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Blurt out the truth
Left out of the crowd

Politically incorrect
Amend you must

The truth people speak to have each other’s back
And what they speak behind the back

Doesn’t the conscience get hurt
Or, that’s the only truth it knows

A manicured lie chips away
The spirit of truth cleanses the way
Truth knows no bounds, it is bond free
Just an expression of some thoughts!
 Apr 2019 ajit peter
Maria Etre
 Apr 2019 ajit peter
Maria Etre
The acidic aftertaste of *****
scratches its way
down my throat
every time
with every beat
of a broken
 Apr 2019 ajit peter
 Apr 2019 ajit peter
you loved me even at my darkest
but some people are only meant to stay
until dawn

 Apr 2018 ajit peter
Valsa George
In my garden
A climber grows
From the trellised platform
It strays its way
Trespassing into others territory
Annoying the plants
Growing close

Its emerald leaves
Of bright glossy sheen
With serrated edge
And prominent veins
Trembling and timorous
When whipped by the wind
Is a real delight to view!

Close to monsoon
It is in flower
The heavy clusters
Droop down in weight
A medley of white, pink and red
Languidly swaying in the breeze
Giving off a faint aroma

Early morning I see them
Tear stained
I wonder what makes them cry
Do they lament their transient fate?
Or are they sad,
Molested by amorous bees?
Recently we got a few showers of summer rain and my climber is  in full bloom ! The aroma wafted through the night wind is exotic!
one small thing may be enough

each day comes layered

some pain persists



with some interventions

have you heard about the brigands?
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