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Aira Molit May 2016
Aira Molit Mar 2016
I never felt the Cold,
when your hands are in my body to roam.
I never felt lost again,
when your lips, touches my lips.
I never felt hurt,
when my body is in yours.
But now,
I am lost in someone's arm.
I am hurt every seconds of my life.
now I feel cold and lost,
cause you left me alone, forever.
Aira Molit Sep 2015
My Night was dark.
All i can see is You and Me,
dancing under the Palm Three.
Thinking about You and I are meant to be.
But a bright light came,
And a voice said
"Here you are Dreaming again!"
When will I be dreaming about you again.
Aira Molit Sep 2015
I told you i love you,
but you just said thank you.
I told you Im inlove with you,
you just said I know it too.
Now that i learn to forget about you,
The words " I love you" was not you.
Hindi ako si superman,
Hindi ako si batman
O si spiderman.
Hindi ako pinagkalooban ng kapangyarihan.
Hindi ako super hero na kaya kang iligtas sa oras ng kapahamakan.
Pero kung ako'y iyong kailangan,
Ika'y aking tutulungan
Hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan.
Special thanks to aira molit sa pagbigay ng titulo nito !!! Hahaha

— The End —