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CarpeDiem May 2018
she closed her eyes
suddenly, she was no longer here
the world that existed around her
was bright and meaningful
no tears or darkness tore at her fragile heart
she floated around
her body as light as a feather
surrounded by tender souls who welcomed her with open arms
she touched stars and traveled to each end of the world
passing through oceans and towns and forests
each one magnificent and filled with beauty
but once her eyes opened
she felt the cold ground beneath her
as tears fell and darkness replaced the light
she begged to go back
if only heaven could be on earth.
CarpeDiem May 2018
the mountains turned blue
they reflect the color of his eyes
which are direct mirrors of his soul
my calls were answered by whispers from the wind
as i continued my screams
the air from my lungs continued to surrounded him
on his knees
screaming in pain
holes in his heart
holes in his veins
i begged him to stop
but he pretended to not understand
the only memory left of him on this earth
are his footprints stapled in the sand.
CarpeDiem May 2018
the only reason i  fell so hard
was because i had already reached the top
i'd stretched my neck to take a peak
from my burdened spot.
Innocently i inched forward, completely unaware
in the light yet in the dark
as you walked towards me and stared.
you came to me from behind
and took me by surprise
before i began to tumble down
you looked into my eyes.
i saw my past loud and clear
i saw my future shine
instead of helping me find steady ground
you let me fall and die.
CarpeDiem May 2018
today will forever be etched in my memory
it was the last page of an unfinished story
the beginning chorus of a song
today gave me a taste of what life might be like
if you decided to stay with me
in our own small universe.
dreaming, throwing pennies in a bottomless well
wishing on stars
creating our own visions of what life might be like
i may never get another chance
to know exactly how it feels to be right beside you
but for today
i am able to peak inside that alternate reality
that, in the moment, appeared so real
but in an instant, disappeared
like the moon does as the sun swallows it whole
as morning approaches
today will forever be etched in my memory.

— The End —