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aisha Apr 30
your brain may remember

but don't let your heart
be the cage that keeps
it in

let it go
aisha Dec 2020
I am like Icarus

even when my wax
is melting
and I am falling
to my death

I still want
to fall in love
Icarus knew
aisha Aug 2020
I am only
as good as
my flirtatious remarks

beyond that
I am
aisha Jun 2020
you don’t give yourself
to someone you just knew
without having
a safety net
for you to fall back on
when the other person
let you go

when it’s quite clear
that they might let you go.
always have a safety net
aisha Dec 2019
all these while, I created opportunities for you

but you've already settled down
am I disappointed?
aisha Nov 2019
you asked me why
I like you even when you're drunk
and I said,
"because when you're drunk
you're a little bit clingy
and I'm a little bit in love"
to Ben
for when you stumbled upon the stairs with rosy cheeks and dreamy eyes into my arms
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