Aishah 1d

I was sitting on my bed
clutching fists on my chest

it hurts!
make it stop

I was clawing at my skin
hoping I could dig
deep enough to reach
my aching heart
and stop this beating organ
of mine from misery

Yesterday's mood
Aishah 6d

I was a little girl
that was told
never to get too close
to the ocean

You are the blue waves
I fell in love with
You are so blue
I forgot the red colour
in my veins
when I touched you

I was a little girl
You are the ocean waves
I was supposed to be
afraid of you
but I let you sweep over me

I used this as a metaphor to explain that I would do things I wasn't supposed to do. Even if I can't be in the ocean, I'd still want to be near the edge of the water.
Aishah Nov 12

I curled up
into a ball of mess
to avoid
an even bigger
ball of mess
you and everyone else
called love

A habit after a heartbreak
Aishah Nov 2

I gave you space for you to grow
for you to build a garden and bloom the way
you always do

I gave you space for you to recognise
your own worth so you could recognise the love
I have for you

I didn't give you space for you to blindly fill in with
whichever hand you could grope first
to your own convenient

I didn't give you space for you to make space
for somebody else even though you know that
somebody else isn't me

I gave you space for you to learn that this throne existed
with enough room just for the two of us for I am your

I am giving you space because I know you needed it
  Nov 1 Aishah

You left love notes
Written along my ribcage
You said the spaces
Made perfect lines for poetry
My skin still remembers
Even after I washed you off

Aishah Oct 31

I am not
to do
for you
just because
you wished
and you wanted
me to do it
for you

Lips in motion
Form a potion
Of commotion
And syllables distressed

Tears in motion
Form an ocean
Of emotion
That I can't express

With an amorous notion,
Our hands are woven.
I am chosen;
And my heart is caressed

You are my sun
In the Arctic tundra.
In your arms,
My fears digress

you are the salt to the snow that sent shivers down my spine.
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