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In a distant future not so long ago, it was a dark winter morning as the sun shined brightly in the sky. A man sat on a park bench as he stood among the chaos of people surrounding him. He peeked at his watch staring it like a wall facing a statue. He seemed to have all the time in the world yet he was running out the clock. Far away a bird shrieked a soft cry of joy. The moment his ears caught the sound, gently in a flash his mind came out from imprisoned memories that roamed freely in his subconscious. Is it too late? Am I doing it too soon? He simultaneously battled with the truce he reached with his choices separately.

On the other side of the city within the same vicinity she laid on her bed as she sipped her coffee on the couch. Tears had made a futile escape as they triumphantly ran down her cheeks. A soft breeze charged from the window bringing in green autumn leaves. The room had dim lighting from a single bulb that shined brightly on the ceiling. It gave an ambiance of calamitous exuberance. There she was; coffee cup in hand staring at the painting on the wall rich with myriad of vibrant colors as dark as the heart of a pitch-black night. It seems like the right path?  Isn’t it the wrong way? She separately battled with the truce she made with her choices simultaneously.
Akhiz Munawar Jan 28
Let’s waste paper
Probing the debris in our hearts
Let’s collect those sheets engraved with fears
Pages on which we inscribed doubts
Those chapters authored on failure
Notes exchanged on despair
Finding paragraphs which held great chasms
Between blind faith and flickering belief
Lucid Fables written on evenings
When that lazy sun tries one last time
to woo the sky
Let’s make a stockpile… I will bring the flame
Let’s waste paper
Akhiz Munawar Jul 2020
The phrase might go like this
Between those flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder
It all became evident
So, he showed an axe to his hair and tossed them in flames
Flames of every bridge he just burned
Thus, allowing rationality to rendezvous with his mind and soul
It’s a reciprocal arrangement nurturing a moral endeavor
One that nullifies willful blindness with concrete truth
Restraining all those peculiar idiosyncrasies of the heart
Flatlining prospects of getting lost in the familiar
A newfound resolve to honor the obvious
No more niceties of showing a candle to the sun
* Got a Haircut after 6 months… just wanted to give it some meaning.
Akhiz Munawar Jul 2020
What is Hope?
is it the absence of dark from our nights
or the reality of shade in our days

The stimulus that makes us let go
granting access to unwavering joy
truth setting you free

Grief can alter soul’s equilibrium
yet we don’t die when loved ones depart
as hope assures a reunion in heaven

Dreams embrace an early death
if not sprinkled with a dash of hope
confronting them head on

When doubt resonates its tune
lurking in that corridor of uncertainty
a grain of faith can move mountains

Life is suffering, it’s also beautiful
So key to happiness lies in something to do,
someone to love, something to hope for

by Akhiz Munawar
Akhiz Munawar Jun 2020
It has come to pass as a result of this predicament
I speak, as my lips are rebels
Those fears, goals, concerns and dreams
Their presence you demand with no sign of empathy
They are off the table
So go on, make yourself elusive
That upgrade you always wanted to have
Whether its a king, queen, bishop or a pawn
No one ever escaped the tyranny you draw
So sleep what will it be?
A Truce! it’s just you and me.
Surely you will have something to say
You know I can just counter this and…
Akhiz Munawar Jun 2020
If I may
Open up my heart to you
Send you a blessing
A silent prayer
Aiming straight towards you
Wishing that it gives you peace
A little hope
So that it reaches you till the ends of the earth
Engulfs you like sunlight on a rainy day
To you
staring the window of that old age home
staring the road on the way to work
staring the ceiling in that hospital bed
staring the grass beside that coffin
staring the door of that operation theater
staring those hands which just held a dying friend in war
staring that defibrillator as the nurse shouts
staring that report which came positive
staring those shoes as parents explain the divorce
staring the sky lying on the footpath trying to sleep
staring that ventilator behind that mirror
staring the ground as a knee presses down on your neck
You are not alone
Not all is lost
The darkness will pass
You are not alone

by Akhiz Munawar
Akhiz Munawar Mar 2019
Never fall in love with a poet
For he will immortalize you with his words
Of all the people that you will meet in your lifetime
Not one will look at you like he will
He will cherish every moment, treasure every smile of yours
That sparkle in your eyes, the color of your fingernails
The way you tuck hair behind that ear
Those moments when you don’t blink
He will use them as fuel to stop time
As he inscribes you down with every keystroke
Never fall in love with a poet
For he will paint you everyday
Carving your face with his words on that paper
You will live a thousand lives in those poems
Every rep with the weights
Each click
He will think of you
Never fall in love with a poet
Because if it all goes south for him
He will fight battles within himself
Plundering down those walls, retaliating
All those thoughts
All those roads
That say no to you
He will gaze upon you from afar
Like an artist’s smitten peek at a masterpiece
Like a flower which is admired but not touched
Never fall in love with a poet
Because through black of days, dark of night
Untimely winters, those faceless springs
He will constrain his heart
So that divine happiness may find you
As he becomes a scavenger
A vagabond in the valley of words
Hunting solace in art.
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