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  Feb 19 Aisha
Sonia Ettyang
Gazing up the infinite sky
I see stars dancing in brilliant light
I see faces in the moon
It's a magical phenomena
Exploding like supernovas
It's a celestial ecstasy we rise again and again
Our souls are filled with joy
Our hearts with love
For a wild cosmic ride with our hearts open
Feel the bliss as we illuminate across the universe
Shine on, it's a limitless splendour
©Sonia Ettyang
We are the universe expressing itself in a human form for a little while
Aisha Nov 2018
Everyday we wake up to a facade of reality.

We forget that beyond the ceiling we wake up to, exists an extension of the universe which truly houses us:

A fragment of the spectrum of the universe populated with metallic hues and celestial bodies.

Beyond human comprehension, the perfectness of the path which planets orbit, the night is prevented from outsweeping the day, and the day from outsweeping the night.

A beautiful infusion of colours glitters an expanse of black, humans - humans are only a small component of the intricate universe created in a most perfect divinity.

When we look into the sky, we unfold for ourselves the need to nurture nature and live beyond the materialism that we manifest in this small, temporary world.

We share an affinity with the infinity.
When the position of the Earth's axis changes, so does the position of our bodies. When the Sun ceases to exist, so will we. I believe that humans are an extension of the universe. There is an energy which resonates within all bodies in the universe. The energy that you give, you receive because of this inter connectivity. The concept is difficult to fathom but I believe the key is to always project positivity into the universe and watch it work in your favour :)
  Nov 2018 Aisha
Sk Abdul Aziz
Some people are so poor that the only thing they possess is money.
  Oct 2018 Aisha
Have you ever seen a sunflower reaching out to the sun, following him wherever he goes?

Or an evening water lily shying away and blushing under her lovely pink at all times when the sun is in the sky?

Have you ever seen a dandelion break herself into countless little pieces and fly away to places unbeknownst, just to make herself full again?

Have you ever seen a rose, apprehensive of what might destroy him, guarding himself with numerous thorns, yet so beautiful that you can’t help but ignore his thorns?

Have you ever seen daisies growing through the cracks in the sidewalk, reminding you to look for beauty even when you can’t?

Have you ever seen flowers? Then you have seen love; for flowers are nothing, but love.
"Flowers are love's truest language"
– Søren Kierkegaard

© Semicolon
Aisha Sep 2018
The orange and pink congregate with graceful gestures;

their veins are embossed along the surface of the double-ended raindrop figure;

they are ornaments of the sky.

Their homes welcome those who sit beneath it in the morning light;

with serenity;

and are happy bearers of a tiny breeze.

I am in awe of the Autumn leaves, little ornaments decorated against the baby blue sky.
encapsulates a figment of Autumn.
  Sep 2018 Aisha
you are the river.
you're not the dirt that washes through it.
you're not the animal that drinks from the shore.
you're not the leaves that float in the current.
you're not the heat that dries the bed.
you're not the pollution that floods the stream.
you're not the frost that freezes the waves.
you're not the rain that floods the banks.
you're not what passes through you, harms you, oppresses you.
you are the river.
  Sep 2018 Aisha
Chris Neilson
"There's only one way forward
and that is peace, there is no other way"
so said Nelson Mandela after 27 years in prison
the majority spent on an island
governed by a brutal apartheid regime
borne out of a hatred for another's skin colour
no one is born hating
it's learned through the teaching of bigotry and fear
Mandela was no angel
he wasn't immune to human weakness
forfeiting his first marriage
for a struggle for equal rights
turning to violence when all else failed
his long lonely walk to freedom
began with that life imprisonment
after escaping a death sentence
a journey which ended in forgiveness
for the minority who ruled by oppression
and demonstrating that a new South Africa could be taught to love
as love comes more naturally
to the human heart
whatever the colour of their skin
Mandela was born just over 100 years ago and his life and legacy remains hugely significant.
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