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Alexander Oct 2018
Blow, white winds,
With echoes of the past.
While in your ice
Red-hot iron is cast.

Now the smith comes
Dressed in night’s shade,
Taking up the hammer
From the table on which it laid.

Strike after strike
The fire melts the ground,
Leaving a smell of familiarity
And a well-known sound.

Truth is this!
Like a branding iron
Cast into the
Cold winter ground.
Alexander Mar 2018
The keys to my eternity
Once lay in your hands.
That which makes my identity
Flows, like shifting sands.

When at dusk I call your name
I start the dance and the game.
For the crimson dawn,
Rose, as you went… gone.

If only you had treated my heart
Like more than a piece of frozen meat.
Thank you still, for awaking my art,
While you skipped across glass, with bare feet.

Your skin was the hearth during snowfall,
Yet you still had the absolute gall
To claim everything which was once mine.
Between love and power, is a thin line.
Alexander Feb 2018
Snow always gave me hope.
As it would fall and fall
It would remove the rope,
Stringed between me and all.

It showed me how footprints
Left their mark after dark.
Thrown around like lil hints
All around our still park

As the fragile snowflakes,
Like me, fell to their doom.
The rose’s right it takes.
Its holy right, to bloom.
Alexander Feb 2018
Don’t worry I’ll always have time for you…
Sorry, I was busy.
As soon as something changes I’ll let you know.
Everything’s okay…
You weren’t stuck up, I notice things like that.
Something’s happening to you…
You have those little things, every day.
It’s nothing…
I’ve always wondered…
How do you deal with me?
This is heaven for me.
There’s still time.
I’ll call you
Let’s run away till the car falls apart.
We’ll go together.
You’ll survive!
If you need something, just call
I’ll trust you
What do you think how I feel?
I don’t know…
I like the real you more.
Thank you, it means a lot
No worries.
You matter!
I’m sorry…
This was complied from a few messages that I had with the girl I loved. It's a mix of lies, promises and false hope... It took me quite a while to compile all of this, because there was a lot and because it brought up some strong emotions.
Alexander Feb 2018
The hole from within
Draws me closer.
The apathinc grin,
Natural for her.

I dream of clarity.
Of the warmth of arms.
Love’s brutal rarity.
The storms and the calms.

In between sleep and death,
Where my thoughts meet you,
I release my last breath,
Finally anew.

For it was your name
Which had sparked this lust.
On me falls the blame.
In you, did I trust.
Alexander Feb 2018
My bones break
Under the strain
Of words, fake,
Drowning in rain.

These bones are made of chalk,
Often times too hard to walk.
Despite these times of rage,
Still, I can turn the page
And look into the eyes
Of my own true demise.

These bones, chained
Under the weight
Are left maimed.
No choice, but wait.

These sticks of pale wood break,
Just as the soul can ache.
Under the cracking bones,
Left beneath hollow stones,
Is my own fragile mind.
Feelings I’ve yet to find…
Alexander Feb 2018
I crave the scent of skin
And all its distractions.
The storm brewing within,
And the silent actions.

When Gods test their might,
Bring forth their glory,
Light turns day to night.
One word, one story.

Never will there be
Such craving and lust.
As when I met thee.
My heart is now dust.

The seeds of ice were set
Into the cold ground free.
Where fire met cold and wet.
Where shouts, became a plea.
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