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Aishah Jan 6
it wasn't long
before I realised
you were the sun,
a riot of yellow

reflecting towards
my black and white

awakening the green meadow
from inside

I grew sunflowers
as a way of worshipping you
and thanking you

for bringing colours
into the darkest part
of me
he helps me grow in ways I didn't expect

a short letter to my lover, page five
  Jan 6 Aishah
Ines Rose
I toed the ocean’s green.

It took me to his face,

a match in colors,

his eyes and this water

both hypnotizing,

like a moth to a flame.

But the sand was coarse

unlike his smoothness,

coat after creamy coat of membrane thin

porous loveliness, to let him live and breathe.

It looked unreal -

him a doll,  and this sea

a painting -

‘twas all too much beauty

to encompass in one place,

one body.

That’s where balance storms in,

for the water she roars

she shouts and she tugs.

His eyes tug too, at my heart.

With matching habits

they pull and smash me

then carry me out till someone

cares to find me.
Another one from the archives.
I'll have to find the date.
  Jan 6 Aishah
The devil

he's a pair of
green eyes,

and a 2 AM text

message in the

Aishah Jan 5
me and him
we collect memories
and love for each other
like the night sky
collect the stars

we collect memories
to form our own
of eternity
a short letter to my lover, page four
Aishah Jan 5
an escape
an exit
and I wouldn't have it any other way

a short letter to my lover, page three
Aishah Jan 4
butterflies can't see their wings
they can't see how
thin lines, bolded curves, vibrant colours
could come together
to create their perfect self.
they can't see their own beauty
but the rest of the world can

you see me and you see
the thin lines on my skin
the bolded curves of my stomach
the vibrant colours in my heart
all the things I couldn't see perfectly
come together to create
my perfect self for you

you love me
and I love you
for I am your butterfly
and you are my world
he calls me his rama rama

a short letter to my lover, page two
Aishah Jan 3
I found myself
trying to do better
trying to be better
for your sake
for the sake of us
and I think
it's powerful

-that you managed to make me feel that way
a short letter to my lover, page one
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