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Ailin Apr 2014
never hearing the applause
or the symphonies he orchestrated
amputating the legs of his piano
to feel the vibrations on the floor
only to get down on his knees
for music
Shane Koyzan's Beethoven, youtube it. You will not be disappointed.
Ailin Apr 2014
When you ask for a second,
You take forever,
Does that mean when you say, "forever," you mean only a second?
Because to me you're worth a dollar,
And I'll ask for you like a beggar,
To me you're not priceless, instead, you're what I need,

And when you ask for glue to help fix that broken heart,
You forget that glue is meant for sticking things together, not fixing,
And glass hearts can be recycled, silly,

Although we are reminded that the world is ugly everyday,
You forget that the beauty is inside--,
Look again,

So please, stop reciting the dictionary of self flattery and profanity,
Eventually you'll repeat what you learned to those around you,

Because while we all have been chasing our dreams,
When we find them again
Is when we are least expecting,
When we are asleep

— The End —