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loneliness is real
don't doubt it for a moment
it can make you motionless
you can't get out of your own head
everything is frozen in time
time is your enemy
an emptiness you can't fill

But, it can be filled

Wipe your eyes
tomorrow you'll
see the world differently

This is just for those who are seemingly lost in their loneliness.  May you find your way out of it. God Bless
Find hope through God
You are my lucky charm,
Make me feel warm,
Keep me away from any harm.
Let's catch up in the farm.
Was it true anything you said?
Or that mess was all about
Getting back at your ex?
(Re)Placing me in your bed
And then shutting me out
In a meaningless night of ***
More lines about Claire...
  Apr 29 Akanksha Raizada
Sometimes I think of the way you looked at me
With that smile on your face
And sometimes I feel special
But then I see you look at other girls the same way
And realise I’m not
I’m not special to you
I don’t think I ever will be
Want a new start
Need to fix a lot
Every job have a time
which needs to finish before deadline
Nothing is forever
Everyone who comes will lost somewhere
It have been almost 3 years when i lost something really precious
Trying to avoid this feeling and proving that i am strong..
Fighting with my own soul
But this is not going to fill the pain
Some loss can never be regain.
  Mar 24 Akanksha Raizada
Not all depressed cut,
Not all sad shed tears,
Not all strong fight,
Not all monsters roar,
Not all young are innocent.
Some just work harder to maintain a mask.
We are here,
And you have reason to fear,
We are the best liars,
We can manipulate the greatest con artist without batting an eyelash.
Watch out we are coming.
This is a dark and serious p poem but that didn't change the fact that In was tempted to put "and we're *****" instead of " And you have reason to fear" ****
I am so confused
that i can't decide what is wrong or right
So confused, can't even listen to my instinct
Every action have a reaction
I am not prepared this time for any reaction
I am just doing things
I don't even know the consequences
Some decisions are Life changing
Ending everything with you is one of them
I don't know how i will handle myself

But the trust you have on me that i can tackle any situation boosting my confidence

I can't hate you, even i can't love you
I am just shattered
Even i can't love me
I don't know anything
I don't even know what i had written in this poem.. even it's not a poem....

I am feeling like writing all my thoughts feelings on a never ending piece of paper..
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