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Apr 2016 · 1.9k
To My Future Husband
Agnis Lynota Apr 2016
My sweet, sweet lover
How I have longed for you
I am writing this
Without knowing where you are
Who you are
But I must write this now
For my heart longs for you
I imagine the love we will have
Everyday of my life
I hold no high expectations of you
I do not have one image of who you are
All I have is trust in the thought
That you will love me
Just as I will love you
And I know when you hold me
I will feel impregnable
And I know that when we have children
I will never love a sight more
Than you with our little ones
I know that I will hold your chest tight
Through the rough times
That we will inevitably endure
But the down hill
Cannot and will not
Be able to be compared
To the endless uphill that our lives will be
With the love that we will shape
Into our own masterpiece
My sweet, sweet lover,
The day that I am in a white dress
And you are in your suit
And the words "I do"
So eagerly slip through my curved lips
My life will no longer just be for myself
But also
For every aspect of your existence
Be tender with me,
For you are the softest spot on my heart
Even today
April 1rst, 2016
Mar 2016 · 348
Agnis Lynota Mar 2016
It is dark outside
The rain soaks in my pale skin
What can I do now
Mar 2016 · 338
Agnis Lynota Mar 2016
How's the weather?

The weather is beautiful

Let's talk about the weather

How are you?

You are so beautiful

Let's talk about each other

How are those kisses?

Your kisses are enticing

Let's stop talking

And do what we do best

How am I supposed to sleep?

You're always on my mind

Let's lose sleep over each other

How did I find you?

I'm so **** lucky to know you*

Let's see how amazing our lives can be

When we share a true love

That no one can begin to imagine

You are that breeze in the summer heat

That gets me excited

That I can't have enough of

We can talk about the weather, darling

As long as I get to share a moment with you
Feb 2016 · 280
Touch Her While You Can
Agnis Lynota Feb 2016
In the future
You will smell roses
And you will remember the scent
You will comment on
How familiar and lovely it smells
But you will not remember
That it smells just like my skin

The day you realize
You'll never taste
Nor smell this rose again
I will have already bloomed
Into something, someone
That I could've never been
With your hand over my petals

*You will forget me now, darling
Only to miss me later
Feb 2016 · 544
Help Yourself
Agnis Lynota Feb 2016
I can't stop myself
From thinking about it

Wordless emotions
Under a rock again

*Have you ever seen a smile
So vague?
Jan 2016 · 671
Hang In There
Agnis Lynota Jan 2016
oh fragile heart,
please learn to slow down
for the pain and the let downs
have come to be a burden
to my well being

oh loving heart,
your desire is one of a kind
but no one seems to love this way
and the faster you beat
the further away my lovers go

oh forgiving heart
you've deemed yourself vulnerable
but not under impregnable circumstances
because they all know
how you feel under their feet

oh hopeful heart
your day will come
when the pain will dissolve
into nothing but free flowing love
and reciprocated warmth

oh heart of mine,
we will see this through
because a heart with all this love
was not meant to rott
in the hands of ghosts
Jan 2016 · 286
Where's the Truth
Agnis Lynota Jan 2016
And just when the lights start to dim
I'll be looking at you
And right when the lights go out
I'll try to figure out where you stand
But will I always be in the dark?
Jan 2016 · 650
Until I Can't
Agnis Lynota Jan 2016
Please* don't admit defeat

*Because we have a lot of hope
For people with anchors as feet
Jan 2016 · 351
Where Are You?
Agnis Lynota Jan 2016
Then the girl faces the mirror
And oh how the tears fall,
When she looks for herself,
But sees nothing at all.
A piece of an old poem I wrote
Dec 2015 · 881
If This Wasn't Real
Agnis Lynota Dec 2015
In a dream
We were in love
We held ourselves high
But eachother higher
We traveled the world
And he never got tired of me
We discovered things
About ourselves
And about eachother
That made us better
And made us want to be better
For eachother
We enjoyed simple things
We explored nature
And became humbled by it
In this dream
We looked up to eachother
And he learned the ins and outs
Of my physical pleasures
And my mental ones
And I with his
In this dream
There were no doubts
No wishful thinking
We were just so in love
And so beyond content
With the inconceivable bond
That we held together and developed
In this dream,
I knew I was loved
And that was the best **** feeling
I have ever felt
Dec 2015 · 356
Agnis Lynota Dec 2015
I have always found myself staring at a glass ceiling
Of what I can be, what I want to be
What I need, what I desire
But as the years pass,
The glass becomes more foggy and indestructable
And I become more distant towards myself

*When will my pure bliss be due,
How will I ever break through
Dec 2015 · 370
Agnis Lynota Dec 2015
I cannot
On anything
that has to do with myself
aside from you
I always put myself second
In hopes that you'll put me first

But I can never win
I always come second

But I can never win,
Because this generation
Has completely distorted love
Dec 2015 · 307
I Love You Too Much
Agnis Lynota Dec 2015
Why does this always happen to me
Nov 2015 · 426
Agnis Lynota Nov 2015
I'm wasting all of my youth
Worrying about my future
Nov 2015 · 288
Thinking Forward
Agnis Lynota Nov 2015
My mind is on my future children
And my future husband
How I will show you love
Like you have never known
Nov 2015 · 372
1:49 am
Agnis Lynota Nov 2015
I think I've lost myself again
Oct 2015 · 273
Agnis Lynota Oct 2015
It was unintended,
My true love for you
Oct 2015 · 359
Agnis Lynota Oct 2015
Time is not of the essence
When I am in your presence
And during that time I let it be known
It is my heart you so deservingly own
Oct 2015 · 519
Agnis Lynota Oct 2015
It is a shame,
my love for you,
always growing
without any water,
and in the dark
Sep 2015 · 297
Agnis Lynota Sep 2015
I am out of breath,
I can no longer chase you,
You sprinted,
As if you were chasing something
And I'm just starting to be able to see
That you never once ran to me,
But I ran circles around your feet
Sep 2015 · 354
Agnis Lynota Sep 2015
And with a single, gentle breath on my neck,
Goosebumps arose,
and so did my eyes to yours

And with a single, reciprocated stare,
I knew you loved me
Just as I love you
Sep 2015 · 430
Where Am I?
Agnis Lynota Sep 2015
There I was, destroyed and dejected,
Now here I am, exuberant and euphoric
But was it ever self made?
*I am too vulnerable
When it comes to you
Sep 2015 · 257
What Happened
Agnis Lynota Sep 2015
We were dancing on the moon
we were aligned with the stars
but somehow
in the blink of an eye
we fell back down to earth
laying side by side
looking up at the stars
wondering how we got here
wishing we didn't have to wonder
hoping to be with the stars again
Aug 2015 · 304
Love Is Almost Dead
Agnis Lynota Aug 2015
To get raw and honest emotions
Is so rare
And when you find someone
Who can pour their heart out
Without any sugar coat
You don't have to understand it
But you have to hold it close
And learn from them
Because now there are more people
Who love the idea of love
Than people who know how to love
Aug 2015 · 290
Desirably Rare
Agnis Lynota Aug 2015
A lover,
Who makes me feel
Like a woman
And a child
All at once,
Is what I crave
With an open heart
Aug 2015 · 358
I'm Insecure As Fuck
Agnis Lynota Aug 2015
I'm working on it
I know who I am
And I love who I am
But being a human
Having doubts
Loving someone
Not being loved enough
Or in the right way
Makes me question
If others are able to know me
The way I know myself
And if they can't fully know me
Or understand me
How could they love me
How could I know
Jul 2015 · 548
More Flowers
Agnis Lynota Jul 2015
He picked a flower
and tucked it behind my ear
I couldn't have felt more beautiful
But when I went to sleep that night
With the flower gone
With him gone
I no longer felt invincible

But now that he's back
With more flowers and words
It's hard not to lose myself again
It's hard to hold back
May 2015 · 429
Being Home
Agnis Lynota May 2015
Your eyes were screaming
"Come near me"
And my body became obedient
As soon as you tasted my lips,
I felt your heart stop beating
But then I ran my fingers
Through your hair
And gently down your neck
And your heart made it sound like
You've been running for miles
You've been running and looking
For your home
But here you are
Home at last
With my body tangled in yours
Forming a masterpiece
With our love as the inspiration
May 2015 · 271
My Mistake
Agnis Lynota May 2015
I told you no
But you insisted
And now I'm at a low
Pretending we never existed
May 2015 · 595
Agnis Lynota May 2015
When you came into my life
At such a dark time
For a while you brought light
And I told myself
I guess everything happens for a reason
But little did I know
That the reason you came into my life
Was not to stay
But to be just another learning experience
About how people don't know how to love
In the way that I do
It's so scary to think about how many more times I will be wrong about someone simply because I'm trusting and a true lover
May 2015 · 313
Agnis Lynota May 2015
With the lines of a lifetime to live up to
You set yourself up to fail me
To fail the love you swore to never swear off
But you did it as if you knew the words you poured to me
Were poisonous to someone who should've known better  
You let go before learning to hold on
Because that's all you know how to do
May 2015 · 352
Thank You
Agnis Lynota May 2015
The way you love me
Compliments the way that I love you
But if it turns out the way it shouldn't
And you forget me
With every mile that separates us
I couldn't thank the sun enough
For the way it shined when we held eachother
And I couldn't thank you enough
For reminding me what it feels like
To have the tide at my feet
And to be unafraid of being swallowed the by ocean
May 2015 · 314
Agnis Lynota May 2015
Today I couldn't remember
what your face looked like
In a way I'm remorseful
To see how far away our love has gone
Gone to the point of no existence
May 2015 · 353
Agnis Lynota May 2015
When I was getting ready
To leave your house for the last time
You had the most dubious expression
As if you knew that she couldn't love you
The way that I so naturally did
But you still let me reverse out of your driveway
As if you thought reversing back to her could be peerless
And I couldn't thank you enough for helping me realize
How hollow your love was
Compared to the love I loved for you
Even though you never knew how to deserve it
Apr 2015 · 409
Holding Onto Air
Agnis Lynota Apr 2015
People ask me if I miss you
Or they'll ask if I still love you
(thinking about the man I loved
Always brings a smile to my face
But you are not the man you were to me
I had love on every inch of my skin for him
You are different,
And the man I loved
Would have never left
In the way that you,
So carelessly,
Not as alone as I felt
Seeing and loving who you truly are
And you still couldn't understand
That I will be the one
That you fear will get away)

And I will smile and say
If I were to miss and love anyone,
It's the man that you failed to be
Apr 2015 · 705
I Won't Love You Again
Agnis Lynota Apr 2015
The last time you loved me
Was on the night of Easter
It was the last time you held me
Because you wanted to
It was the last night you admired me,
By smiling at what was yours
It was the last time you cared for
The love I physically professed to you
Now a week later, youre with her
Throwing your feelings of me in her
And there will come a day
When you realize she isn't me
And you will try to make me wish I could have you
But I will no longer love you
The way I did when it was only me
Apr 2015 · 396
You Don't
Agnis Lynota Apr 2015
You don't get to play God,
And toy with people the way you do
You don't get to act like we didn't happen,
And make me become a stranger
You don't get to feel sorry for me,
You need to feel sorry for yourself
You don't get to be gloomy about losing me,
You were the one who let me go
You don't get to pretend like I was just rain
When I made you shine with the way that I loved you
Now you get to have her
When I should've been more than just a choice
Apr 2015 · 677
Week One
Agnis Lynota Apr 2015
It has been a week
Since you left me for her
And I still love you,
Apr 2015 · 731
Agnis Lynota Apr 2015
My lover left me
For a woman of his past
For a woman who doesn't know
How to love him like I do
A woman who isn't me
And I'm trying to put it all together
In my mind and in my heart
But it doesn't make sense
To someone who did everything right
To someone who can't begin to explain
How strongly she feels about him
I still love him
More than I did when I still had him
And I know it'll get better
I know I'll get over it
But the only way to do that
Is to forget the love that I gave my heart to
And so now I'm heartless with a pain in my chest
And I'm without the one I love
Because he was curious
About loving someone other than me
Even though no one can love him
With everything they have
And make him see how wonderful he is
Other than me
Mar 2015 · 410
Journal 7
Agnis Lynota Mar 2015
The saddest thing
Is knowing that you're losing someone
And you can do everything and anything
But no matter what
It will never be enough
For someone who you couldn't love more
For someone who resides in your heart
No matter how much you wish they'd leave
There is no way to prepare
For losing someone who you thought could be forever
I could try and pretend like it doesn't effect me
But at the end of the day
I'll only give myself away
Mar 2015 · 676
Journal 6
Agnis Lynota Mar 2015
I'm too weak
To pretend
Like I'm not terrified
Of you going back
To someone who knows you
Better than I do
But doesn't know how to love you
Better than I do
Mar 2015 · 356
Journal 5
Agnis Lynota Mar 2015
Love was once like escalator stairs
He chose to go up a level to wrap her in his arms
But every time he was close to stepping on even ground
He would always run back down
To things that weren't different nor beneficial

But still she sits at the top
Waiting for a love
That she has made
While he was running away
Mar 2015 · 305
Journal (4)
Agnis Lynota Mar 2015
If I could boast about anything  
It would be on the moments that we've made,
And the ones that have yet to come
All of the times that I've come up short
You have made them disintegrate with my doubt
Of myself and of my worth as a human being
And that is why I love you
So much so,
That I'd have to lose my heart to let you go
Mar 2015 · 493
Journal (3)
Agnis Lynota Mar 2015
I've known this girl
From her birth until now
She used to not think much
She used to not care much

I've known this girl
From her birth until now
Her mind grew bigger than she could comprehend
She started thinking and caring too often

I've known this girl
From her birth until now
She wanted to die many days
But lived to see if her mind would change

I've known this girl
From her birth until now
She has learned a lot more than she wanted to
But it helped her out somewhat

I've known this girl
From her birth until now
She has grown as a person
But not as much as she thought she would by now

I've known this girl
From her birth until now
She's often scared of things that don't exist
She loves deeper than she should

I've known this girl
From birth until now
She is so much more than I can see
Because the girl I've known is me
Mar 2015 · 422
Journal (2)
Agnis Lynota Mar 2015
I often think about the days before I met you
We would ask eachother questions
And we were both honest
Even though we were complete strangers
I remember listening to songs you sent me
Over and over again
I remember being on the beach at night
And we talked for hours
You made me feel so nervous
Yet so relaxed and comfortable
You complimented me a lot
And at that time I couldn't understand
How I got so lucky to be able to talk with you
And learn about you
When it came the day for us to meet in person
My heart never pumped as fast as it did
The moment I opened my door to you

I also think of the first time we met
At first we didn't say much
Well, you didn't at least
I couldn't stop talking because I was so excited and nervous  
And though you didn't say much,
I knew the feeling was mutual
I couldn't stop looking at you
I couldn't help myself
And the first time we kissed was later that evening
I kind of put pressure on you to do so
But nonetheless, we enjoyed it

I often think about us
And the way you have given me no choice but to love you with no limits
And also the way I worry all the time
Because I try to think back on the days where I could help myself
From falling too much in love with you too soon
But I can't think of a single time  
Where I was able to refrain myself from adoring you
And nothing's perfect
We are still learning each other day by day  
But I'm sorry if I'm emotional and sometimes annoying
I just don't want to experience the days when we were strangers again
I love you,
Try to understand me
Mar 2015 · 447
Journal (1)
Agnis Lynota Mar 2015
I turned my face towards the sun
And just when the heat was getting to be too much
A breeze talked me into staying outside

For the first time in a year,
In that moment
I was okay with being sober
Feb 2015 · 301
Agnis Lynota Feb 2015

Sometimes I wonder

If you care to make sense

Of all that I am

Feb 2015 · 442
Observing You
Agnis Lynota Feb 2015
I watched you play imaginary drums
Being silly and making me smile
For a solid two songs
And I couldn't stop my mind
From thinking of how hopeful I am
To have you in my life for good
And how lucky I am
To have someone as amazing as you
To love and to love me back
Jan 2015 · 303
My Love Is True
Agnis Lynota Jan 2015
▐My life has had its upper hand
Since you came along
And I can't stop thinking
On the love we share
That only gets bigger from here
I have loved you more
Than I ever thought possible
And it only gets better from here▐
Jan 2015 · 384
Unearthly Love
Agnis Lynota Jan 2015
☾ With every stare that follows our every kiss
A piece of my heart goes with you
Because when we kiss
It is a feeling of pure bliss
But when I open my eyes
And realize he's still in front of me
After all of the mistakes I've made before him
After all of the times I thought about planning my own fate
After all of the failed attempts to be loved
After all of the countless years of wishing to be good enough
He looks at me with admiration shining in his eyes
And the feeling in my chest surpasses earthly happiness
Time stops
Dimensions overlap
And the earth turns into the universe
All for us
Just for that moment
We are supernatural ☽
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