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Impulse Jul 10
I couldn’t give you a the solution; I don’t know if suicide is the answer
Because, unlike you, I’m just ******* impatient.
I can purchase some release that’s awfully cheap
Why don’t you take my blood as your payment?
Impulse Jun 19
You casually tell me that I was just your puppet
but you don’t see the strings coming from your back.
Impulse May 25
You put on the most extravagant show to lure me into your trap,
all of your troops focused on tearing me down.
I feel your resentment towards me over the fact that you are no longer my priority.
You seem to hold this anger so close to your heart that it has rotted.
You build me up and pretend to care, the chemistry undeniable,
but it is nothing but a glamorous charade put on to trick me
and hurt me with a force unknown to me.
Is this love?
Is this hate?
or is this
Impulse May 25
I wish that I could love you like I used to.
I wish I could go back to the time
where we laughed together
and every smile was genuine.
I wish that you weren’t a fool and that I wasn’t a fool and that neither one of us got hurt in the end of this all
but here I am
and there you are.
Some things are meant to change.
Impulse May 16
The hand in my pocket is holding together a broken heart.
My glued together grin is because I’m scared I’ll fall apart.
Tears fall right down to my feet because I feel you getting far.
My eyes are bright like the sun because you’re a shining brilliant star.
Impulse May 11
Watching other people think
That I belong to them.
Impulse May 3
We used to be glued together
But it seems the glue was too weak.
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