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 40m Autumn
Stop this, please!
I can't keep falling for you,
You're the poison apple that tastes too good to be bad for me.
please leave me like the rest,
I'm not used to people staying this long
Mom, I can feel your pain
but I could not stop your tears;
They were falling down
like the monsoon rain!

Mom, I am so sorry!
I couldn't stay with you longer,
even I couldn't make you smile
I will be back to you again!

Every time you smile at me
and let me come to my work,
but this time your broken heart
wishes for 'Good Luck'!

I felt, I shouldn't leave you alone,
but I could not, now we're apart!
I know you are hurt,
but you wouldn't let me know that
over the phone!

Mom, I promise you-
I will pay for your weeps
I will make you happy soon
and bring the silver moon
for you to make you smile again!
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 1h Autumn
I'm falling more each day, wishing I would stop.
I know love comes with battles,
That leaves scars Instead of kisses.
I grow up dreading love knowing how it can break someone.
I never want to heart fall in love because that turns into hate.
Should I put back up my walls before it's too late?
 3h Autumn
the cold seeps into my bones
like tea in a cup of hot water

and like the hot tea
it burns me within
with its touch

i hate it

and as i sit on a warm bus
peering out the window
thinking of you

my hatred only grows
I hate winter
 3h Autumn
Hands try to move without no stimuli,
they fall down.

He tries to smile in the worst circumstances,
he is a fool.

They try to euphemize what hurts,
they are scared.

Ones who write exaggerated emotions,
the people who read it feel the exact ones.

Honestly, criminally and brutally,
honesty is torn down.

Mindlessness peacefully takes over,
it is despised after the crowning.

While taking the chances,
I fall to the ground.

The plants grow in the soil,
and return to it somehow.

The world is the truth,
the world is plenty with contradictions.

Is truth now only a contradiction?
Ah ha. Look at me trying to think like a real thinker.
 15h Autumn
 15h Autumn
Waves cleave the cliffs
The birds ride the wind
The night fills the soul
I cleave to you

The sand polishes the toes
***** tango in the sand
Stars perform ballet in the black
The fire sparks against the stillness

Waves cleave the cliffs
The birds ride the wind
The night fills the soul
I cleave to you
another product of my English class
 15h Autumn
The lovers entire life
could be seen
inside the tiniest
of the bonsai
so much so
that the loss
created a void
in the middle
of the trees trunk
that could only
be ascribed as
the heart of the artist.
 16h Autumn
Patter on down friend!
Leave no patch unclaimed.

Patter down friend!
Anew this ground.

Patter down!
Join the swell.
 16h Autumn
 16h Autumn
he set fire to the world around him,
but never let a flame touch her.
 16h Autumn
i believed in seeing candles
i paused to hear your breathing
flames that faint and flicker that way
don’t have the heart to burn through ceilings
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