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steph Apr 2019
can i just say
karma is gonna **** you

how do you live with yourself
i almost feel sorry for you
for what will inevitably come

it’s the ones like you
who take longer to get over
isn’t it exhausting
to throw people around
like they’re nothing

what the hell happened to you
what makes you do what you do
do yourself a favor
confront your own trauma

try and feel something for once
i deserve better
thinking about you
makes me sick
steph Apr 2019
in your dark room
on your fish pillow
i dwell on your touch
i feel it everywhere

being quiet so no one hears
we weren't supposed to be
doing what we were

you didn't leave any trace
but i wish you had

what was i to you?
you don't even realize
i never learn

and to make it worse
i’d do it again

you say you don’t remember
and it hurts
because i won’t ever forget
i guess that’s what i get

what made you choose me?
i wanna know but
i can't bring myself to ask

when i see you next
i don't know how i'll feel
would you do it again?

— The End —