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Agnes Laurens Nov 2020
Every beat you have walked
Is the rhythm of your life
Step by step on the ground

Walking to the next chapter of life
You sit and stand where you are
Being able to walk that path of yours

Enjoying that path with the rhythm
There is no right or wrong here
Walking your path is your rhythm
Every life is different and has a different life path, with a different rhythm.
Agnes Laurens Jul 2019
Sitting in my chair
Away from where I was
The things I have to do
And never think about how I can be

Laugh is the remedy
From now on it will be
Laugh is where we can go
Deep down we know

Somewhere on the planet
Through the woods
Walking together in the mud
Forgetting the world around

Laugh knows your heart
Beating all the pain
Laugh brings me home
Wherever it will be

— The End —