
Are You In Love With Me?
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
Are you in love with me?
Or, you're just taking time to play with me.
Are you gonna stay with me?
Or, you've got just a while to be with me.
I'm afraid of my fears
And my heart is terribly scared
I can't wipe my tears
Please just tell me that I'm dear

My feelings are very true
Do not take me for a fool
Let's water what we planted
Please don't take me for granted
Oct 2018 · 263
Play it soft
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
Strike the chord
Make it soft
Sing the notes
And play to the tone

Pull the strings
Let it ring
Flow with the tempo
And increase the alto

Sound the bass
But without a bash
And read the lines
Between the clef

Play the track
Be it rap
could also be rock
But play it soft.
Oct 2018 · 663
Maths and Poetry
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
I love my maths...
And I do my poetry...
Inborn is the art...
Reborn is the goemetry...

When my lines are void of profection
I get to balance the equation
What a joy I get in providing solution
With my rhythm and its variations

My love for art is to infinity
Playing around with numbers is divinity
And when I get confused in the mapping
I resolve back to my writings.
Proudly mathematician....proudly poet!!!
Who else is with me?
Oct 2018 · 227
Not a Poem
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
It's not a poem,
It's more like a call for help,
In my mind pops up a caption,
And it's gonna be our subject of discussion.
Everyone is free with his/her perception,
So, share with us and help answering the questions..

∆ what is your definition of relationship? (Relationship in general, be it marriage, friendship and so on)

∆ should young adults enter into dating relationship from tender age? (Dating now) Why?
We live in a world where everything changes fast, and many people has become victims of circumstances. Some due to ignorance and some, misconception.
One of the most commonest heartbreak comes from broken relationships. Because many got into it expecting what a relationship can't give them...
Let's discuss what relationship means, its benefits and harms that are likely to come from it when not properly managed.
Oct 2018 · 277
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
A man's life becomes miserable...
And his goals unachievable...
Irrespective of his gender...
When he has no agenda...

Just as the prodigal son...
He toils wearily under the sun...
Hoping for a better tomorrow...
But got deeper into sorrow...

He got his misery aggravated..
And soars deeply into debt...
His poverty got appreciated...
And he found his way into theft...

His soul is pierced to stupor...
Greatly in need of a saviour...
To build around him a golden armor...
That will outshine his errors and terror...

How can his soul be saved?...
How can the reality of his goals be made?...
Get him up now from his slumber...
And show him the need for an agenda...
One may not be progressive when there are no objectives...

Oct 2018 · 106
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
When the connection in a relationship is broken..
There ceases to be sparkles..
Even if the most soothing words are being spoken..
It'll never go round the circuit..
Till both hearts are being mended..
The journey will seem to have ended..
A break in any relationship whatsoever is a dent to the strength of such relationship....

Oct 2018 · 90
A heartfelt goodbye
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
Our love has grown cold
The feeling has grown old
I'm sorry cannot remould
Cos there's no more will to uphold

It's gonna take another lifetime
To bring back the old good times
Distressful it is this very time
We'll get over the feeling with time

It is so painful
We had to be apart
But I'm still grateful
A lot we did impart

This is not just a bye-bye
But a heartfelt goodbye
I wouldn't attempt to stop by
Even if there'll be a pass by

You've been one of the best
But then came the pest
Sadly we couldn't face the test
Our love got laid to rest

But you should never forget
We were without a regret
Never get crowned with the beret
That'll you'll then live to regret..
Sep 2018 · 111
Wax stronger
Tolani Akinola Sep 2018
Wax stronger
and get hold of ya goal
You'll become lighter
and care less of the cold

Yesterday is past
So today we gat to be fast
Not because of the crash
Nor of its splash
But of the picture
Of the brighter future
Tolani Akinola Sep 2018
Go to school and get good grades...
Then you'll get a well paid job...
This is as good as an ancient tale..
That's no more valid in our age...
Schools this days will get you grades...
But teaches you not how to grade...
It teaches you to find a job...
But we need to start creating jobs...
Of what value is a grade...
That lacks the know how to trade?...
In every field of play...
There will always be life's own gale...
So we must learn to run the scales...
Sep 2018 · 91
The Mental Graveyard
Tolani Akinola Sep 2018
The richest place in the world
Is said to be the graveyard.
A richer but dreadful tomb,
Is the mental graveyard.
Where a man buries
His own ideas,
Stream of thoughts
And purpose of existence
While he's still alive
All because he's passive.
Sep 2018 · 211
Tolani Akinola Sep 2018
The journey of a thousand miles
May not begin with a single step
But in some arduous times
May kick start with a baby-step
A single step taken
Can cause a great leap forward
But babies are careful
And cautious in taking steps forward

Rather than being too fast and furious
It can be quite slow and steady
Its not lucrative being too worried and curious
There may be a breakdown for being too speedy
And a total loss when it should be ready...
Tolani Akinola Sep 2018
Success is not found in climbing a tower...
For it is not a measurement of power..
It is neither found in the length of one's tent...
For it is not the definition of ones strength...

If you've gotten as much as a little power...
You've got to have people empowered...
If you're blessed with so a little strength...
It is meant to get others strengthened...

Your success is not in your wealth...
But in how many souls you have blessed...
You're not there yet with your riches...
Till we've counted the lives you have reached...

You may have great goals and achievement...
Reach out to the man across your pavement...
You live a life of affluence...
It's cool, but what are your influences?

You may not give him a huge Money...
But help him have a better morning...
He may not even need your gold...
But needs you to make him bold...

Don't wait till you're on the Forbes list....
You can help with even the least...
You don't need to be on the highway...
Your time can go a very long way...

— The End —