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The sea reflects a silver trail
To that vast starry envelope
An unrequited yearning
Ainsley 1d
A pure soul by heart
Who stayed by me no matter what
She made me smile
When he left me cry
Lover of ice creams
Her head aches because of garlic tea with cinamons
Always had that winky smile the widest
Hope this break
Heals your scars
Just like how you healed mine :)
Will never forget the conversations we had
The memories we made
Waiting for your return
Will be here
Waiting for you till then
To One and only silly stone...a great friend of mine...
Take care
Ainsley 2d
Maybe she was too
Late to find
None around her were meant
To stay with her till the end
And that was why she got buried in loneliness
Loneliness is the greatest enemy so hard to BATTLE with
Ainsley 2d
You broke her heart into pieces
Crushed his broken bits out into powders
For you a flame red lipstick is exquisite
The one with an ice cream stick is innocent
You are always busy labelling people
With what you see rather than who they are
You are too quick in calling a victim a criminal
Too quick in believing a criminal an innocent
You don't care about their feelings
All you need is the content for your gossips
You judge by appearance
But never really cared about the broken heart locked up in a fence
Oh dear society, you are too quick to judge
Oh dear society please do change
With love,
A girl who is happy to stand away from this judging society m
Ainsley 4d
I wish i could turn into
The 5yr old me
Where friends would be the ones
Who'd play with me
Not the secret books or partners in crime
Where i would sit under the nightsky
And wrong spell betrayal
Than crying under nightsky because of it
Where love would end up
In sharing chocolates
Not broken hearts
Where tears were spilt for candies and wounds
Not scars deep cut
Where pillows would be night warmers
Than tear holders
I still wish i could turn into a 5yr old carefree life
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