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aisha Aug 28
I am only
as good as
my flirtatious remarks

beyond that
I am
aisha Jun 16
you don’t give yourself
to someone you just knew
without having
a safety net
for you to fall back on
when the other person
let you go

when it’s quite clear
that they might let you go.
always have a safety net
aisha Dec 2019
all these while, I created opportunities for you

but you've already settled down
am I disappointed?
aisha Nov 2019
you asked me why
I like you even when you're drunk
and I said,
"because when you're drunk
you're a little bit clingy
and I'm a little bit in love"
to Ben
for when you stumbled upon the stairs with rosy cheeks and dreamy eyes into my arms
aisha Sep 2019
they named her Isabel

when she was born
there was a thunderstorm
outside her hospital room
her mother looked into her eyes
and saw the abyss staring back at her

she tried to keep Isabel in her womb
long enough to pass the date but
she could not stand
the pain in her brain
flames that could not be tamed

Isabel was chained
under the stairs
an ascent of nightmares and broken prayers
insinuating despairs of soldiers and heartbreakers

Isabel was her mother's thirteenth child
born on the thirteenth day, a Friday
she had nothing, only broken mirrors
jagged sides that cut through her fingers
every time she picked them up to look at her reflections
she too saw the darkness in her irises

they called her by her other name
for when she walked her feet did not touch the floor
people believed in her but she was never adored
she locked herself in a wooden coffin
only coming out of her hiding to the knocking
of two

I saw Isabel that night
when I was on the verge of collapsing
she had a black cat in her arms
she was humming, swaying
to the flashes of the lightning

I said, 'Isabel, are you here to save me?
Are you here to be my saviour?'
she laughed

they named her Isabel
for she is the devil wearing pastel
with my soul in her fists, with a crooked smile
she whispered
'If I'm your salvation, welcome to hell'
13.09.2019 - Friday
aisha Aug 2019
all of the things you said
all of the things you did
no longer tug at my heart
or weighing it down

that was when I know
I have healed from all of your
bullet wounds
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