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11.2k · Apr 2013
Lover Taken For Granted
Agnis Lynota Apr 2013
Breathe in*, *now breathe out.
Just like breathing, you're so trivial,
You're so belittled,
Yet you're a vital aspect of my existence.
9.4k · Jun 2013
Seductive Destruction
Agnis Lynota Jun 2013
You were like heaven and hell
So peaceful, yet so sinful
When you ran your lips through my hips
You were like day and night
So bright, yet so dark
When I starred into your captivating green eyes
You were like fire and ice
So hott, yet so chilling
When you made love to me
You were like the sky and the ground
So high up, yet so *****
When you kissed my neck
You were like karma and prayer
Bound to happen, yet so awaited
3.4k · Apr 2014
I'm Sorry For Loving You
Agnis Lynota Apr 2014
I'm sorry that I care
Way more than I should at this point
I'm sorry that when you're sad,
I'm sad
I'm sorry that when you're happy
Nothing can bring me down
I'm sorry that you have to deal
With someone who loves you too much

I tried not to,
I really did,
I just couldn't help myself
But isn't that how love is?
Effortless yet tiring?
2.9k · Mar 2013
Optimistic Pessimist
Agnis Lynota Mar 2013
In the silence of the night,
My thoughts scream nonsense
I can hear my heartbeat increasing
Because it scares me how just one head
can hold so much sorrow, chaos and wonder.
My heart is an optimist,
but my mind is one hell of a pessimist.
2.9k · Sep 2012
The Friendship of Poetry
Agnis Lynota Sep 2012
My throat is so sore from screaming in this sound proof room,
filled with terrors beyond comprehension, and my own doom.
Everyday I find myself screaming "HELP" until my lungs gives out,
due to the evil that renders my nightmares, except I don't wake and pout.
Instead I pinch myself in attempt to wake, but it seems as if I already am
Wether this pain is real or just a horrid dream I don't give a ****
I just want it to relinquish itself from my chaotic mind so I can be normal and fine
not just look to a worried friend and say "oh I'm fine", that common lie of mine.
I want to actually feel happy on the inside and feel worth the light of day
because I deserve more than this, I just don't know why life's treating me this way.
I'm tired of being that homeless man on the street begging for food and money
while being passed by people who think I need to help myself, doesn't that sound funny?
A bunch of people a day pass me up thinking I have the power to help myself
but yet their the ones who understand nothing more than their own wealth.
Though I may have the power to get myself out of this horror land that I'm in,
I am lost in this maze called life and with every turn I take I hope to win.
Yet, I'm still enclaved in my sorrows and no one cares to give me a hand
I should be used to it by now, it's been 18 years that I've been on this land.
But back when I was much younger, I was reluctant to accepting any help
until I fell hard, flat on my face, and everyone heard my sorrowful yelp.
Enough about then, I actually do have a positive ending to this story
because theres always been something that has showed me glory
and that one thing is what you are reading, my beautiful poetry.
Not only does it refrain from hurting me, but it heals my dignity.
Without these rhymes, I would not smile or know how to be
Oh poetry, it is you that I breathe for, and not at all for me.
2.8k · Oct 2012
Agnis Lynota Oct 2012
Another day at school, and I am the most pen clicking, pencil pushing, question asking, clueless, self conscious student in my class. Ok, focus….well I try to focus but I never know what the teachers mean when their teaching, and I never know what the priests are preaching, but I do know what I am thinking. And I pray to God that no one else knows the thoughts that linger in my mind. Because there is always a time, but not always a place. And I would do anything to feel the warm embrace of someone who has passed and who loved me. Ok, focus…well I try to focus and I can look at my book all i want but the only thing that goes in is the deep breathe that comes before a sigh. What will all of this school crap mean to me anyhow? Will it help me brush off the struggles on my shoulders, or will it just add more weight to weigh me down. Ok, focus…well I try to focus but instead I sit in class and nod at the teachers to make it seem like I'm paying attention, but what I'm actually doing is trying to shake the troubled thoughts out of my head so that when its my turn to read the passage, I can focus on whats in front of me and not whats behind me. I never knew who to be because I always cared about what everyone would see and if I was better than she or good enough for he and I always wondered when will I be free..When will I be free from the rivers that my tears have formed on my cheek? When will I stop trying to compete and feel complete? When will I get to feel the heat of a love that no one speaks of but everyone desires? When will I get out of this social fire that uses rumors and sadness to make everyone perspire? When will I be free from the mean looks that makes my heartbeat irregular like my temperature when I have fever. but it doesn't matter if I'm sick healthy or dying, because either way I'm gonna keep trying not to care. Ok, focus….how the **** do you expect me to focus when I'm you busy wondering how I look from over there, or if they can  see my despair. Do they know ever time I curse and swear? Do I need to fix my hair? Do they know that their words have the power to strip me bare? When will I get the **** over it and grow a pair? Okay, focus on the real question: where? Where do I go from here? Where do I get happiness? Where will this world lead me to after I'm out of these four walls of high school in less than a year? And every time my teacher calls on me to read I have to ask, where are we? and with a grin she always replies focus, Cali.
One of my spoken word poems
2.6k · Mar 2013
Cheer Up
Agnis Lynota Mar 2013
Dry your misty eyes love
and breathe in the clear air
Stop being so modest,
and make your teeth bare
Because this is what they want,
they desire to see you burn.
Don't give in to them,
because in time you will learn
That these troubles make for great seeds,
and you will grow much higher
than the always broken envious weeds.
2.5k · Oct 2012
Don't We All?
Agnis Lynota Oct 2012
I want to do what every teenager wants to do.
I want to run away to a different place and start anew
I want to look like an edited model on the cover of a magazine
I want to become a familiar face through the big screen
I want to be loved by everyone for just being me
I want to have everything I want without a fee
I want to go back and change  few things that I've done
I want to be sitting in a British coffee shop and find the one
I want to give a home to all of the homeless people everywhere
I want to give every child parents who will always be there
I want to have a contagious smile and a favorable personality
I want to look beautiful and have a clear complexion naturally
I want to have a beautiful singing voice that gives off chills
I want to experience an exciting life full of adventure and thrills
I want to be able to stand up for whats right without fear
I want to keep everyone that I love and care for near
I want to talk to my deceased grandmother and kiss her cheek
I want to drink as many beers as I want and not feel weak
I want to end all of the violence in the world by the blink of my eye
I want to forget the meaning and the word goodbye
I want to know all of these things as my own reality
I want to give everyone the opportunity to pursue their own fantasy.
2.4k · Oct 2012
Blinded by Society
Agnis Lynota Oct 2012
The eyes that are lucky enough to see this poem,
cherish your sight, because blindness is another's home
But there are more pros to being blind than cons
Our sight limits us to things like cells and ions,
but also things worth seeing like emotions and feelings
Sadly, most humans are made as judgmental beings.
which means we don't care to look at a person's personality
we just see what's on the outside and hope for congeniality.
Those who are blind cannot see us, but they can SEE us
because their sight of a person is simply a soul we cannot adjust.
They know when someone is worth being around by their voice
and they get to know wonderful people intellectually by choice.
Those who cannot see SEE so much better than we do
I wish I was blind, so I wouldn't have to be so blind too.
2.3k · Oct 2012
Agnis Lynota Oct 2012
I think of music as a message with a melody.
Every song that I listen to, I try to relate to the artist
because I know thats why they share their thoughts with us.
Once I put my headphones in, my musical journey begins.
The sound waves travel through my ears to and up my head,
and some songs even make their way into my heart and soul.
Whether it be Kid Cudi, City and Colour, Of Monsters and Men or others
I connect with them through the duration of their song, and I feel close to them.
Sometimes I think they're singing about the things that I have told them
because their lyrics reflect my life and thoughts that others are a stranger to.
I can change the music with my mood, or I can change my mood with the music.
When I'm sad I can either play a song that compliments my sadness,
or I can play an upbeat song that will make my frown do a 180.
If someone ask me if I enjoy listening to music I would reply with no.
because I can only feel music, and I enjoy that so very much.
2.0k · Nov 2012
Growing and Shrinking
Agnis Lynota Nov 2012
Growing up, I've watched everything around me shrink.
My imagination, my hopes and my dreams can now fit in the palm of my hand.
Where as before, they overflowed the universe.
I've witnessed fights within my family that caused me to never see them again.
and I've witnessed deaths among people I thought I couldn't breath without,
both of these things resulted in my family shrinking..
Some of the same unacknowledged strangers that I pass by everyday
are the same people who I knew more than I knew myself.
Lies, gossip, and nothing are all causes of friendships to shrink.
I cared so much for everything and everyone around me.
but after being hurt, lied to, and hated, my care only shrunk.
I used to be healthy and my breathing was fine,
but now, I drink/smoke and the seconds in between each breath is shrinking.
I had so much innocence, and so much to smile about,
but now my innocence and the reasons are almost microscopic.
My anticipation for everything is now shrinking,
because I now hate change due to personal experiences.
It seems as if all of my toys shrunk, and all go my clothes too.
Wait, I just realized everything isn't shrinking, I'm just growing.
I guess all I can do is keep growing along with my body and memories.
because Neverland is only a place for those with an imagination.
1.9k · Feb 2013
Happy Birthday To You
Agnis Lynota Feb 2013
Happy birthday to the greatest person that I have had the pleasure of knowing
Happy birthday to the smile that made my Tuesdays and Fridays
Happy birthday to the person who showed me compassion
Happy birthday to the the person who shared so many stories
Happy birthday to the person who made me feel like I'm more than thought
Happy birthday to the person who held me when I couldn't walk
Happy birthday to the person who talked to me when I couldn't talk
Happy birthday to the most gracious and special person in my life
Happy birthday to the person who was always told me to keep my chin high
Happy birthday to the person whose love showed me theres much more than the bad times
Happy birthday to the person who I could never fully repay even in an eternity
Happy birthday to the only person who understood me and loved me anyways
Happy birthday to the bright face that I will never cease to think of
Happy birthday to the person who is in a place much greater than ours
Happy birthday to the person that kiss me goodbye far too soon
Happy birthday to the person that is still alive in every beat that my heart beats
Happy birthday to you, Meemaw.
May God himself give you the gifts and the love that I can't give to you
You watched me take my first breath, and I watched you take your last
Your kisses, wise words, warm embraces, and unique love will never be just memories,
but they will shine through the rays of the sun and brush through my hair in the wind
1.9k · Apr 2016
To My Future Husband
Agnis Lynota Apr 2016
My sweet, sweet lover
How I have longed for you
I am writing this
Without knowing where you are
Who you are
But I must write this now
For my heart longs for you
I imagine the love we will have
Everyday of my life
I hold no high expectations of you
I do not have one image of who you are
All I have is trust in the thought
That you will love me
Just as I will love you
And I know when you hold me
I will feel impregnable
And I know that when we have children
I will never love a sight more
Than you with our little ones
I know that I will hold your chest tight
Through the rough times
That we will inevitably endure
But the down hill
Cannot and will not
Be able to be compared
To the endless uphill that our lives will be
With the love that we will shape
Into our own masterpiece
My sweet, sweet lover,
The day that I am in a white dress
And you are in your suit
And the words "I do"
So eagerly slip through my curved lips
My life will no longer just be for myself
But also
For every aspect of your existence
Be tender with me,
For you are the softest spot on my heart
Even today
April 1rst, 2016
1.9k · Aug 2013
Love Is Two Faced
Agnis Lynota Aug 2013
I love you,
it's that simple

I love you,*
it's that complicated
Agnis Lynota Oct 2013
The next time I see you
Our chests will act as magnets
Involuntarily forcing our hearts together
And our lips
They will be as quiet as the night
Until I speak the words "I love you"
And the crickets will chirp
And the wind will dance
As we lock fingers
And press lips
While sharing gentle touches
From our chests to our hips
We will forget the planet that we met on
And only think of the stars and beyond
Because this is no earthly feeling
There is no scientifical explaination
To explain this dimension
But when I think of this feeling
I think of love
I think of you
I cannot wait
To be on another universe
When I'm in your arms again
1.7k · Oct 2012
Venting, Venting
Agnis Lynota Oct 2012
To the girl who put me down today, *******.
You have no idea what him and I have been through.
So keep walking with your nose in the air
because you can't fool anyone, anywhere
You had a child at the age of sixteen
and yet you're still starting drama and being mean
Grow up and worry about the bigger things
like your daughter's life instead of your "kings"
who will never be able to love you to run the race
but just to run to get one thing and then leave no grace
just like the disrespect that got you a child in the first place
so next time wear a rubber and don't get into my face
Now, some clarification, Im pro life, I'm glad she had her kid
the baby is beautiful and joyful but her mom's mouth needs a lid.
And this wasn't just a one time accident, she slept around
I hope one day when her hope is lost, her mind is found
because maybe when she gets her head out of the mud and dirt
she can begin grow up in life, and learn how to make it work.
Her child put her life on fast forward, and she has yet to catch up
Poetry helps me cope with anger and sadness, so I apologize for the rudeness. I just had to get all of my anger out on her rather than stooping down to her level and taking it out on her.
1.7k · Aug 2013
Priority Mixup
Agnis Lynota Aug 2013
First day of college tomorrow
And here I am crying
because not one single night
have I crashed my head into my pillow
without having thoughts of you
Without having doubts of you
I suppose I do this to myself
But even with a fight of reassurance in my brain
I'm still stuck twisted and insane
Because what good are flowers if you can't smell them,
what good is food if you can't taste it,
and what good is loving you if I can't see you again?

*I'll continue holding onto this mysterious reason
In hopes to be pulled out of this hell hole
1.6k · May 2014
I'm Not Alone, Sadly
Agnis Lynota May 2014
It brings me to tears
That I not the only one
Feeling this treacherous feeling
Of emptiness
If anyone feels alone or anything that can get in the way of your happiness, I'm open ear, I'm here for you
1.6k · Apr 2013
You're My Galaxy
Agnis Lynota Apr 2013
You are my sun and our love is my galaxy,
My world revolves around you,
and we are swallowed by our love, the milky way.
The smiles you give me outnumber our many stars
Everything in our space is weightless and limitless
Even when me and the planets line up and all is dark,
You always seem to find a way to make my world shine.
A gravitational force keeps me attracted to you.
And if you were to burn out, my world would be doomed
*But I'll still love you darling, not just for now, but for always and forever.
1.6k · May 2013
I'm Glad You Came Back
Agnis Lynota May 2013
The streetlights surround us
As a source of light to our dark words,
And the moon is your spotlight tonight.
The sound of nearby traffic overpowers our whispers,
But nothing can overpower my heartbeat when you're near me,
Nothing can make me feel like I'm wanted more
Than when you hold my hand and kiss me at your car door.
And my lips met with many of your cigarettes
But I could've went all night smokefree
If your lips would have never left me.
Agnis Lynota Jul 2013
This getaway has helped me get away
From thoughts of you and all that we went through
It has helped me realize that all you profess is lies
And it has healed my mind and helped me unwind
But I know when I return home I'll be alone
And I hope I'll be okay with that
And I hope to throw us off of my back
I loved you,

*but why should I love without you?
1.4k · Oct 2012
I'm Happy, Somewhat
Agnis Lynota Oct 2012
I've been smiling lately, which isn't something that I'm used to
because I'm not the kind of girl who can control what I go through.
And some people find comfort in venting about the poison in their bones
but I find no purpose in laying my head on people who already have homes.
It does help to know that I have a few there for me whenever I need them
but I'll be leaving alone when my eyes close and the lights of life turn dim.
Even though I'm not tall, I have arms that reach up and through the atmosphere
and when they pass the exosphere I get on my tippy toes to get even more near.
The place I'm reaching for is space where there is no gravity to pull me down
and also there's just a lot of, well, space to see and explore new things around
but most importantly there's no oxygen for me to cry, yell, or even speak
All I could do is smile and wait until the air is gone and my lungs are weak
The moral of this isn't that I want to die because life seems to have no worth
but I want to live for something more than  the things of this Earth
I want to be able to say yes I reached for the stars and I even grabbed a few
also that I went to the moon and back just for an up close and personal view.
But for now I'm just stuck here wishing on every star that I see
and those stars mourn for the death of my unborn dreams to be.
because even the brightest sky knows it's destined for darkness
like when I'm happy for a period of time I become visibly anxious
because I don't know when a wave of darkness will wipe out my smile
I can never genuinely enjoy happiness while I have it for a while
When I look back on life, I'll see the things that got me to where I'll be
and it takes all of this pain to grow and become the opposite of what I see
Life is too precious to worry as much as I do
when you're stuck, learn how to pull yourself through.
because everyone has two shoulders, but only one back bone
seek good friendships but don't confide in anyone but yourself alone.
1.4k · Oct 2012
Kissing the Sunshine Goodbye
Agnis Lynota Oct 2012
It was the end of August that I had to kiss my sunshine goodbye
I know the weather changes with the seasons, but why?
Why did the clear skies and bright eyes of my life vanish?
Was it to show me that I am able to feel true anguish?
Well, lesson learned, now my tears fall like this rainy weather
it seems as if this low pressure system will last forever.
More often than not, I wake up from my slumber and run outside
because I convince myself it was only a nightmare when the sun died.
But when I reach the door and look out into it's eyes, I see that I'm awake
and the clear blue skies and sunshine that once lived now all seem fake.
There's no way that the weather was ever so perfect and bright  
but looking at old photos, I relive the times when everything was right
I would open the door without even checking for the rain
because I knew my sunshine would never let me feel pain.
The weather can be unpredictable and not always favorable
which is what makes those summer days so irreplaceable.
It was the end of August that I had to kiss my sunshine goodbye,
but sometimes I smile, because I know she's high up in the sky.
Through the rain and my pain she will one day shine through,
taking my hand and guiding me to a place that I never knew.
1.4k · Aug 2013
Craving Closeness
Agnis Lynota Aug 2013
When I look at you, my eyes act as a sediment in the sea
exploring every inch of your greatness even though I am below you

When your kiss touches my lips, my heart acts as a speedometer
racing faster and faster after every kiss you push against me

When I touch you, my fingers act as an interpreter
showing you my appreciation for your being without words

When I am with you, my soul becomes inflamed
in denial that I am lucky enough to know your name

When I am away from you, my body is without a purpose
with a fake smile as an act from a circus

*Since you are no longer here
My life seems unclear.
1.3k · Oct 2012
Love My Mind First
Agnis Lynota Oct 2012
Just because I'm a ****** doesn't mean that I'm unfamiliar to loving,
but I am afraid of love, which why my romantic life consists of nothing.
Oh but when I find my love, I will have my entire self to give
and we will make love like there's no other reason to live.
But my fear of love will not end at this moment, but moments before
when he opens his thoughts to my mind rather than my body's door.
And his curiosity will penetrate through my thoughts in every position,
to go deeper into my mind, he would not need any permission.
That way he won't leave after he gets what he would desire
because it would be my complex mind that he'd admire.
And I will return the love by reading his body language verbatim
so that I may learn, without words, when to be there for him.
We will become one mind before our bodies become one
and while he's inside of me and holds me like a loaded gun,
I will be inside of his thoughts, loving him, and loving him
from the time of great sunshine till the natural light is dim.
1.3k · Sep 2012
I Hate My Sex
Agnis Lynota Sep 2012
they are one of my most sensitive creatures on earth.
but yet one of the most destructive from birth
They will run their mouths like Steve Prefontaine
and their lies can drive anyone and everyone insane.
Talking low on another person helps them feel better
yet when they get caught they respond "oh not me, never"
Nowadays, I trust no girls because of what they have done to me
I hate sharing a species with people who don't know how to be.
I'm sure there are other girls who feel the same as I
but I'm sure others look down on us like this, I don't know why.
I guess all girls have a serpent in them that slithers in their bodies
we must control it, conquer it, **** it and set our own boundaries.
Listen female, this world is already packed with bodies full of red
you're not above anyone, so please adjust the size of your massive head.
Agnis Lynota Nov 2013
The hands of our time have stopped
The heart in my chest has been dropped
All because you couldn't show me
What you thought love to be
And I never expected much of you
I have done everything a girl can do
To show my love and praise your being
But you have never shown me any meaning
When one gives and gives and receives none
Their heart turns cold and their struggle is done
I'm worn out, frustrated, and sad beyond compare
And all I ever needed was for you to be there
But you took my words and made them into a chain
to tie my heart up to a tree and leave it in the rain
To shiver and whither till its beat died down
to die and lie to never be found
Now here I am, still in love but broken
My mind is awake but i have not awoken
from this terrible nightmare that I've dreaded my whole life
To find love and do all that I can to only receive strife
And as my heart stays tied and lays cold and bare
I want you to always remember that you left it there
You left a heart that lived and beated only for you
You left me after you said that's something you could never do
So cheers to the memories, kisses, and future that never came
And cheers to this sad girl's heart that will never love the same
1.2k · Sep 2013
Lovely Lovers Loving
Agnis Lynota Sep 2013
Oh your sweet seduction,
I'm craving an eruption
Of passionate love making
And gentle touches that are breathtaking
I'm craving becoming one
Something that makes my heart run
After we bond over bodies
We share a smile as permanent as sharpies
And as my heart rate decreases
I will still love him to pieces

*Oh but I could not fathom this feeling to be true
With any being other than lovely you.
1.2k · Jan 2014
3:36 a.m.
Agnis Lynota Jan 2014
I'm missing a few people tonight
I'm missing a past lover
Past friendships
But most of all
I'm missing my past self
I'm missing my innocence
And how love was so close
But I was so naive
To the meaning
To the feeling
I'm missing my past self
Worrying of worries
That are grains of sand
To the inner struggles
That I endure
With every breath
That I take in
If only I cherished
What I lack today
1.2k · Jan 2013
Smooth Sailing
Agnis Lynota Jan 2013
I will keep my eyes fixed on the horizon,
because I know that in the blink of an eye
The sun will fall and the natural light will dim
And the only things that will get me through the waves
Is the memory of the horizon, and my hopes to see it again.
So until then, I'll close my eyes and enjoy the evening breeze,
because the moon and the stars seem so dull and faint
compared to the bright visions that my closed eyes can make.
1.2k · Mar 2014
Agnis Lynota Mar 2014
Things were always so simple
For a girl who had it all
And knew nothing of true tragedies
Only thing she feared was a boy
Breaking her heart
And when they did
She always had a bestfriend
Who was much older and wiser than she
And she called her bestfriend meemaw
Meemaw knew how to put sunshine
In the most horrific thunder storms
And she knew how to make the young girl feel
Like life is nothing to fear
But rather to cherish
And this young girl was caught up in her own world
While trying to balancing reality
But one day reality hit her in the face
When her mother told her
That the young girl's best friend was sick
And not the type of sick with a quick fix
But meemaw had cancer of the lungs
And it was stage four
So there wasn't much more
They could do but wish for a miracle
But for a girl with little faith
It was hard to face
And that young girl sat on her bestfriends side
Hiding the tears by facing her head to the side
Because weakness is not what her bestfriend taught her
And the last time meemaw spoke to her she said
"You are so beautiful, I love you"
And the young girl walked out
With feet as heavy as cylinder blocks
And she held her tears back as she turned and replied
You are too, I love you
And the girl held the door handle
Tighter than she held onto to her last words
And as her bestfriend slowly slipped her fingers off the cliff of life
The young girl remembered
What her bestfriend said
Before she was put in a hospital bed
She said
"If I go just know
You'll find me
Above the tallest trees
Beyond the atmosphere
I'll meet you here
But until then
I'll give you one of my wings
And everytime you brush your feathers
Just know that the love
of a grandmother and a grand daughter
never whethers"
And that young girl is me
And I miss her with arms as wide as the sea
But I know there must be something greater out there
To hold a heart filled with love and care
I'll see her again in a place that I've never been
To feel her love and end my sin
1.1k · Aug 2013
I Love You Though
Agnis Lynota Aug 2013
I'm feeling black and blue without you
And I don't know what to feel or what to say
All I can dream of is you not being away
Because this heart is slowly shutting down
Due to you not being around
I know our love is exquisite and strong
But my head keeps thinking of things that could go wrong
And everytime I lay down I think of you next to me
I think of you complimenting things  I could never see
And everytime I smoke I think of how lovely it is when your lips and the cigarette touch
And the smoke flows through those lips that I love so much
I'm and so indecisive about everything
But I'm so sure that forever is how long I want to love your being
So everyday when I roll out of bed
I'll confide in our hopes of a future and keep you in my head
1.1k · Jun 2013
Past Hopes
Agnis Lynota Jun 2013
I remember being a toddler,
Being a preteen,
Then being a teenager,
All while wondering and hoping,
That I'll be exquisite when I grow up.

Now I'm nothing of interest to myself
My mind has been blended with memories
That can never be mended
My heart is worn out from the torment and doubt
So I just seek love in things people can give me rather than people who can give me things
I smoke so I can feel alright
I drink every night
And when I wake in the morning
I try to close my eyes tightly
Because I don't want to see another day of failure
Another day of disappointment
To my past innocence
Because the only time I find happiness
Is when I reminisce
1.1k · Jan 2013
Boot Camp
Agnis Lynota Jan 2013
You haven't left yet, but I already miss you,
Because I have been mentally preparing myself
For those three months when all that will be exchanged is letters.
And I will make those letters into a book about the way I feel for you.
Because you have torn out that pages of my heart and left me blank
Now my heart is ingraining a picture of you on the cover,
Because you aren't just a different page or a new chapter,
But you are my new story, you are my new beginning.
And so when I write these letters to you, I'll just be copying.
Copying the words that my heart has written inside of this new book,
Titled Love.
1.1k · Oct 2012
Agnis Lynota Oct 2012
The red haired girl I dream of
She comes by night
She prances her feet twilight becoming
The early morning reminds me of what can't be
My red haired girl is nothing but an illusion
A simple apparition of my self conscious
My rouge capped mistress is a mirage
All is fair in love and dreams.
A poem written by best friend...hes so hott
1.1k · Mar 2013
Romantic Earth
Agnis Lynota Mar 2013
My hair tangles within the grass
as I lay back and watch the clouds pass.
I feel the wind blowing gently on my neck
The sunshine warms and kisses my skin
I hear the trees rubbing together
only to make a beat for the singing birds
They both serenade me until my eyes get heavy
Once my eyes fall, the moon and the sun change places
and the sky knows how lonely I am tonight,
so it shows off its bright stars to shine for me
and to kiss every inch of me goodnight
After hours of watching me dream,
the moon went away for the sun to beam
and as I opened my rested eyes
I spotted a yellow tulip by my side,
the flower of being hopelessly in love,
Oh how romantic this earth is.
1.1k · May 2013
Agnis Lynota May 2013
You're settled in my mind
Like sediment in the sea.
You mix in with every thought I have
Like salt in the brakish water of an estuary
You make my heart go in and out
Like the waves that continually kiss the shoreline.
You are never definite with your feelings
Like water with its indefinite shape
You make it hard for me to breathe
Like the lack of oxygen beneath the water's surface
But I love the exhilarating feeling of water on my skin,
Just as I love the feeling of your touch, my refreshing sin.
1.1k · Oct 2012
Drink Drank Drunk
Agnis Lynota Oct 2012
I used to drink to get drunk.
others said it was immature of me
but my care only shrunk.
When I first started drinking, I only knew bliss
I had many friends and my whole family alive
I never had to worry about what I will miss.
Then, I lost friendships and the life of my sunshine
I felt so vulnerable to every struggle I went through
So every time I faced woe I would drink to feel fine
My troubles were mixed in with the alcohol in a glass
and once I shot them in the back of my throat, they were gone.
but putting my troubles inside my body made me fall on my ***.
One glass turned into many, and many turned into plenty
and before I could face my fears, the bottle was empty.
but my mind was so full.
I wish I could drink to get drunk.
1.0k · Feb 2013
Burning Baths
Agnis Lynota Feb 2013
After a long day of doing absolutely nothing,
I love feeling warm water covering my skin.
As I slowly place myself in the bath,
I go in feet first and then I slowly descend in.
And the warmth of the water rubs off on my bare skin
I lay there for two hours at the least,
pondering what I have done, what I should've done.
Then I slowly get up and continue on with life.
If you learned something about me from this poem, it should've been this:
*I enjoy taking hot baths to prepare myself for hell.
1.0k · Sep 2014
Agnis Lynota Sep 2014
"Let me be"
I scream
But the darkness
Always overpowers me
1.0k · Apr 2013
The Moon, My Only Friend
Agnis Lynota Apr 2013
The stars dance and twinkle all night long,
until I walk onto my porch because there's always something wrong.
I speak aloud all of my sorrows and regrets,
All while smoking too many cigarettes.
My smoke disperses over the clear night sky,
making it cloudy so the moon doesn't see me cry,
but the moon sees and hears me every night
it's the only one who understands all that I write
because it is the only thing that desires to truly know me,
I'm not who the surrounding people see
I have such a heavy heart and eyes full of tears,
But I hide them away when the moon disappears.
Oh how great of a listener the moon is to all of my feelings,
because no one else cares under these acoustic ceilings.
994 · Dec 2013
Losing Love
Agnis Lynota Dec 2013
Losing you is like
Finally making it to heaven
And then becoming a fallen angel
Sent to hell
Losing you is like laying down watching the sun kiss the clouds
And then the sky sudden bringing all of it's tears on your face while the wind whips you away
Losing you is like the end of summer, enjoying life and a break until your free time is stripped away
Losing you is like admiring a star in the sky and traveling beyond earth's atmosphere to tell it of its beauty, but by the time you have arrived, the star has died
Losing you is like devouring a delicious five course meal, only to realize it gave you food poisoning
Losing you is like buying gorgeous roses for a loved one, and watching them slowly lose their life, meaning, And beauty
Losing you is like loving someone with your whole heart
Giving them all of your energy
Your time
Your hopes
And your dreams
Only to realize that you weren't enough
You were never enough
I was never enough
When I lost you, I lost myself
And now, I'm missing you as if you were dead.
Agnis Lynota Dec 2013
I'm sorry
I lost myself
in all of my sorrows
I forgot who I was
I forgot what I stood for
I forgot why people liked being around me
I forgot how it feels to feel happy with myself
I forgot how it feels to be able to look in the mirror
Without shedding tears that could produce an ocean
I forgot what I promised myself
I forgot what it felt like to exist
I forgot what it felt like to be cared for
I forgot what it felt like to feed off of true love
not the love in intimate relationships
but the love of my family and friends
I became so focused on artificial love
I was addicted to it
But every time I loved
They'd tell me I wasn't enough
pretty enough
**** enough
serious enough
confident enough
One boy even told me I should never feel love
because I don't deserve it
Another told me that I was an item
And the one after that told me he loved me
He made me feel like I was finally worth something
But then, he just left
and I promise all of you
that when I do something wrong
or when I'm telling a story of a fight or a breakup
I list the things that I did wrong as well
I'm never biased with my side of the story
But when I tell you
I did nothing but try
and love
I mean it
I was just being myself
and I guess that's where I went wrong
And I've heard all the advice before
"You need to learn to be independent"
"You need to stop falling so fast"
"You need to stop giving yourself up"
I know all of these things, I really do
But I don't think they understand how hard it is
to walk with broken legs
to breathe in polluted air
to exist without a purpose
to love but never be worth it
Agnis Lynota Nov 2013
"The right one will come along eventually"
Yes, I understand this
and I am a patient girl
But when it comes to this
my patience is being toyed with
Because for me,
love has come only to go again
And I try to keep my guard up
But I just can't
Love is my weakness
Because love is all I have to give
but love is nothing I have received
and the palms of my hands
Have never felt so empty
And my mind has never been so eager
to cling onto to something
to someone
I want to wake up in the morning
and know that the fact that my eye lids arose
meant everything to someone
I want to give everything
to someone who I am everything to
I want to fall in love
And yes I have fallen in love before
But goodness what good is love
when it is unrequited
when it is taken for granted
Because I know that love
is not what I have been shown
"Don't chase love, it'll come to you"
But love is nothing but a chase to me
Love is something that I try for
that I yearn for
I know I should be independent
but how can I when I can't even trust myself
with my own thoughts
with my own feelings
find me
*love me
957 · Apr 2013
Broken Mirror
Agnis Lynota Apr 2013
I stare at myself in the mirror,
But I don't see myself.
I see a lost misfit
Who cares only about the next drink
And the next cigarette.
I see a girl who knows what to do
But doesn't do it.
Not because she can't
But because she won't.
She hides behind her jokes and smiles
Just to avoid seeing people in her state.
And she hates being alone,
Because when she is her thoughts,
They take over her body
And increase her heartbeat
Then the girl faces the mirror
And oh how the tears fall,
When she looks for herself,
But sees nothing at all.
952 · Aug 2013
Losing Goal
Agnis Lynota Aug 2013
The silly urge poisons my blood and seeps through my skin
But my past is screaming violently that I musnt let you in
I’ve set myself up for disaster seven times, too many
It seems as if true love doesn’t enjoy my company
knowing that it’s wrong makes for it to be right
For a girl of experience I’m not too bright
I know if I open my heart to you again
My love for you would become a sin
Oh when will I ever win
Agnis Lynota Nov 2013
Every time I looked at you
My eyes acted as the sun
and you acted like the earth
My eyes gleamed onto your being
giving light to all of you beauties

Every time I touched you
My hands acted as a tourists
and your body acted as a destination
My hands were the unfamiliar yet fascinated  
By your body's topography

Every time we made love
My body acted as a piece of ice
and your body acted as a puddle of water
My body became the same matter
as I melted into your body

Every time you said I love you
I felt like a grain of sand
and your feelings acted as a sea
Your feelings engulfed me
though I felt too small for them

But there was this one time that you said goodbye
My heart acted as an old wooden house
and your goodbye acted as a category five hurricane  
Your goodbye caused destruction beyond compare
and my heart broke leaving pieces everywhere

There was this one time that I feel in love
and every time we said goodbye
acted as practice to our love's unexpected funeral
But no amount of practice
could have ever helped get me past this
946 · Sep 2013
I Want To Be Home
Agnis Lynota Sep 2013
You left to go back to your home
Which is 1,915.5 miles away from me
And yes I am where I've been for my whole life
But everywhere I go is only a temporary place to me
Because within yourself, you hold my home
I'm hoping I will be with you again soon
So I can no longer watch the clock tick,
So I can no longer be homesick
942 · Feb 2013
Agnis Lynota Feb 2013
Night sky,
heavy eyes,
cold sheets,
soothing tunes,
but I can't sleep,
because this comfy bed
is made for two,
all that's missing is you.
*If only you knew,
these troubles I'm going through.
928 · Oct 2013
Simply, Your Theatrical Act
Agnis Lynota Oct 2013
You used to be
So delicate with me
As if I were thin lines
On your canvas
You used to act
Like forever was a fact
As if you dedicated your life
To making everything with us right
You used to speak to me
And use words like lovely
As if I was from another planet
Never taking me for granted
You used to smile everytime I said your name
Like it wouldn't be the same
If anyone ever spoke of it
And no one else even mattered
You used to love me
Now you just let me be
Like a hanging thread from your clothes
Ripping it off and throwing it by your toes
I used to think
That I made your heart sink
But now I know
It was all part of your lovely show
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