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Impulse May 25
I wish that I could love you like I used to.
I wish I could go back to the time
where we laughed together
and every smile was genuine.
I wish that you weren’t a fool and that I wasn’t a fool and that neither one of us got hurt in the end of this all
but here I am
and there you are.
Some things are meant to change.
Impulse May 25
You put on the most extravagant show to lure me into your trap,
all of your troops focused on tearing me down.
I feel your resentment towards me over the fact that you are no longer my priority.
You seem to hold this anger so close to your heart that it has rotted.
You build me up and pretend to care, the chemistry undeniable,
but it is nothing but a glamorous charade put on to trick me
and hurt me with a force unknown to me.
Is this love?
Is this hate?
or is this
Impulse Apr 21
Do you really crave my silky skin?
Do you truly long for my caramel chest,
Or are you just trying to fill the cavity in yours?
Impulse Mar 28
I lose against one person time and time again.
Everytime we stumble face to face, I quickly throw on a tattered smile and throw away any sense of pride I previously wore.
Laughs become routine,
natural but cautious,
Forced and relentless,
As I fear that I’ll fail once more against you.
If I were to lose to you,
I would lose myself.
But worse, if I were to lose,
I would lose you.
Impulse Mar 22
Pull over the car,
There are daisies on the side of the highway, leaning beautifully over the glass.
Oil glistens on the cement, catching all of the different vibrant colors that the light can make.
The glow from the sun is so pure and so warm.
Nature can only nurture innocent beings,
Hence why she is called Mother.
Her baby birds weep a song of melancholy over my scene, but they can’t chime loud enough to drown out the sound of the passing cars.
My deep red and brown stains mark the dives and cracks in the road, only until the gentle rain washes it away and reveals a new surface.
You see a burn mark on a tree and wonder what it is from; curiosity is no longer stronger than comfort.
Please come out.
Outside of your car door, there is a whole other world
A world Mother created that I was too young to explore
A world made that I’ll never have the chance to explore.
Now I’m with her, deep under the glass.
Explore the world and it’s vast wonders; care for it, nurture it
Because one day you’ll be down here with me and Mother
Impulse Apr 3
Words spill deliciously, brimming with well-intentioned mistakes and suicidal laughter.
Lick them up like ice cream dripping down your chin, sugary sweet and oh so fake.
Particular parasitic phrases clinging to my skin that you thought of so quickly.
Take my flesh; ravish it with your sharp canines and torn nails.
Play me like your guitar, musically manipulate my mourning heart and make me feel you in between my legs because I feel nothing in my heart.
Get out your anger to morph my brain because anything you make me think is so much better than this.
Need some recommendations for improvement on this one. I try new styles on every poem, this style is tricky.
Impulse May 3
We used to be glued together
But it seems the glue was too weak.
Impulse Apr 11
I’ll take an eye for an eye
So that you at least have one to keep open at night.
Impulse Apr 27
Hello, Home. My old friend.
I never wanted to see you again,
But in the back of mind
There’s a place and time
That belongs solely to you.
Impulse Mar 25
It seems that when you’re with me that your castle crumbles a bit,
Your frayed facade draws back hesitantly.
I often ask if you’re okay when you have your pretend skin on
Mainly because that happy, watery smile is a telltale sign that you are anything but.
You lie to me to reassure me that I’m wrong but you confirm my suspicions with your hitched breath and double takes.
I cry
and I laugh
Because it’s funny how sad it is.
Please recommend ways to better this one. I’m perfecting another piece but this one felt so unreachable. I’m not sure I can save it, but I’ll dare to try.
Impulse May 11
Watching other people think
That I belong to them.
Impulse Apr 1
I break my neck just to watch you
Stab me in the back.
Impulse May 16
The hand in my pocket is holding together a broken heart.
My glued together grin is because I’m scared I’ll fall apart.
Tears fall right down to my feet because I feel you getting far.
My eyes are bright like the sun because you’re a shining brilliant star.

— The End —